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Are you having problems organizing your garden hose at home? Does your garden frequently encounter kinks or leaks when used?

Worry no more! All of these can be addressed using a garden hose reel.

A garden hose reel capably organizes your garden hose and protects it from getting twisted or entangled, extending its life so you can use it longer.

Read our Best Garden Hose Reel Review to find out.

GARDENA Hose Reel - Includes (1/2''x33'Hose+ 5' Leader Hose), Blue and Grey


The banner of this item is portability and ease of use. The whole design is simple, compact and intelligent. This hose reel might be small but it can deliver results at par with other heavy types of hose reels. It already comes with a fully assembled product which is convenient for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of assembling parts.

The handle is found on the top so you can carry it like a gym bag. Weighing roughly 7 kilograms, you can still consider it as lightweight considering its ability to carry 10 meters of hose.

Its built is ideal for watering your plants in patios or small gardens. After using it, you can just store it in any area as it not space-consuming. Since watering plants is a daily activity, compact hose reels like this are fit for the job as they are easy to setup and return to storage.

Perhaps one limitation of this hose reel is its carrying capacity which has a maximum of only 33 feet. This means that it may not be reliable for large and wide areas. You may complement it using an extension hose which could not be accommodated anymore by your hose reel. A good deal we can get from this package though is the hose that comes with it.


  • No assembly needed
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Occupies less space
  • Handle allows easy transportation


  • Short hose length of 10 meters
  • Quite expensive
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Liberty Garden 880-2 Industrial 2-Wheel Pneumatic Tires Garden Hose Reel Cart

Liberty Garden 880-2 Industrial 2-Wheel Pneumatic Tires Garden Hose Reel Cart

This garden hose reel mounted on a movable cart makes your watering experience smooth by securing your hose properly and allowing you to move easily. The hose is wound around a manual spindle that you can pull and wind back easily. There is no guide handle however, so you would need to pull it perpendicularly. It can accommodate a 5/8-inch diameter hose for up to 300 feet length.

The material is made of 13-gauge steel, which has a higher rating than the industry standard 14- gauge. This implies that it is sturdy and durable. It is powder coated to make it resistant to weather elements like rain, sun and wind.

Provided also is a cool storage basket where you can place your watering paraphernalia for easy access. The center of gravity is low, giving excellent balance to avoid it from tipping over.

The galvanized fixtures of the products are made in brass which easily gets rusty. The same thing with the wheels, they might also get rusty over time. A good way to avoid this is to use stainless steel bolts, which is an added investment but makes the product workable for a long time.

The tires are also a thing of concern as they tend to go flat over time. You need to gauge the tire pressure regularly for this.


  • Cart system provides easy movement to different areas
  • Basket provides easy access for watering accessories
  • Can accommodate up to 300-feet hose


  • Reel has no handles
  • Tires may go flat
  • Bolts and fixtures easily gets rusty
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Yard Butler SRPB-360 Free-Standing Hose Reel with Patio Base, Black

Yard Butler SRPB-360 Free-Standing Hose Reel with Patio Base, Black

It may look like a stand fan from afar but it is in fact a great piece of equipment. Supported with a solid base and stem, the hose reel is mounted on top, making it comfortable to use when standing. You won’t have to bow down to unwind the hose and avoid back pains.

A handle is placed on the side so you can rotate it when using or returning the hose. Moreover, the bracing on its sides will ensure that the hose will not sag. This product can carry hoses reaching up to 200 feet. However, some have commented that this carrying capacity is applicable only for very thin hoses and not those with multiple layers.

Many hose reels are close to the ground which occupies space. The advantage of this type is its standing structure which frees ground space. You can just store this anywhere in your garage or house. The patio base supporting the whole structure is so stable that it won’t tip over even when you pull the reel.

The weight of the hose will have a long-term effect on its longevity. Many users have experienced the reels being broken off the next morning.


  • Ideal for deck and patio
  • Prevents sagging hose
  • Can accommodate hoses up to 200 feet in length
  • Reel is swivel-type


  • The 200 feet hose capacity cannot be met for thicker hoses.
  • Base is not 100% stable
  • The reel on top might break off over time
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Claber Kiros Wall-Mounted Portable Hose Reel

Claber Kiros Wall-Mounted Portable Hose Reel

As the name implies, the edge of this hose reel among others is its ability to be mounted on walls. Hose reels require stability especially when pulling out the garden hose. One good way to make this happen is to make a solid attachment to the wall. This hose reel will do it!

This hose reel can carry hoses up to 40 meters which is more than sufficient for small to medium-sized gardens. You can opt not to hang the hose reel on the walls and bring it with you. The case is compact and very lightweight, weighing for just roughly two kilograms.

Although its appearance may seem it has a metallic material, it is mainly made of plastic. With this in mind, there is a limit to how much weight put into it, especially if you use the wall-mounted brackets. Exceeding the limit might cause it to break off.

The package already includes two wall brackets, you won’t have to purchase it separately. However, to fully make it stable you should add at least a third one.

One thing to take note before you decide to purchase this is that this package does not include a hose with it so you will have to purchase it separately.


