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Best Aeroponics Pump

Wondering what it’s like to start a garden set up at home could be a little taxing especially if you’re a beginner.

You’ve probably asked yourself many times how will you start growing your own greens? Is it possible to grow plants even if you’re living in an apartment building? What are the best water pumps to use? Where can you purchase these products?

By the end of this, you will be introduced to aeroponic growing system – an efficient method for growing plants faster and understand better the role of pumps for your gardening needs. I will help you find the best aeroponic pump product that will surely keep you away from the stress of thinking which veggie to prepare for your next salad dish!

Read our Best Aeroponics Pump Review to find out.

Alpine PAL3100 Cyclone Pond Pump-3100 Fountains, Waterfalls, and Water Circulation Pump, 3100 GPH, Black

Alpine Corporation Alpine PAL3100 Cyclone Pond

If you are up for more excellent yield, the Alpine Cyclone PAL3100 Pump might suit you. It is such a powerhouse despite its smaller size.

While it only measures 8"L x 5"W x 6"H, it pumps 2,251 – 3,100 GPH. A great deal of performance for supplying larger produce.

And what’s even cooler about this product is that it lets you diversify your pipes into various functions bringing a balanced circulation and more water to spare.
  • Enables an optimum water flow that reduces the frequency of pump cleaning;
  • Cost-efficient as it includes a large pre-filter making it easier to maintain;
  • Has a durable, water-resistant impeller shaft allowing it to have a long-lasting pump performance;
  • Made of ceramic material resisting damage;
  • Very handy to install.
  • Have to clean the impeller regularly as it is prone to catching small grass-like objects during pump intake.
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Aquascape 91017 AquaSurge 2000 Water Pump, GPH

Aquascape 91017 AquaSurge

I have friends who have spent hundreds of dollars over traditional power pumps who end up always complaining about their pumps’ performances. This is typically the biggest drawback of traditional power pumps.

For sure, you don’t want to waste too much money repairing or looking for pump replacement each time a problem occurs. While most pumps weren’t rated for electricity, AquaSurge pumps could only cost you for about $17 - $18 a month. If you are looking for great value over your investment, this could be the perfect product for you.

This product also features a great oil-free design that prevents contamination in your system, which I truly like. Its system is so reliable and performs 24/7 which lets you feel at ease about your little home garden.
  • Has all the necessary fittings that will help you match the size of your pipes;
  • Conducts excellent water circulation;
  • Uses a motor technology for trouble-free performance in its run time;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Includes a ceramic shift with a cooling port that prevents the pump from overheating;
  • Ideal flow rate of up to 2,000 GPH
  • Might encounter some backflows;
  • Decreases the amount of water it pumps when not regularly cleaned.
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Jebao 80W 10000LPH Aquarium DC Controllable Water Return Fish Tank Pump

Jebao 80W 10000LPH Aquarium DC

Are you tired of hearing your old pump literally sounding like a jacuzzi? Looking for a smaller size pump that can perform like regular ones while maintaining the quiet?

Jebao 10000LPH Pump is a great must-have for a more silent approach to your home gardening. It is guaranteed to bring a high performance using its electronic motor feature which could help you save up to 65% of your electricity.

It also has this really amazing IC electronic detection feature which notifies you when you have no more water supply for your chamber. I really appreciate this feature because not only it is innovative, but also, it gives you the comfort of being safe from any electric or voltage harm.
  • Low voltage power supply – protection against any leakage;
  • Has a very efficient sealed impeller made of ceramic shaft;
  • Flow rate about 2,650 GPH;
  • Automatically turns off when water runs out;
  • You wouldn’t hear any loud gushing noise into your sump.
  • While it may be a little cheaper than the previous pumps mentioned, its performance is not guaranteed to last long.
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Tsurumi 3PN (50PN2.25S) 1/3hp, 115V, Submersible Pond & Waterfall Pump

Tsurumi 3PN (50PN2.25S)

This pump might be an excellent choice for beginners. Extremely easy to set up and suitable for high-pressure systems, enough to exert the necessary force in supplying nutrient solutions for your growing plant chamber.

Compared to other pumps, this product’s size is larger which enables it to pump water for about 1,600 – 2,000 GPH.  Personally, this gets a high mark for me. A pump this size within this capacity is designed to last longer and requires less maintenance.
  • Has durable resin molded parts - key for a longer pump life that could take 7 – 12 years;
  • This pump model contains features which prevent wicking along the watertight cable entrance;
  • Ball bearings are permanently sealed;
  • Eco-friendly operation with stainless steel motor casing allowing it to be corrosion resistant.
  • Very powerful, might require a larger space for gardening;
  • It doesn’t shut off automatically when water level runs low.
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GrowoniX Booster Pump compatible with EX/GX-Series Water Filters

GrowoniX Booster Pump

GrowoniX Booster Pump is also one of those small size pumps which bring forth a quality performance to your aeroponic gardening system. This is a perfect product if you have a reverse osmosis filter in your system and you need a booster to amplify your low water pressure.

