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Protecting homes and gardens from common pests, a bug zapper can reduce how often you would feel bugged over you and your plants when they become a bed and breakfast for insects. With so many insect repellents available in the market, the "Bug Zapper" remains to be an effective and sustainable solution.

If you’re browsing around for the right bug zapper to suit your needs, we’ve gathered facts, tips, and a product guide featuring 5 Bug Zappers to help with your pesky pest problem.

Read our Best Bug Zapper Review to find out.

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage, Black

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

To avoid bugs from entering your home, you need to take the solution right outside. The Flowtron BK-40D is designed to work round the clock even in harsh weather conditions for the bugs that keep coming rain or shine. Its wide range coverage and automatic shutdown are a couple of good features to consider besides its low price. This device, however, leans to the more traditional type of bug zapper, with a bright lamp and produces noise when insects are in close range.


  • Has a bright and powerful heavy duty 40-watt Ultraviolet black light for drawing in bugs and zapping them instantly
  • UV bulb can be easily replaced
  • Kills insects within a 1 acre radius
  • Can run for hours on end while plugged in an electrical outlet.
  • Includes an adjustable timer for the lamp to automatically shut down after time out
  • Cage is made with weatherproof polycarbonate material that is not prone to rusting, cracks or fading.
  • May be set on the ground or hung overhead
  • Affordable price point


  • Its narrow vent limits it to only killing smaller bugs
  • Creates sparking and popping noises while running
  • The UV Bulbs tend to overheat and cause burning in the cage
  • Produces a foul odor when zapping insects
  • Is designed mainly for evening use only. This device is not as effective at attracting bugs in the daylight.
  • To be used outdoors only
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INTELABE Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper USB Powered Mosquito Lamp

INTELABE Non-Toxic Indoor UV Lamp Insect Light Trap Bug Zapper

The mental image of bug zapper would always be a harsh black light accompanied with crackle and pop of its victim when it gets close enough to the glow that would be its doom. The brightness and noise from most electric insect killers often prevent people from purchasing one as this can keep them up all night if they have a bedbug problem. The INTELABLE Non-toxic Indoor UV Lamp Insect Light Trap Bug Zapper addresses this concern so you can have a calming night light that also guards you from the creepy crawlies at night. Its innovative design to catch bugs throughout night and day makes this product worth the price.


  • USB-type power input that fits most cable cords
  • Its intelligent light control automatically adjusts depending on the amount of external light. The lamp is brighter during nighttime and will dim in the day or if any bright light source is within its range
  • Works quietly and does not produce any zapping noise
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Uses a built in vacuum that draws insects closer to the lamp and catch them
  • Bugs are collected inside the chamber at the base
  • Insect chamber is lined with replaceable adhesive paper that keeps them trapped in the device
  • Easy to clean up and maintain
  • Affordable price


  • Limited to indoor use; this product may be installed outdoors but cannot withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Vacuum fan slowly takes effect and needs up to 3 or more days to warm up and increase catch
  • Catches mosquitoes only
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KORAMZI F-4 Best Electric Mosquito Swatter Racket for Indoor/Outdoor, 3 Layer Wasp, Bug & Mosquito Trap

KORAMZI F-4 Best Electric Mosquito Swatter Racket for Indoor and Outdoor

Besides the cage-like exterior as seen in most of the electric insect killers listed here, another popular type is a swatter racket that could make your killing spree more active and fun. Like a tennis racket, you just have to take a swing right at the bug, so timing, alertness, and aim are some skills you will be needing if you prefer having full control. The KORAZAMI F-4 Best Electric Mosquito Swatter can give you the power you need to do the zapping yourself, though its grid design can be improved for safety.


  • Handy
  • Portable
  • Large racket design captures insects in one swing
  • Battery-operated
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Creates zapping and popping noise when catching bugs
  • Exposed mesh that is prone to injuries
  • Only traps small insects
  • Requires constant cleaning as bugs will clog the mesh
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BroElec Bug Zapper Camping Lamp, Tent Light Bulb Portable Led and Emergency Lantern

BroElec US 2-in-1 Bug Zapper and Camping Light

If you’re the adventurous type and like to spend your weekends exploring the great outdoors, you may have already encountered bugs that ruin your hike or camp out. The BroElec US 2-in1 Bug Zapper and Camping Light may be your next outdoor essential with how versatile and compact this product is.


  • A versatile product that works 3 ways: a bug zapper, camping lamp, and flashlight
  • Switch between 2 light modes: UV black light to eliminate pesky bugs and the LED light to brighten up your surroundings
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Runs on a USB rechargeable battery that lasts 24 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Kills insects quietly and does not produce any zapping sound
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor installment
  • Includes a cleaning brush to clear the vent


  • Mostly eliminates smaller insects with ease
  • Kills bugs within close range
  • Larger insects may block the narrow vents
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HBUDS Electric Bug Zapper, Insect Trap, Indoor Pest Control Lamp, 2000V Powerful Mosquito Killer Light Bulb

HBUDS Outdoor Electric 2-in-1 Kill System Bug Zapper

Though branded as an outdoor type bug zapper, The HBUDS Outdoor Electric 2-in-1 Kill System can also be installed in the comfort of your own home. Running on a rechargeable battery, you will not need to have this plugged in to keep running. Mosquitoes are vulnerable prey to its high voltage mesh and light, but larger bugs might manage to get away with murder.


