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Best Grow Tent Kits

While traditional farming is a great conventional way to practice agriculture, modernism has posed challenges to it. These limitations include extreme weather conditions and limited farming space in urban areas. However, if you cannot grow food traditionally, a better alternative is using grow tent kits.

Read our Best Grow Tent Kits Review to find out.

There is a wide variety of grow tents in the market right now, so there is plenty for you to from if you are considering getting one. Here are some of the best ones:

Yield Lab 2x4 Ft S450 Full Spectrum LED Soil Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

2x4 LED Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

The tent’s dimensions make it smaller than the 4x4ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system. It also differs from (1) above because of its LED light feature. It is 48” wide by 24” deep by 60” tall. Aside from these features, its tent features are very closely similar to those of (1) above. These similar features include: A 600D thread coat Mylar fabric that makes it strong, lost lasting and more resistant to tear. A 95% reflective interior which ensures that all light is contained within the tent. Reinforced corners of metal locking frames which enables them to support a lot of weight (over 200lbs). Poles are relatively thick (19mm) and to top it off they are coated with powder which increases their durability. The tent also conveniently has a large front door for ease of access and the door has a velcro making them handy.

However, this grow tent also has a 24x11x3 LED light panel which ensures effective wall to wall lighting. This feature also ensures an even plant canopy and perfect spectrum for the plants to thrive. The LED produces less heat. This feature is great because the fan is ran less frequently thus lowering the energy consumption and cost. It is equipped with a carbon filler for odor and heat removal.


  • Great for tight space placement
  • Great for discreet growing
  • Less heat thus lower electricity costs
  • Small hence fast and easy set up


  • It is relatively smaller
  • LED light causes headaches upon long term exposure.
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Yield Lab 2x4 Ft 400w HID HPS and MH Soil Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

2x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

The dimensions of this tent, like all the others of the same dimension make it ideal for use in tight spaces and for discrete growing. The tent measures 48”x24”x60”. The tent is equipped with a carbon filler that keeps unwanted odors away leaving the tent constantly smelling fresh. Its 600D thread count Mylar fabric increases its durability. It is composed of thick 19mm coated poles for durability and easy assembly. The tent also comes with a 95% reflective interior with light proof zips that minimize light loss. It has Yield Lab 6” Air cooled tube that has a slim fit design that fits naturally and has wall to wall coverage.


  • Suitable for discreet farming
  • Fits tight spaces.
  • Durable
  • Easy assembly features


  •  Small hence unsuitable for growth on a bigger scale
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Yield Lab 2x4 ft S450 Full Spectrum LED Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

2x4ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

This indoor grow tent system utilizes LED lighting. This is great as LED offers many benefits to growing plants. In addition, it also produces less heat. Low heat production means less frequency in running fans. Less electricity is spent thus overall lowering the cost on electricity. The overall tent features are similar to those of (2) above. However, as the name suggests, this tent uses water as a growing medium unlike (2) which majorly utilizes soil.


  • Smaller dimensions hence can fit small spaces.
  • The small dimensions make it perfect for discreet farming.
  • Less electricity consumption thus lower overall production costs.


  • Exposure to LED light causes frequent headaches to humans.
  • Health hazard as water may drip and cause falls.
  • Since water is the main growth medium, the cost for water is high.
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Yield Lab Cloning Kits for Plants

Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

This grow tent kit is great for cloning seedlings from parent plants. It includes a 32x32x24 Yield Lab Reflective grow tent. This size is perfect for its ideal use for germinating and cloning. It comes with medical grade disposable scalpels. These are very essential in ensuring sanitized cutting from the mother plant. The cuttings can then be placed in a mix clone gel that stimulates growth of new roots for them. I think this is one of the features that makes it almost perfect for its role. It also has a 50W advanced Spectrum LED all blue grow light panel. This feature is great for stimulating chlorophyll production.


  • It has a heavy duty humidity dome that ensures perfect humid conditions for germination
  • It has a reliable and reusable heat mat. This is cost saving as constant replacement is not necessary.
  • Gel has a 99% success rate.


  • LED light side effects to human beings- headaches.
  • In my opinion, the assembly process for this kit is rather complicated.
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Yield Lab 4x4 Ft 600w HID HPS and MH Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

The 4x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Tent System

This tent’s 4x4 dimensions make it bigger. The dimensions are also very uniformed hence make it great for positioning. The tent also contains a 600D thread coat Mylar fabric that makes it strong, lost lasting and more resistant to tear. It has a 95% reflective interior which ensures that all light is contained within the tent. The corners of the metal locking frames are reinforced. This enables them to support a lot of weight (over 200lbs). Poles are relatively thick (19mm) and to top it off they are coated with powder which increases their durability. The tent also conveniently has a large front door for ease of access and the door has a velcro strap. This is super handy as it holds back the door while you work! The mesh vents on the tent facilitate airflow while simultaneously preventing entry of pests and particles. The tent comes with an easy check window that ensures you can check on your plant’s progress without necessarily going inside the tent. This to me is super convenient. The tent is also air tight thus ensuring zero air and light entry. It comes with a Yield Lab 6” Air cooled hood which has a square shaped reflector to reflect 95% of light downwards. Its nutrients, pH adjusters and PPM testers adjust acidity and ensure accurate nutrient measurement. In my opinion, this a great grow tent kit to work with. Especially if you want to work with something bigger.