What’s also really satisfying about this product is that it truly boosts water pressure and improves the flow rate. This booster pump raises water pressure up to 78 psi which is higher than the average 40-60 psi. If you are experimenting with the amount of pressure you want to test for your system, this product might be the most suitable for you.
  • Allows you to adjust water pressure;
  • Perfect combination to your any in-line, reverse osmosis filter preventing any clogging;
  • Doesn’t easily overheat as it is designed for rigorous continuous use;
  • Motor life works 24/7;
  • Capable of producing 10 – 78 psi.
  • Only functions well with reverse osmosis filter.
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What is an Aeroponic System?

Aeroponic Pumps

Aeroponic is basically a simple method of growing plants in a soil-free environment that is very suitable for small indoor spaces like condominium or apartment buildings.

But what if I don’t live in a residential building? Can I still try this way of growing plants?


Using this method, only means that you can grow plants while they are suspended in the air within a closed-loop system.

What’s even more fascinating about this method is that it doesn’t require any fancy growing medium for you to grow your plants. Find some unused baskets or containers and voila! You can already build a growing chamber to fit in the nozzles into your compressed plant’s stems and roots.

Once you successfully pulled up your growing chamber, the process begins. You may start feeding your plants by spraying them your nutrient-rich mix through the fine mist nozzle you have.

Having an enclosed system also enables you to save much water as the aeroponic system is designed to fully recycle your reusable components.

But plants usually get nutrients from the soil. How could they possibly grow and get nourished? Wouldn’t they just wither being suspended in the air?

The very core of the aeroponic systems is to expose plant roots while they are hung mid-air. This way, the plant roots get a higher volume of oxygen making them grow faster than they would in soil.

Compared to regular planting where plants spend an insurmountable time growing their roots in order to get nutrients from the soil, aeroponic method delivers the nutrients directly to it. This is very beneficial for any plant as you will see immense growth and even healthier crops in just a short period of time.

Now, isn’t this a great way to start growing fruits and herbs in your cute tiny apartment?

Tool For Aeroponic System: Aeroponic Pumps

In order to fully begin your aeroponic gardening style, having a good aeroponic pump will let you experience an enhanced gardening process. You would really enjoy your gardening productivity once you find the best pump for your needs.

But wouldn’t a normal pump be enough for this process? Why can’t I just use a pump out of a DIY project rather than more expensive equipment?

Aeroponic system may not require fancy growing medium, but it will require you to get a quality pump in order to achieve the utmost benefits of your aeroponic gardening.

It is a very advantageous system, but also very delicate. Using the wrong pump may lead to a ton of malfunctions.

With the accurate setup, your growing chamber for your aeroponic gardening will lean towards such great flourishing. However, giving a blind eye in providing the right care for your system might lead to conditions going south. For events like having your pump ceased on working all of a sudden, you should automatically be wary about it. This may lead to a rapid drop in humidity rate that could cause a shortage of nutrient supply for the roots.

Remember that a successful aeroponic system is a balance of plenty of moisture, nutrients, and fresh oxygen that you can provide for your plant roots. To achieve this, you must not hesitate in purchasing a good and high-performing pump that will maintain the rate of humidity necessary for your aeroponic system, leaving your growth chamber a good amount of consistency.

What should I look then when buying an aeroponic pump?

The brand doesn’t matter when choosing the pump for your aeroponic system. If the pump is capable of producing 40-60 psi, you score yourself a great deal. Most aeroponic systems require high pressure to force the nutrient solution through the tiny holes in the spray nozzles. This capacity is enough to push the nutrients needed for it.

A couple of other things to also consider when choosing is to make sure that your pump size has a GPH range of 1,250 - 1,600 GPH or about 1/3 - 1/2 HP. The size determines how much pressure it can contain.

Though for a high-pressure pump of this caliber, it is important that you use a manifold in your system. Combining this tool with your pump will enable you to get the proper amount of fluid pressure to your roots, prevent your spray heads from clogging, and avoid any incident of burning out.

And also bear in mind that the standard manufacture of aeroponic pumps has included one of its coolest features - a pump timer!

The pump timer, or also known as the recycling timer, works in cycle usually on for about one minute then goes off for the next four minutes. During this off time, the roots hanging will be coated with a thin layer of the nutrient solution while being exposed to oxygen at an optimal level. This will guarantee you of maximize growth potential for all of your plants. 

Good aeroponic pumps might be a little on the expensive side but this will always accentuate the rewarding sense of plant growth and reduce system risks for your home gardening project, leaving you a great number of beneficial deals.


Identifying your needs play a massive factor when choosing the best pump product for you. In my own experience, a product that can truly help me keep a close watch on my plants is always at the top of my list.

Overall, these pump products are a great step to starting your very own aeroponic garden project. Personally, I recommend the AquaSurge pump because of its energy efficiency feature which truly brings great value to your money. I’ve seen it truly help the growth and vigor of a friend’s produce in her humble New York apartment. Aside from that, it didn’t cost her much when she saw her electric bill.

These aeroponic pumps might cost you a little money at first, but the output it will bring upon is truly worth a shot!
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