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Best 1000w Ballast

When it comes to gardening, having the best resources and a good climate are essential in order to grow your plants in perfect condition. However, thanks to technological innovations today, you can grow your plants in various new ways.

Hydroponics is the latest and smartest way today of growing your plants without the need of soil. Instead of the traditional gardening that needs soil and fertilizers, this system uses minerals and nutrient-rich solutions to work with the plant life. Thus, one important feature in hydroponics is ballast.

Read our Best 1000w Ballast Review to find out.

I have gathered a few of my personal best 1000w Ballast choices in the market as well as their reviews that you can check out to help you identify what ballast suits you and your garden needs.

iPower GLBLST1000D Horticulture 1000 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Hydroponics

iPower GLBLST1000D Horticulture 1000 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Hydroponics

iPower is a 1000-Watt switchable ballast that has a superior cooling feature and a compact design that is sure to capture you. This great feature of iPower digital dimmable electronic ballast is made from air cooled Aluminum finned casing with finned body to maximize heat dissipation and minimize ballast temperature.

Aside from these, it also has an internal fan with aluminum finned casing and an internal resin coating that reduces heat significantly to protect the internal components and circuits against moisture and foreign contaminants.

One great feature of iPower Horticulture is its dual input voltage where you can switch both 120V and 240V power. It operates between 100 V to 265 voltage ranges and can detect input voltage accordingly.

What is more, it is designed with power surge protection that is generator ready. The standard surge protection or the circuit breaker comes with an 8 ft heavy duty power cord.


  • Fully convertible
  • Fully switchable dual input voltage
  • Has superior cooling feature
  • Has three dimmable lighting control
  • Heavy duty


  • Can get pretty hot
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VIVOSUN 1000 watt Dimmable Digital Ballast for HPS MH Grow Light

VIVOSUN 1000 watt Dimmable Digital Ballast for HPS MH Grow Light

Vivosun Grow Light System covers everything you need for your plants. The balanced spectrum light set is significant in regulating the plant cycle. Not only does it allow your plants to absorb the lights, but it also promotes healthy chlorophyll production.

The Vivosun Grow Light consists of the cooling system that consist of a premium internal exhaust fan to ensure that the whole ballast and the components remain cool.

It also has a protection system that is designed for overheating protection, short circuit protection, ignition failure protection, and end-of-bulb protection.

Vivosun digital ballast has a stable power output, has less power loss, reduce wastage and improve usable efficiency of power supply.

It also supports 120V and 240V input and is fully compatible for metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs. To help you save energy, Vivosun also has multiple watt options that you can choose from (600w, 750w, and 1000w).

The only problem with Vivosun is that it generates too much heat so it must be enclosed in an area with proper ventilation. All iPower grow light systems require proper ventilation and as recommended, you must purchase an iPower inline fan.


  • Has cooling and protection systems
  • Has dual power supply
  • Has multiple dimmable levels
  • Comes with a 8 ft power cord (120V), four rubber feet, and 3 year warranty service


  • Generates too much heat
  • Cannot ignite lamp that is overheated
  • Must be kept with good ventilation
  • Can only be started after cooled down
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TOPHORT 1000W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast for 1000 Watts HPS MH Grow Light Bulb Lamp (1000W, Blue)

TOPHORT 1000W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast for 1000 Watts HPS MH Grow Light Bulb Lamp (1000W, Blue)

Tophort is one of the digital ballasts that is manufactured for a professional plant growth system.

Unlike other ballasts, Tophort has an adjustable and super lumen minimal total harmonic distortion that is highly efficient. You can adjust it with u pto 30% more lumens than magnetic ballasts for better yield.

When it comes to its body, it is made with high quality materials for a sturdy outer casing that lasts long.

The good thing about Tophort is its multi-wattage capability. You can set it for 600W, 750W, and 1000W. It is also designed to fire up bulbs at MH and HPS both at the same time. Plus, it comes with a 120V 8-feet cord.

Tophort ballast is designed with an adjustable low noises configuration. It is great to use anywhere because it only generates up to 68.5 decibels of noise only which will not interfere whatever you are doing.

The only dilemma that you can experience with Tophort is it malfunctions after a while. However, this is only applicable with other units.


  • Has super lumen minimal total harmonic distortion
  • Can work with multiple wattage
  • Has a low noise feature


  • Can get hot
  • Can get too loud
  • Does not last long
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Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast, Black

Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast, Black

The Phantom II Digital Ballast is a leading brand when it comes to Smart Alert Technology. It utilizes a 32MHz fully integrated high-precision microprocessor control and a High-efficiency Ignition voltage control to keep the ballast running smoothly and excellently.

It also has a built-in hot restrike programming to help protect the ballast and the lamp in an instance of unexpected shutdown. This feature then will prevent the hot lamp from restarting for at least 15 minutes.

