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We all want our garden lawns to be perfect and neatly cut, don’t we? Maintaining grass is not a simple task, so you would need a personal assistant in the form of a grass shear!

The tool must be carefully selected, depending on your grass’ layout, thickness and volume that needs to be cut. If you truly want to take care of your grass, you must first know the reason why we use grass shears, what are its different types and the factors that may influence your choice.

Read our Best Grass Shears Review to find out.

Our Best Grass Shears for 2021
  1. Fiskars 92146964J Swivel Soft Touch Grass Shear, 360 Degrees (Editors choice - High Quality)
  2. Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Comfort Cut (Runner up)
  3. Gardena 8731-30 Classic Grass Shears, Rotatable, Drehbar, Multi-Colour (Amazing Price)
  4. Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear (Affordable Product)
  5. Bahco GS-76 3-Position Grass Shear, 14-Inch (Great Product)

Fiskars 92146964J Swivel Soft Touch Grass Shear, 360 Degrees

Fiskars 92146964J Swivel Soft Touch Grass Shear, 360 Degrees

This is not your ordinary grass shear. Unlike the conventional types, this one has a mechanical swiveling that can rotate 360 degrees. This means that you won’t have to adjust your hands even if you change your position. Just fix your hands on the handle, rotate the blade on the desired angle and start cutting. When you press the handle, one blade is stationary, while the other one moves.

This product is ideal for trimming your grasses neatly. Because of the customizable angle, you can trim at any convenient position to make a precise trim. The blades are made of high quality in order to sustain heavy applications. The whole length of the blade is equally sharp so that even its tip can trim well.

One great feature of this shear is that its five-inch blades are equipped with Shear Ease technology that prevents it from jamming. With this, you can perform smooth and clean trimming for a long time without having to worry about jam problems.

Heavy grass shears could strain your arms so you would have to pause once in a while. This is not the case with this shear as it is very lightweight and soft to touch, making it a good tool for long hours of trimming.


  • Affordable
  • Blades can rotate up to 360 degrees
  • High quality blades
  • Lightweight


  • Prolonged gripping causes blisters
  • Lock button is good for right-handed but not for left-handed
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Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Comfort Cut

Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Comfort Cut

Just by looking at this piece of equipment, you would want to try it out. Armed with lithium-ion batteries, this grass shear is able to trim your grasses automatically so you will not have to do it manually, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Let’s talk about the handle. The design is ergonomically designed such that it fits perfectly in your hand with rubber on top of the handle for a comfortable grip. The lock button is accessible to your thumbs so you can use it conveniently.

The non-stick blades being used are made of exceptional quality so it performs very well even on thick grass.

There is LED display on the device, which provides status on the battery level and if the equipment needs charging. No worries because the battery can last as long as 80 minutes. It is also rechargeable using a detachable cord so you can trim grass bushes cord free.

A long telescopic handle can also be paired with this shear so you won’t have to bend down during trimming and possibly hurt your back. Just stand comfortably and do the trimming in a relaxed manner.

If you are looking for a grass shear with outstanding performance and entails little labor, then this might be what you’re looking for. With lesser burden involved, you can dedicate your efforts to other household chores or activities.


  • With LED display to indicate battery status
  • Package comes with charger
  • Blade is replaceable
  • Rubberized Grip
  • Cordless Use


  • Expensive
  • Wheel system is not durable
  • Replacement parts are not always available
  • Charger port is too tiny to access
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Gardena 8731-30 Classic Grass Shears, Rotatable, Drehbar, Multi-Colour

Gardena 8731-30 Classic Grass Shears, Rotatable, Drehbar, Multi-Colour

Gardena has its own entry model of rotatable grass shears. This modern design of the manual grass shear is a perfect companion for gardeners as it is very handy. You can effortlessly rotate the blades up to 360 degrees depending on where you use it for. This beautiful product is also highly versatile for both left- and right-hand individuals.

Its handle is slightly curved in shape so that it fits well with the hands and easy to grip on. Underneath the handle is a lever that you can pull so that the blades will move, similar to the concept of spray bottles. This is highly advantageous if you have smaller hands. Other grass shears have small entries, making it difficult to grasp.

The blades are self-sharpening so that it naturally maintains its sharpness while using it. These are covered with a special coating, making it rust-resistant. The whole span of the blade is consistent so that it achieves a uniform cut in your grasses.

Many users are satisfied with using this product since it does the job well. One particular note however when using it successively without taking breaks is that it produces blisters in your hands since its handle does not have rubber. You may use gloves to protect your hands.


  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Rotating blades up to 360 degrees
  • Lock button accessible to fingers


  • Continuous grip may lead to aches or blisters
  • Grease of joint may leak out
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Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear

Makita XMU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear

Makita doesn’t want to get left behind. The grass shears they offer are battery-powered for a cordless trimming operation. The battery contains a staggering 5 Ah (Amp Hour), which can support up to 200 minutes of continuous usage. This would be helpful for large areas that may involve tedious labor if trimmed manually. It’s solid-built and sturdy but it is still lightweight so you can carry it anywhere around the house with ease.

Aside from the battery, the blade rotation is not to be undervalued as it can spin as much as 2,500 strokes per minute. With this much capacity, expect not just a solid and clean cutting job, but also a faster pace.

One distinctive feature of the product is its adjustable cutting height settings. If you are familiar with the adjustable settings in a hair razor depending on the haircut size, it’s basically the same. Considering that all grasses have different leaf sizes and stem heights, you can adjust the settings for a more efficient trim.

