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A plant parent’s or gardening enthusiast’s best friend is a hose, or at least it’s one of the tools they may use most often despite being often ignored and underestimated. Tending to your botanic beauties sometimes requires too much energy and effort, and conventional hoses can sometimes add to the burden because of how much space they take up and — let’s face it — the amount of times we end up tripping over them when we leave our hoses laying around the garden. Thankfully, I discovered expandable hoses.

Read our Best Expandable Hose Review to find out.

If you want to get yourself an expandable hose, here are some of the products I reviewed for you which you might want to consider getting for yourself.

Aterod 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible with 9 Function Spray Nozzle

Aterod 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible with 9 Function Spray Nozzle

The Aterod Expandable Garden Hose is 25ft long and can expand up to 75ft. Imagine how much area you could cover with its length. You could cover an area 3 times the space it takes up in your storage room. It also shrinks back to its original size once you turn off the water pressure. You no longer need to do so much just to coil it back and store it.

This hose is made up of a double latex pipe, 5000D polyester fabric cover, which means its not that heavy yet is sturdy enough to withstand 3-12 Bar water pressure, or 43.5-174 pounds per square inch, and temperature of 41-113 degrees Fahrenheit. It also boasts itself of solid ¾ inches brass connectors which is leak proof.

The Aterod Expandable Garden Hose also comes with a 9-Function nozzle for different spraying patterns such as: soaker, flat, shower, cone, mist, full, center, jet, and angle. It can be used for different purposes, not just for your greens. It also has a non-slip and comfortable grip, so your grandparents don’t need to worry if the water pressure is too much for them to handle. This expandable garden hose perfect for the elderly or those who are not too strong. It can be carried easily and the grip helps you not to lose control when the water pressure is high or when the handle is wet. It can be used to quench your greens’ thirst, wash your car, or even simply cleaning outer parts of your hose. The different spraying patterns can also help you adjust the pressure. When you want the pressure to be stronger so you can get rid of that clingy dirt stuck on your car, or you just want a low water pressure in tending to your garden, you can simply adjust the spraying pattern to your hearts content.


  • Solid ¾ inches brass connectors; 
  • Leak proof patent connector;
  • Sturdy on/off valve;
  • 5000D extra flexible polyester material;
  • Can work with a minimum of 3 Bar water pressure and maximum of 12 Bars;
  • Built to withstand 41-113 Fahrenheit temperature;
  • Comes with a water hose hanger.


  • Expands up to 75ft long, 25ft shorter that other products reviewed;
  • Nozzle only has 9 functions, while others go up to 10. 
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Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set, 50 Feet Heavy Duty Extra Strong Stretch Material with Brass Connectors

Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set, 50 Feet Heavy Duty Extra Strong Stretch Material with Brass Connectors

Another one that I made a review on is the very durable yet super light garden Joey’s Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set, which weighs only at 3 lbs. This expandable hose boasts itself of being heavy duty, designed specifically for long term use. It doesn’t rust, leak, tear, rip or crack. The pipe, brass connectors, valve, nozzle and spray are all made with durable material. Joey’s Garden Expandable Garden Hose works with a minimum water pressure of 4 bars, or 60 pounds per square inch and a maximum of 8 bars or 115 pounds per square inch, with 6 bars optimum. This means that it can work from mid-level water pressure to high water pressure. This water hose set also comes with a bonus 10-Way High Quality Nozzle which gives you the different spraying options, such as: Mist, Angle, Vertical, Center, Rinse, Soaker, Cone, 1/2Vert, Shower, and Flat. It’s very versatile and can provide you with most of your watering needs. This is also one of the most affordable ones in the market, so it’s surely a great deal.


  • Boasts that its product does not rust, leak, tear, rip or crack;
  • Designed to be long lasting;
  • Very light and weighs only at 3lbs;
  • Comes with a high-quality nozzle which can spray in 10 different ways;
  • Cheapest among the products reviewed in this article.


  • Can only go up to 50ft maximum length, where as most products go up to 100ft long;
  • Works with a minimum of 4 Bar and maximum of 8 Bars water pressure only.
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Wyewye Expandable Water Hose Garden Hose 100Ft Nozzle Pocket Flexible Retractable with Triple Layer Latex Core

Wyewye Expandable Water Hose Garden Hose 100Ft Nozzle Pocket Flexible Retractable with Triple Layer Latex Core

Wyewye Expandable Water Hose Garden Hose is very similar to the one offered by Aterod except for some improvements like the length and number of nozzles. Aside from those, they’re virtually the same. The Wyewye Expandable Water Hose is a few feet longer than the Aterod Garden Hose. The Wyewye Expandable Water Hose is 33 feet long which expands up to 100 ft long. It is also one spraying pattern more than the Aterod. Its not much of a difference, but you could always use an additional hand.