What is good about the Phantom II is its functionality. Even it operates in 1000 W, it is still silent and energy efficient. It is also lightweight so you can put it anywhere in your indoor light fixtures.

With its four brightness settings (60%, 75%, 100%, and super boost), you can be sure to save energy by adjusting the dimness of the light. Included also in this feature is the end of life lamp protection and power control LED indicators.

Aside from these, what is unique about Phantom II is that it is indestructible. It does not give up easily and its case is extremely sturdy. It also has the ability to cool itself without a fan – this is one of its favourable features which is why it is robust. Plus, it is also great for wall mounting.


  • Silent and energy-efficient
  • Has fully integrated microprocessor
  • Has hot restrike programming
  • Dimmable with LED indication
  • Has a stable mounting system
  • No flickering
  • Shines bright and bold


  • Operates at single-ended lamps only and cannot run double ended lamps
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Hydrofarm SGO100C Convertible Ballast, 1000W, White

Hydrofarm SGO100C Convertible Ballast, 1000W, White

When it comes to stable output frequency, Hydrofarm convertible ballast is one of the reliable ones. It is built with a patented design that lets electrical contact to take place only when a seal is achieved.

With its compact design, Hydrofarm ballast will help you save space in your plant grow room. It also has a water-resistant feature for protection against sprays and mists.

All SG ballasts are designed with a feature lock and seal plug system to ensure safety during plug in. Plus, it also has a circular prong pattern for Customers’ first impression of Quantum Ballasts is they are a good value. They run cooler than others, and they are almost completely silent. 

However, for others, that may not be the case as Hydrofarm ballasts can overheat and worse catch fire. They are also limited for SE or single ended bulbs only.


  • Convertible
  • Has dual receptacles (120V and 240V)
  • Comes with a 120V power cord
  • Has compact design


  • Limited for single ended bulbs only
  • Can overheat
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What are Ballasts?

1000w Ballast

Ballasts are used in lighting your indoor garden. They are used with high intensity light bulbs or lamps to mimic the sunlight and facilitate the plants’ growth. These lamps produce strong light and it is the job of the ballasts to regulate and control the current.

Significance of Using Ballasts

Ballasts are significantly important in indoor gardening, especially that there is not enough sunlight that passes through inside. This is why artificial light is needed. Thus, to be able to ensure that the bulbs won’t overheat and crack, the ballasts must be put in place to control the electric current.

The ballasts are usually contained in a metal case box together with the needed pieces and components that regulate the heat of each lamp. Ballasts typically include a 120 voltage power cord that you can plug inside your home or anywhere indoors.

Hydroponic systems are ineffective without ballasts. It is also risky not only for your plants but also for you and nearby objects, as there could be a lot of lamp explosions. 

Types of Ballasts

There are three types of Ballasts that gardeners can choose from – Magnetic, Electronic and High Frequency, and the Digital ones.

Magnetic Ballasts

Magnetic ballasts control the electric current and generate the required energy from the wires surrounding the steel sheets. Although they are the simplest type, they are characterized by high strength, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts primarily rely on semiconductors and microchips to control the supply of the required voltage and watts. 

It produces lesser heat compared to magnetic ballasts, which is why this type is more efficient and has lower operation cost. Plus, this type is easier to install because of its weight.

Digital Ballasts

Digital ballasts are often compared to electronic ballasts because both perform the same functions. However, digital ballasts are more precise when it comes to the extent of power that should be delivered.

Important Features to Check

Dimming Feature

One of the most important features to consider when buying ballast for your plant is whether it has a dimmable feature. A good digital ballast must be adjusted at least 50% dim to make sure that your plant gets its needed light intensity. Plus, this also helps you save energy.


Hydroponic gardens typically need a little bit of warmth, especially during cold seasons. However, you should take note that it is normal for your ballast to get a little warm, but not extremely hot that you can’t touch it anymore.


Of course, you must consider if the ballast is durable enough to last for years. Low quality digital ballasts are more prone to defectiveness and can typically last for only 6 months. Thus, if you want high quality digital ballasts, you should check the quality of its electrical connections if it can handle voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

Bulb Protection

All ballasts must have a protection and ignition voltage control not only for safety but also for the ballast. This is essential to ensure that there will be no possible fires and explosions when the bulb heats up.


There are various ballast products to choose from in the market but my choice is the iPower digital ballast. It provides high frequency output results and stable voltage output which are essential to consider when buying.

iPower ballast is heavy duty and can withstand long lasting use. What is more, it is designed with a built-in cooling system to minimize the temperature and protect it from short circuits, overheating, and power surges.

The iPower ballast is proven efficient and sturdy by many customers. It is perfect to use in your garden and it helps regulate your plant’s growth.

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