The device available for purchase does not include a battery and charger so you have to purchase them separately. All in all, you may pay a higher amount, but if you think the performance outweighs its price, you might want to consider this product.


  • Body is durable yet lightweight
  • Able to perform 200 minutes continuously
  • Adjustable cutting height settings
  • Amazing speed of 2,500 SPM for lightning-fast results
  • Rubberized soft grip
  • Cordless operation


  • Battery and charger are sold separately
  • Slightly expensive if priced together with battery and charger
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Bahco GS-76 3-Position Grass Shear, 14-Inch

Bahco GS-76 3-Position Grass Shear, 14-Inch

This grass shear may be simple but it does an acceptable job in maintaining a clean and tidy lawn. The blades can be adjusted into three different positions, depending on what the situation calls for. You can use it in the conventional position for a quick cut on the edges of your grass, or you can adjust it so it will be parallel to the surface, making the cut as level as possible.

Perhaps, the good thing about this guy is its spring mechanism installed above the blades. Its purpose is not just to provide support to the two blades but to maintain its alignment. Bear in mind that when trimming, your grass shear might cut into hard objects, resulting into misalignment. With this alignment device, you won’t have to worry about it.

The handles of this Bahco grass shear are not mounted with rubber or any support to its grip. Prolonged usage of about 10 minutes of this shear may cause hand aches and blisters, so some gloves would help. This can slow down your trimming process and will take a longer time to finish wider yards.

Nevertheless, this can come quite handy for polishing your overall cut, since you won’t have to get your battery-powered grass shear outside.


  • Three modes of position
  • With spring mechanism for precise cutting


  • Expensive for a manual grass shear
  • Handles are not comfortable to hands
  • Sharpness may easily fade
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Why Use Grass Shears

Grass Shears

Like me, you may have also tried using regular scissors to trim down your grasses but then realized that it takes forever to finish it. Yes, its blades could cut but the output is not satisfactory since it was not made for that purpose in the first place.

Grass shears are equipment used for cutting or trimming grass in two ways: horizontal and vertical. You use it horizontally when you want to remove grass that was not cut by your lawn mower. You may also use it vertically to trim the grass’ edges, refining the overall cut.

Different Types of Grass Shears

Grass shears come in different types, depending on how they are used. These classifications might help you on what type of grass shear you need for your grass. Maybe the appropriate grass shear for your grass is a combination of all or some of these types:

Hand-held Shears

As the name suggests, this type has handles for the hand. The blades are intentionally curved so it will be easy for trimming grass.

Long Handle Shears

The physical design is the same with hand-held shears, except for the long handle that is purposely made for easy trimming edges while standing.

Pivoting Shears

Pivoting shears are those with blades that can rotate to different angles, giving the shears flexibility during cutting. Some have a limited number of pivoting positions, but some shears can even reach up to 360 degrees.

Shears with Wheels

Some shears are equipped with wheels to help you stroll and cut at the same time. In this way, trimming becomes faster and it prevents your back from hurting. This is great for grass with an even surface because if the surface is not level, it will not be effective in cutting.

Electric Shears

Some shears have adopted modern technology and uses rechargeable batteries to power it. Though it might cost quite a bit, the convenience and quality output makes it a great deal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Grass Shears

There is a set of criteria you should examine first before buying yourself a grass shear. Below are some of the factors:


In any activity, ergonomics is a crucial factor as it has impact on the individual’s body and consequently to the output. Examine closely how the design of the shear impacts your body. The handle, for example, may cause hand aches due to extended use. The weight can also be a contributing factor to human fatigue.


Grasses do not stop growing once you cut them, which means that your grass shear is your life and blood in maintaining them. With this, you need a well-built product to ensure it can withstand dirt, moisture and hard objects.


You must also look into the customizability of the product. As much as possible, the blades need to pivot so you can maneuver it when you trim in a different angle. Handles are usually part of the device, so you can check if the product can be connected to a long handle for trimming in standing position.


This is where we assess the performance of the product in terms of its output. Using manual grass shears might take a longer time to finish compared with electric grass shears. However, electric grass shears may not be effective in cutting areas difficult to reach.


There is a risk involved since we are dealing here with blades. Before buying grass sheers, consider the hazards involved when using it and if the product has a safety feature.


You have to make a cost benefit analysis before rushing to buy any grass shear. Make sure that the value you get from the grass shear is worth its price.


Now that we have discussed the different grass shears available, we have to announce the winner. All factors considered, I would go for the Makita XMU04Z 18 Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless GrassShear. Every aspect of the product is very satisfactory - from design to performance. Though it may be a bit pricey when you purchase a battery and charger, its performance is topnotch.

Next in line would be the Gardena 8731-30 Classic Grass Shears for the reason that it is similar to other rotatable shears in terms of performance yet comes with a super friendly price. It is very handy and portable. Second runner-up would be Fiskars 92146964J Swivel Soft Touch Grass Shear because of its lock button and Shear Ease technology.

Second to the last would be Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears. In terms of performance it is a beast, but it is overly priced so you may consider other brands with similar specs. Last but not the least is Bahco GS-76 3-Position Grass Shear because of its poor grip and limited rotation.

There you have it! You don’t need to shell out a lot of money just to buy the perfect grass shear. You only need to evaluate your existing grass and look for the grass shear that matches your needs.

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