  • Can accommodate up to 30 meters of hose
  • Needs to be assembled before use


  • Included bracket may need reinforcement for wall security
  • Made of plastic, so not very durable.
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Gardena 13mm x 20m Hose Reel Set

Gardena 13mm x 20m Hose Reel Set

This is another superb product made by the renowned Gardena. What makes this product great is the free 20-meter hose that comes with it. The rotation mechanism is of high-quality, affording a smooth experience both in pulling the hose out and rolling it back up.

The whole set weights just around 5 kilograms so it is easy to transport it anywhere. You can pull the metallic handle up so you can hold it while carrying it and you can put it back in its place when you want to store it just like a luggage bag. The fittings are easy to connect and well-built ensuring a leak-free operation.

On its sides is a sturdy handle you can use to easily roll the hose for use or in winding it. The legs of the stand can be adjusted simply depending on the terrain for greater base support.

Some users have found the hose to kink a little during usage. It is important to double check on the connectors before running the water.

Many users have found this reel to be quite useful in smaller gardens or patios but may not be suitable for very large areas and hard to reach spots. 


  • Easy to connect
  • Extendable handle for easy transportation and storage.
  • Lightweight, weights roughly 5 kilograms
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited application
  • Not suitable for large area applications
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How Do Garden Hose Reels Work

Garden Hose Reel

If you have seen fire hose reels in fire cabinets, it’s essentially the same. The only difference is their point of use. The hose is coiled around the spindle in an orderly manner.

It is normally equipped with a lever that can be rotated for reeling in the hose. To use the hose, you simply pull it from the reel which has a mechanism to make the pull smoother.

Just connect your faucet to the hose reel then use the hose in the reel to water you plants.

Different Types of Garden Hose Reels

There are different forms of garden hose reels and each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Below is a list of them:

Wall-Mounted Type

This type of garden hose reel will not become an obstacle to paths. In fact, it liberates space in your home since it is securely attached to the wall. This makes your space neat and tidy. Do take note however that you will have to employ some drill tools and brackets to set this up. Prices for this type is typically cheaper.

Cart Type

For larger areas, this type would definitely be convenient since you have to continuously move the garden hose around. The cart can sustain heavy weights so it can carry longer garden hoses. It is usually furnished with wheels for greater mobility. With this added features, prices for cart types may be quite expensive.

Standing Type

This hose reel is portable and can accommodate a decent length of hose. It is somewhat similar to cart types except for the fact that it does not have wheels.

Box Type

These hose boxes provide shelter for your garden hose so that it will not be exposed with various outdoor elements. They are able to store long and heavy-duty hoses.

Things to Look at Before Buying a Garden Hose Reel

Being familiar with the different types of garden hose reels may still not be enough. You need to carefully scrutinize the following factors:

Hose Length & Width

To determine the length of the hose that you need, you should know the size of the area you are working on. Once you have the measurements, you can proceed with how much length you would need. After having an estimate, it will be easy for you to filter out the different garden hose reel options in the market.

The most common hose widths are 5/8 and 3/8 inches. Before making the purchase, take a look at the hose reel’s specs if it can accommodate the width of your hose. If you overlook this part, tendency is your hose won’t fit properly in the hose reel.

Weight Capacity

Since thicker hoses are made up of layers of different materials, they are heavier compared to the thinner ones. There have been many instances where wall-mounted or stand type of hose reel have broken off because it was too much for them to bear the weight of the hoses. If your hose has a substantial weight, better go for the cart type. Just make sure that you keep your wheels in check as they could go flat.


Again, analyze the physical location of your garden. Are your points of application easily accessible? Or you have to make many turns? For the former, you can make do with basic wall-mount garden hose reels but for the latter, you would need a hose reel that allows high maneuverability like the swivel-type or cart type.


This is the part where you have to consider the long-term value of the hose reel. If you need long lengths of hoses, the cart type would be an advantage as it could hold them well. Since most hose reels are placed outside, it could be exposed to rain, heat and mud. As much as possible, choose those that could withstand these weather elements.

Type of Material

The materials that make up hose reels can also affect its total durability. Whether it’s metal, plastic or fiberglass, it all depends on your usage. If you need heavy-duty reels, choose those that are made of stainless steel or aluminum. If you are looking for movable hose reels, go with lightweight materials.

Ease of Setup

If you have set your eyes on the most suitable type of hose reel for your garden hose, consider also the level of complexity in setting it up. Wall-mounted types for example may be simply designed but attaching it to the wall would need other sets of tools and fixtures.


It is close fight between all the hose reel contenders. However I will give my highest score to LibertyGarden 880-2 Industrial 2Wheel Pneumatic Tires GardenHose Reel Cart because it can cater both to large and small gardens and can support long and heavy hoses. The brass fixtures might not be that durable but you may use others with high quality.

My first runner-up would be Gardena Hose Reel because of the perfect combination of simplicity, durability and portability. It may be a bit expensive but it is worth your penny. Next would the YardButler SRPB-360 Yard Butler SRPB-360 FreeStanding Hose Reel w/ Patio Base. The height of the reel is a plus since you don’t need to bend down low in operating it.

Last but definitely not the least, it’s a tie for both Claber Kiros Wall-Mounted Portable Hose Reel and Gardena 13 mm x 20 m Hose Reel Set due to their limited weight capacities.

Choosing your first garden hose reel might be a challenging task, but if you weigh in all the factors understand the rationale of each type of reel, your decision could be quicker than you could imagine.

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