  • Can work with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 Bars water pressure;
  • Can withstand temperature of 41℉-113℉;
  • ¾ inches brass connectors;
  • 33ft long and can extend up to 100ft long when the water is turned on;
  • Leak proof shut off valve;
  • 10 pattern hose nozzle with slip-resistant and comfortable rubberized outer coating;
  • Includes a storage bag for easy storage;


  • Features similar qualities with the Aterod garden hose but falls short at the polyester fabric quality which is only at 3750D;
  • Most expensive among the products reviewed.
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Vela Mini Expandable Garden Hose - Hose Holder and High Pressure Washer Hose Spray Nozzle

Vela Mini Expandable Garden Hose - Hose Holder and High Pressure Washer Hose Spray Nozzle With 7 Settings

Vela Expandable Water Hose is made up of triple latex and improved fabric, brass fittings for the hose attachment, and a water gun that weighs at only 10 ounce. That’s so much durability minus all the weight, so you don’t have to worry about arm and shoulder muscle sores when using this water hose. It can also withstand a lot of water pressure as it can bear up to 10 Bars of water pressure, or 145 pounds per square inch. Pressure above 80 pounds is already considered too high. Vela Expandable Water Hose also comes with a water hose reel kit and a garden hose holder so you can store this hose with ease.


  • Flex yard hose made out of material that is resistant to common wear;
  • Triple layer and improved fabric with grade brass fittings for hose attachment;
  • Water hose reel kit and plastic water hose holder for more convenient storing and reeling;
  • Very light water gun weighing at only 10 ounce.


  • Nozzle only has 7 spraying patterns, very few compared to most products in this article;
  • The shortest among the products at only 25ft length;
  • Can go up to 10 Bars of water pressure, not too bad but only average compared to other products.
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Snaky Hose Snaky-100 Black Garden Hose, 100 Feet Expandable Fabric/Latex

Snaky Hose Snaky-100 Black Garden Hose, 100 Feet Expandable FabricLatex

Last on the list, but definitely not something you’d want to miss, is the Snaky Hose Snaky-100 Black Garden Hose. It’s 33ft long when not in use but once you turn on the water, it expands to a whopping 100ft long. This garden hose is self-retracting when the water is turned off so its easier to keep inside the nylon storage bag which comes along with this product. The Snaky-100 is made of triple layer latex core, anodized aluminum connectors which are very effective in preventing bursting or leaking, and polyester woven casing which reinforces the product to withstand extreme temperatures and more rugged use. This product is available in 3 different lengths: 50, 75, and 100 feet. It also comes with 7 function which can cater to different needs depending on purpose. What makes this product unique among all the products I reviewed is that it comes with a 12-month warranty against any defects in workmanship or materials, so you really might want to consider this product.


  • Measures at 33ft and can expand up to 100ft long, also comes in different lengths: 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft; 
  • Triple layer latex core and anodized aluminum connectors to prevent bursting or leaking;
  • Casing is polyester woven to withstand extreme temperatures and more rugged use;
  • Comes with nylon storage bag;
  • 12-month warranty against any defects in workmanship or material.


  • Sprayer only has 7 spraying patterns while most products have more;
  • Only a few dollars cheaper than the most expensive one reviewed in this article;
  • Does not indicate the minimum or maximum water pressure it can handle.
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What’s Wrong with Traditional Garden Hose

Expandable Hose

A traditional garden hose is usually made of synthetic rubber, vinyl, or a combination of the two. Usually, they are reinforced with other materials to make them sturdier, but that also means they become heavier. They are sturdy, and capable of containing water pressure; however, they also become difficult to store, they tangle up a lot and they are heavy. Very, very heavy.

Storage Pains

These garden hoses, because of the materials used and the sturdy nature that they are built for, tend to be more difficult to handle. Imagine storing them after using, you roll them up in a coil and place them somewhere in your garage, storage room, or even near your garden. They take up too much space and are difficult to squeeze in with your other gardening tools. If you have a big storage room, no problem! But don’t you want to use that extra space for your other gardening equipment? After all, the more tools you have, the easier gardening becomes and the more beautiful your plants grow. If you have a small space for storage, it would be such a hassle to look for a place where you can keep your bulky old garden hose. You’ll have to arrange your tools and other things, and it ends up being much like assembling jumbled pieces of a jig saw puzzle. How can you grow your plants before dinner when even storing your hose takes up so much time? It would be more convenient if you had a hose that doesn’t do all that.

