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As spring or autumn starts awakening, we always come across overgrown shrubs and dead branches. We need to start pruning and cutting to make room for new plantings. In these seasons, bow saws are our best friends as they help us do the garden chores such as trimming and cutting through branches. But not all bow saws are ideal for fast and smooth cuts (which is probably why you’re looking for the best one.) Having the best bow saw on hand is important to effectively and quickly cut through any material.

Read our Best Bow Saw Review to find out.

Our Best Bow Saw for 2021

As I searched all around for different brands of bow saws, I’ve chosen five brands that I personally think are good-quality models. Look into each brand’s pros and cons to find the best bow saw for you.

Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood

Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood

What I like about this Bahco bow saw in particular is its hand guard. Unlike the weighty guard of Black + Decker’s bow saw and Truper’s a bit thin one, Bahco made a guard that was just right. It has a D-ring and a strong grip that offer not only a stable usage of the saw, but also safety since your hand doesn’t just slip free. You can also see that it has a slightly wider triangle tip than the others. But it is not a minus because in close quarters, it still works well.

An additional perk is that they also improved the tensioning latch modifying it into a variable tension bolt that holds the blade firmly or gives it a little wiggle when necessary.

This particular model is long enough and has a dry wood blade for easy dry or green wood cuts. I would highly endorse Bahco as one of the best bow saws you can own now. It is designed for cutting, pruning, and almost any demanding task you put it to.


  • Comes in dry or green wood models
  • Small and handy – can be used for all around work
  • Gives smooth cuts
  • Long enough
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Haven’t found any
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Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Green Handle, All-Purpose Blade

Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw

I think this saw is a real champ at the camp. If you’re a fan of backpacking or camping like me, you’ll love this brand. It is useful as it can be collapsed inside the backpack. A durable sheath that keeps the saw from opening when unnecessary comes with the package. There is also a shoulder strap for the sheath so you could carry it from behind if there’s no more space in the pack.
Other than that, this set also includes a standard dry wood peg blade, heavyweight peg and raker blade, and anodized aluminium body of the saw. Due to the design, setting up and using the saw is easy. A high clearance for cutting makes it possible to cut deeper.

But if you don’t find yourself in need of cutting firewood at the campsite, it is not the best choice to own this tool. I would recommend a fixed-frame one if you just plan to work in your garage.


  • Light and portable folding design
  • Easy to unfolds & folds without ever touching the blade.
  • Ergonomic and effective – has a frame that can highly cut large diameter woods
  • Durable – has a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, hardened and coated saw blades, anodized aluminium frame, and all stainless steel hardware


  • Expensive
  • Plastic lever can become brittle in cold weather
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Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw, 21-Inch Blade

Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw

This 21-inch Trupper Bow Saw is no exception in maintaining the company’s reputation as premier company in manufacturing tools. At only 22 ounces, this lightweight tool has a high profile in cutting larger branches.

This model was primarily designed for green wood cuts. Its noteworthy feature is the cam-lever tensioning system which allows you to perform faster, straighter cuts and keeps the blade perfectly tight while you're working.

Although the rivets that hold the blade in place seem not very well-designed, there are ordinary rivets that are readily available to replace the existing ones. Overall, it is a durable bow saw that can last for a while, but it may be difficult to use in cutting dry wood.


  • Inexpensive
  • Knuckle guard
  • Lightweight
  • Quality tension system
  • Sturdy


  • Handles do not provide the best grip and can become uncomfortable over time
  • Meant for green wood only
  • Not ergonomic
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GreatNeck 15550 12 Inch Heavy Duty Combination Bow Saw and Hacksaw

GreatNeck 15550 12 Inch Heavy Duty Combination Bow Saw

Some might think that this tiny saw is useless. But in fact, it is a mighty one. This model is a hybrid of both hacksaw and bow saw in one tool. It has blades for metal and wood cutting.

With its smaller than others size, it performs well in small jobs such as cutting down metal or PVC pipe and basic pruning. Its rubber-dipped tensioning latch gives added control when in use. And even though it has no added extras, it is very functional. It might work well for my small saw work.

Although it is multipurpose, changing its blades is not complicated. You can quickly lock the blade in place while the tensioning latch pulls it firmly for easy blade change capability. It also has a tubular steel-frame that makes it easy to use both as a bow saw and hacksaw.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy
  • Dual Purpose
  • Versatile frame


  • No knuckle guard
  • No ergonomic handle
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Bosmere 3624Z Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Bow Saw, 24-Inch

Bosmere 3624Z Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Bow Saw, 24-Inch

When it comes to cutting thick logs and branches, you can also trust the 24-inch Bosmere bow saw. The blade cuts straight and is ideal for small trees. With its rigid steel frame that comes with a lever tension device, the blade stays firm but it can also be changed easily. The set also includes a hard point blade that extends 5 times longer, making it easy to cut through trunks.

Although it may be a little big and not that handy, it is great for tree trimming with its sharp blade.