  • Very durable
  • Great uniform dimensions
  • Has features for convenience such as a large door.


  • Reinforcements make it heavy
  • Difficult to assemble.
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What are Grow Tent Kits?

Grow Tent Kits

Grow tent kits are hardly a new concept today. If you are reading this, you’ve probably heard about them too! Grow tent kits are a special way of growing plants in an enclosed tent-like structure. Most of them are conveniently built in such a manner that you can actually practice agriculture inside a house! Plants sometimes require very specialized conditions for growth, using grow tent kits is a great way to provide these special conditions.

We reviewed five grow tent kits available in the market to give you a brief guide that might help you determine which one suits you best. But first…

General advantages of using tent grow kits over conventional outdoor agriculture

  • They are space effective. They enable you to grow your plants either indoors or outside. Some are so conveniently sized that they can fit very small outdoor and indoor spaces unlike traditional agriculture that requires a lot of land area to produce substantial produce.
  • Protection from extreme weather and environmental conditions. Plants are enclosed. Therefore, weather and climate conditions do not affect them. Growing can be done regardless of season.
  • Safety from pests. It is easier to monitor and hence protect plants in a grow tent from infestations by pests than those in outdoor fields.
  • Ease of growing plants under specialized conditions. The tents are enclosed. Therefore, controlling the conditions inside is easy. Plants generally do better under such controlled conditions. For example, you can control temperature, lighting and moisture conditions easily.

How do you Choose a Grow Tent Kit?

It is important to consider several factors before settling on the tent to use. These factors include;

  • Amount of space available. The tent kits are available in different sizes and dimensions to suit different spacing needs such 2x2ft and 2x4ft.
  • The types of plants to be grown. Different plants have different growth requirements. Conduct proper research to ensure the tent offers the exact conditions required by your plants.
  • Features of the grow tent kit. Look at the factors making up the tent kit. It could be soil or even LED features. Do they suit you and your need?
  • Amount of expected output. Naturally, if you require higher yields from your farming, you would need to invest in a bigger grow tent kit.
  • Your budget. Some Grow Tent Kits, because of their features cost more money than other. Therefore, what you have and the much you are willing to invest will also determine which grow tent you use. However, in my personal experience, grow tent kits don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are some very affordable yet functional options in the market. You just have to look!

Requirements for Use

  • Electricity. This is fundamental as nearly all aspects of the tent’s functioning require its use. Electricity controls the lighting and heat conditions. It should be available all the time and in cases where there is an unreliable source, consider having a backup system. This serves to ensure there is consistency in meeting the set requirements for the plants in the tent.
  • Depending on the tent type, ensure a continuous supply of water.
  • Consider specific requirements for the plants such as fertilizers, pesticides (sometimes) and such like additions.


Some conditions present in grow tents or can be hazardous to human health if caution is in exercised. Some necessary precautionary steps include:

  • Caution when handling electricity. Ensure any wires used are properly covered. Prevent water- electricity contact. This is to prevent chances of electric shock an electrocution. Also always take care not to overload your electric circuits.
  • Handle water cautiously. Having water on the floor area could be dangerous and case falls. Also ensure water is kept as far off from electricity as possible.
  • Always be prepared for a fire outbreak. Keep fire extinguishers within reach. Install a smoke alarm system and maintain it in good working condition at all times.
  • Protect your own body and health. Ensure your eyes are protected from chemicals and rays. Have glasses that filter out these Ultra Violet (UV) rays to ensure safety. Always have a pair of gloves on to protect you from chemical induced skin irritations from fertilizers and pesticides. Also, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have a tendency to cause headaches on too much exposure. Therefore, minimize the amount of time you spend inside your grow tent. If you need to stay there for a lengthened time period, take about 5-10 minute breaks in between.


Of all the product handled, the 4x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Tent System is the overall winner of the round up. It is equipped with so many great features that work to cover the convenience of the user, the crops and the overall environment of its location. It is reinforced thus making it very durable for long term usage. This saves costs on the farmer’s part. It is also the largest in size of all the five grow tent kits compared. Despite the fact that its size may pose as a disadvantage, its benefits far outweigh this. The large tent size makes its overall production volume to be larger hence essentially, larger yields and profits.  The 4x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Tent System may be the strongest and most durable of all compared five. These stats together the many features and pros covered in the section above make me feel like it would be the best pick me, and may be you too! It is however important to still bear in mind the other factors influencing your growth journey before settling on the grow tent kit of your choice. However, in my opinion, the 4x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Tent System maybe the best so far.

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