Kinks are No Fun

When you bring them out to water your babies, the flow of water usually gets disrupted or no water comes out at all. You check your faucet if water is coming out, and water is flowing just fine. You might wonder, what could be the problem? You check the other end of the hose again and still no wateris coming out. Then you realize the hose is all tangled up. Kinks everywhere! So you have to pull your hose to tense it up and remove all the kinks, but it takes too much time especially when your hose is long. Yes, you need a longer hose depending on the size of your garden and its distance from the faucet. But that also means that the hose is more prone to getting those tight curls. Instead of using your time to tend to your plants, you’ll first have to untangle your garden hose which is very inconvenient.

What Makes an Expandable Hose Different From A Traditional Garden Hose

An expandable hose is usually made of latex, polyester, or other materials that are both durable and light. These are specifically designed to be strong enough to resist the water pressure, expandable to make storing hassle-free no matter how long you need the hose to be, and light enough that even your grandparents could lift it.

Polyester and latex are usually used in products that require high durability while still maintaining a light weight. These products include tires, safety belts, tennis shoes, and other sporting products. These products require their material to be heavy-duty, capable of withstanding pressure, weight, and other stressors, both internal and external. They also need to be light enough so that they don’t disrupt the mobility of the user. Could you imagine Rafael Nadal beating Novak Djokovic for the number one spot in the World Tennis Rankings with heavy shoes? Rafael Nadal might be able to do that, but wearing heavy shoes will certainly give him a huge handicap. If he can get his hands on tennis shoes made of light materials, he will certainly grab it the first chance he gets.

These expandable hoses are not just durable and light, they are also easy to store. Depending on the material used, the expandable hose can expand up to 3 times their length and shrink back to their original size after putting off the water, making them easier to squeeze in your stuffed-up storage room shelf. No more time gets wasted trying to fit your bulky hose when you can just compress it in a small space. You can spend more time growing your fruits, plants and vegetables in your garden rather than waste it with a less convenient equipment. After getting myself an expandable hose, I got more time to work on improving my garden and I could sleep better at night because back pains from lighting a heavy hose didn’t bother me anymore. 

Why Choose an Expandable Hose Over Your Traditional Garden Hose

Before getting an expandable hose, I used a traditional garden hose made of vinyl. It was difficult to handle, especially when it gets all coiled up; storing it was always a chore; and most of all,bringing it to my garden was always a workout.

With the expandable hose, I had more time to do other things. I could finish watering my plants with half the time it took if I used my traditional garden hose. No more uncoiling those tight knots caused by the sturdy and stiff material. Now, I could now focus on giving my plants the water they need instead of being bothered by the tight curls.

The storage room where I place my expandable hose is no longer as cluttered as it used to be when I was still using a vinyl hose. Before, my vinyl hose would suddenly fall from where I store it, even hitting me square on the back. Yikes. If I place it on the floor, it would make me trip. A lot. After getting my hands on an expandable hose, I no longer had trouble looking for a place to store it. Sometimes I just hang it on a hook attached to the shelf where it’s easy to see, and pick it up without worrying that it might fall or cause any other major ruckus in my storage.

Bringing the hose near my babies is also as easy as picking up a snack, as it’s light and easy to bring anywhere. In fact, I no longer felt any soreness on my body that I used to get from lifting those heavy vinyl hoses ever since that major switch.

The best part is, I’ve been using my expandable hose for quite some time now and have neverfelt the need to replace or repair it, unlike my old hose. I ended up saving a lot from no longer buying new hoses every now and then. Plus, it’s very affordable and in the long term, could make you save a lot of cash because of its longevity. 


In the end, it’s really difficult to choose just one product among the 5 products I reviewed, most especially if you love shopping for home products. With everything that these products have to offer, you just want to get all of them. But of course I have to choose one so here’s my personal take on this. If you have a big garden and need a longer garden hose, go for Wyewye Expandable Water Hose, it can expand up to 100ft long and can withstand up to 174 pound per square inch of water pressure. If you want the easiest to store, go for Vela Water Hose which comes with a reel kit and a hose holder. If you just want to be guaranteed that you’re buying a good quality product, Snaky-100 is the hose for you. It comes with a 12-month warranty after all. Personally, I’d like to take home Joey’s Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set. My garden is not that big. A 50ft long garden hose that weighs at only 3lbs is enough to do the job. Its decently sturdy and can take up to 115 pounds per square inch of water pressure. Plus it’s the most affordable among all the products I reviewed, but can provide just as much gardening ease. With the economy right now, who wouldn’t want a low-cost product that can do the job?

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