  • Sharp hard point blade
  • Teeth designed for fast cutting


  • Meant for green wood only
  • No blade guard
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Why Bow Saw Over Other Tools

Bow Saw

If your garden has a lot of trees or large-trunked shrubs, a bow saw is definitely something you’ll need when the time comes. Bow saw uses our muscle strength and not electricity to function. But even if, electricity-powered tools like chainsaw are still at times too much.

I personally think that a good-quality bow saw is a necessity when doing garden work. There can be no need to own splitters or axes to trim down smaller wood. Buying a bow saw will also be a great choice if you have a chimney at home as chimneys need wood of smaller sizes.

Not only that. Bow saws are also the fastest way to prune shrub or tree branches. These are really useful tools in the shack when there is growth of diseased branches. You can also use bow saws when trimming vines.

You can even chop trees that are small in width with a bow saw. Of course, you need to be a little skillful and prepared in handling this tool. But it is clear that these light and easy to maneuver saws can save you from the tiring swinging actions of big axes and anguish of a chainsaw.

Bow saws are amazingly safer to use than most of the tools in the shop. Chainsaws can be of great help in cutting wood quickly, but it can undeniably be dangerous. You can also operate in areas a modern power saw can’t with a manual bow saw.

What Essential Bow Saw Components Should I Look For

A bow saw is made up of several parts. Check out these parts to make sure you are choosing the right tool!

Bow Saw Blades

Cutting edges on bow saw blades have two main types. The first one is called the peg tooth which is said to be meant for dry wood cutting. This kind of blade typically has a single shape of tooth, intended for forward and back stroke when cutting.

The second type is the peg and raker blades. These blades have two shapes of blade teeth unlike the peg tooth that has only one. This kind of blade does not only cut on the forward and backward stroke, but also pulls shavings of wood out of the way. With the raker, it is a lot easier to cut through woods that are wet and green.

While you can buy these two types separately, there are several manufacturers that advertise reversible blades. This means that there is a peg blade and a peg and raker blade on each side of the bow saw. You can just remove and flip over one of the blades to switch to either of the two types. This offer sounds easy and handy to those who work on site.

Having any of these two blades comes with a blade guard that can cover the edge when you are carrying it around. So although it is sharp, it is safe to transport it. 

Tensioning Latch

Here is a fact: The old wood versions of bow saws maintained the blade’s tensions with a wire. But now, this isn’t a fact anymore. Up-to-date metal models have on one end, a tensioning latch and a screw on the other to make sure the blade is secured.

In modern models, to replace a blade, you will have to loosen the screw and tensioning latch. Remove the existing blade to slide in a new one. After which, you can put and tighten the screw and latch back to the blade. It is something you could easily accomplish.

When everything is locked down, especially the latch, the blade gets pulled and secured in its place, decreasing its chance of getting bend when used. 

Secure Grip

The frame of the old-fashioned wooden bow saws is used as the grip. In the modern metal style, there is already some sort of a grip in its side. At times, the grip is a component of the tensioning latch as it also helps in securing the blade in place.

Typically, this kind of grip gives a strong surface where you can hold onto while the saw is in use. A D-ring can also be found above the inside of the blade. Your hand does not slide off the grip surface when you use this ring.

There are other styles of grip such as the pistol-grip. It covers around the metal bow saw that keeps your hand firmly in the somewhat textured surface. There are also some bows that need you to hold the frame itself because it has no grip.

There is nothing bad in figuring out the best grip for you by trying out how to hold a grip. For me, the D-ring is a lot helpful because it provides me added control on the stroke pushing forward. Although there are some who think that the D-ring is a bother in cutting edges. These are personal opinions. The choice is still in your hands! 

Bow Saw Frame

The very first bows were made of wood and constrained much like the attributes of a framing saw. But now, most of the bow saws in the market have a tube-like frame made of metal which was first created in succeeding years of 1920.

A modern bow saw has two basic shapes – triangular, and standard.

The standard bow saw has a form close to the shape of a C or an archery bow. A standard bow shape is much like the shape of an archery bow or a C. On the other hand, a bow saw that has a triangular shape slopes down towards the frontward end of the bow and its arch goes backward by the grip area.

Among the two types, I would recommend the triangular-shaped bow saws for usage when eliminating stem growth on thick shrubs or on trees. In contrary, a standard bow is best in cutting wood for fire. These two differ in shape and uses but both of them are efficient tools.


We love to clean up our way whether it’s for our garden or for outdoor adventures. To be able to do that, we need to pick the best bow saw along with other tools. There is a wide range of manufacturing brands when we talk about bow saws. But out of the five brands I reviewed, I have agreed that the Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw was the best bow saw in terms of good quality, reliable consistent function, as well as price.

Bahco Ergo Bow Saw consists most of the essential features to look for in a bow saw. It has sharp blades for smooth cuts, an effective tensioning latch system, and its noteworthy hand guard. Everything included in the set can be availed in an affordable price. Aside from those, there were really not that many negative comments about this brand. Many people loved its lightweight frame, excellent knuckle guard, and overall design of the saw.

Bahco and all the other bow saws make an excellent choice. But it is still important to be armed with information to be able to find the right model for you. Hopefully, this review gave you a good idea in making an informed choice.

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