  • Made of heavy duty waterproof material
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Its 3.5 hour fast charging battery can last overnight use
  • Has 3 light mode settings to work as a night light and convert into bug zapper that attracts bugs any time of the day
  • Built with a high voltage metal grid of 2000v to kill bugs instantly upon close contact
  • The tough and reinforced vent keeps you, your pets, and kids safe from burning and electric shock injuries
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Product includes a cleaning brush to clear the vents from clogging and build-up
  • Reasonably priced


  • Kills insects that only come in contact with the lamp and electric mesh
  • Effective against mosquitoes only
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The Benefits of Keeping a Bug Zapper in Your Home

Bug Zapper

Eliminate Bugs in a Snap

If you are not the patient type to catch every bug that catches your eye, installing a bug zapper will save you plenty of time, and keep your temper cool. The smart design of modern bug zappers draw in and take out insects with a “pop!”

Most electric insect killers have a cage-like design that traps an insect inside the device, and will get buzzed by an electric charge through a UV bulb or mesh.

You can leave the bug zapper in any part of your home that needs to kick out the bullies that bite, sting, and irritate you instead of hiding from them or hunting them down. When you come back to check in on your handy bug bouncer, you’d be surprised at how many crooks it can catch all by itself.

Harmless to Health and the Environment

Insect repellents and killers that come in the form of aerosols, coils, and bait can be toxic for our health if not used properly. Smoke and chemicals found in most bug sprays and mosquito coils can ruin air quality and pose health risks when inhaled.

Bug zappers help make eliminating insects a safer process for you and Mother Earth by relying on technology without the need for mixing up a concoction of poisonous ingredients.

The device also reduces accidents often experienced with burning coils, aerosol cans, and improper handling of insect bait.

Free from accidents, no need for harsh aerosols that can affect air quality, produces less waste

Worry Less About Expenses and Mess

Depending on where you reside or what seasons you experience, the bugs will come flying in once it is their peak period or if you live near their natural habitat.

By now, you might have a growing collection of used or ready-stock of spray cans, adhesive traps, and repellent products from trying to fight them off. These products can be costly when you start to add up your bill for how often you need to purchase them, plus they are not easy to clean after and dispose if they are toxic or have flammable properties.

If you purchase a good bug zapper, you will not have to cash out on other bug solutions like the usual. A quality bug zapper will last you from summer to spring, and they do not leave you with too much mess to clean after. Several bug zappers already have a catch bin that you can empty after use, and sweeping is seldom required.

How to Choose a Killer Quality Bug Zapper

What type of bug zapper you take home is entirely up to you, but certainly purchase one that suits your needs and can effectively address the problem you are experiencing.

While you’re browsing online or in-store, consider these essential features to select a bug zapper that is guaranteed to keep out crawlers and buzzers.


The coverage of an electric insect killer may be wide range or close range, depending on which environment it is appropriate to use. The coverage helps you determine as to how far it’s UV Bulb can attract and kill bugs, so you’ll have to know if you’re dealing with insects that are drawn to light or not. A close range bug zapper may be more effective for pests that fly near light sources, and the wide range option might be a better option for insects that like to keep their distance.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Indoor and outdoor bug zappers perform differently and are designed mainly to last in the environment where they are installed. Outdoor bug zappers are also made of heavy duty material that can withstand harsh weather conditions unlike the indoor type that you would keep in the bedroom or kitchen. You can also find bug zappers safe for both of these settings.

Power Options

Choose a bug zapper that has a power source that works best for you and is suitable for the setting it will be used in. Bug zappers may be battery operated, plugged into an electrical outlet, or rechargeable.


After some time, dead insects may start filling up the device while some victims will be scattered on the floor. If you have bigger bugs to eliminate, a bug zapper with wide grills will help avoid getting any bugs stuck against the electric mesh, thus it is easier to maintain. A smaller trap with a narrow vent and mesh does a better job with the tiny bugs. A bonus would also be a catch basin to collect dead insects for you.


Most bug zappers in the market tend to be quite loud, so in case the zapping and popping noise bothers you, a trap that has a white noise feature should do the trick for you. This should be considered, especially if it will be running overnight while you’re in bed.


After reviewing how you should select a good bug zapper and browsing this list of our top picks, you might have found the one that can help you reduce the bites and stings you’ve been getting. Of course, if we would be objective and judge as to who shines the brightest of them all, we would consider all the features and benefits each one had to offer and compare them against their downsides.

With this, the BroElec US 2-in-1 Bug Zapper and Camping Light won this bug off for us. Its compact size and long battery life make it easy to pack for the outdoors and easy to install and keep running in the comfort of your own home.

While it does a better job at killing smaller insects, larger bugs will not stand a chance as long as they are in close range, so brushing them off every once in a while should be worth it. Also clogging with this one is no concern for causing smoking or burning as the lamp design is securely sealed to avoid accidents.

Made of high quality, heavy duty material, this versatile bug zapper can withstand most weather conditions, thus it has a fair price point that should be worth your money when you see those bugs dropping on the floor. 

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