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Best Grow Tent Packages

A lot of people can attest that gardening is one of those productive things you can do that can bring joy and satisfaction. It can help with the physical and mental well-being of an individual because it gives them something to work on that will yield good results. Sure, it takes a certain amount of patience and also research, but once you get the hang of it, gardening can be one of the fulfilling things to do even if you are confined within your small space.

Read our Best Grow Tent Packages Review to find out.

With all the needed information and knowledge about getting your own grow tent, it’s time to look at your options so you know what will be worth your money.

Yield Lab 2x4 Ft S450 Full Spectrum LED Soil Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

LED Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

Among Yield Lab’s grow tent packages, this particular item has been their “stealthiest” one yet. It is packed with several features despite its compact size. With an easy setup, anyone can assemble this tent just as easy. But if it seems daunting to you, there is an instruction manual included with a step-by-step guide.

This tent is great for small spaces which is great because it’s not distracting or occupies too much room while it sits quietly inside your home. The package includes a carbon filter and inline fan which helps remove odors and stagnant air. And no unwanted noise from the fan as it runs on the lowest speed to save energy.

The overall frame of the tent is sturdy and has dual-ducting ports. It also has a viewing window which makes it easier for you to check out the condition of your plants without opening the whole tent and going inside. The pockets inside also let you place your tools and other accessories for easy access.

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Yield Lab 2x4 ft S450 Full Spectrum LED Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

This grow tent package has everything you need to start your indoor gardening. It has a full spectrum of LED grow light that provides enough lighting for your plants so they grow evenly. With this tent’s LED grow light, it produces less heat, and that way it keeps the inside of your tent cool with just the right temperature for much better control of the environment inside.

It has an automated setup with a hydroponic system that is easy to assemble and has an instant access lid. With the auto-drip system, you just need to refill it with water and other nutrients and it will constantly feed your plants as needed. This lets you have a hands-free experience with your gardening as it self-feeds because of an automated timer.

The sturdy frame of this grow tent allows extra weight up to 200 lbs of equipment. The beams and the poles are coated so that for extra durability and strength. All openings of this tent, doors, and windows have Velcro lining so that everything is sealed and remains inside the tent.

The main issue that some users have said is that the fan is a bit too loud and a bit too big cramping up the interior of the tent. Not to mention the tent is a bit too small which makes it challenging if you want to let your plants grow tall.

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Yield Lab 2x4 Ft 400w HID HPS and MH Soil Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

Considered to be great for beginners as it has a complete all-in-one kit. With its size, this is great for users who want their grow tent in a space that is discreet as possible. Never worry about it being too distracting for anyone inside your house.

This tent package includes a carbon filter and inline fan. It also has a reflector that helps your tent’s interior cool and lets the exhaust fan run efficiently. And with this reflector, no more heat and odor leaking through your tent.

The fan and filter combo is one of the main features of this tent. With their combined strength, they keep the environment inside your tent at an even temperature. So, no need to worry now about excess heat circulating inside the tent.

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Yield Lab Cloning Kits for Plants

Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

With the tent’s suitable size for germination and cloning mediums, this is great for anyone who wants to germinate seeds and do some cloning. It has a medical disposable scalpel so that you can have sanitized cuttings, keeping the mother plant healthy and free from any accidental mishaps.

It comes with a heavy-duty humidity dome that will help increase the germination rates for your seeds. This also helps you to minimize the effort needed to constantly moisten the soil for the germination process. There is also the reusable heat mat to maintain the right temperature also for the germination and cloning process.

The tent can be assembled easily while the LED lights are easy to install. Users and especially beginners, no need to worry about setting up this tent. And complete with reliable and friendly customer service, you do get your money’s worth.

A minor issue that was brought up by some users regarding the quality of the dome tray. It’s a bit flimsy and less durable.

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Yield Lab 4x4 Ft 600w HID HPS and MH Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

With this tent, you can fully utilize its features and equipment that came with it. Indoor gardening has never been this easy and convenient with this grow tent package. You can control the watering system for your plants with its automated hydroponic system. You don’t have to worry about over-watering or getting your plants drenched with this feature.

The reflector, the air-cooled hood, lets your grow tent have that cool temperature circulating inside. That way no excess heat will remain that can ruin your plants. The square-shaped reflector evenly distributes its light not just directly to your plants but within the tent as well thanks to its highly-reflective quality. The air-cooled hood also prevents any spillage, especially unwanted odors.

Beginner-friendly as well because this tent can be assembled easily. But it doesn’t compromise the durability and strength of the whole framework.

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How A Grow Tent Can Help

A grow tent makes it easy and convenient for anyone who wants to grow their plants even without a garden. No need to go outdoors and search for wide space and sunlight. With a grow tent, it’s going to feel like as if you have a garden within your home. It’s something compact and does not require that much space yet it provides the same benefits to your plants as you would in an outdoor garden. 

One of the great things a grow tent can offer is that it allows you to grow your plant regardless of the weather condition. Because of the equipment that comes with the grow tent such as grow lights, and fan, you can build an actual climate and environment suitable for your plants. All it takes are just a few steps to set up your grow tent and you are ready to go.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

Since gardening has become such a popular hobby, even those who do not have outdoor gardens, find a way to grow their plants. With the use of a grow tent, gardening has never been this convenient and accessible. But before you go online to check for the best and most affordable grow tent there is in the market, there is a few things to consider before you get one.

The first thing you need to do is to check the size of the space where you plan to put your grow tent as they vary in size. You will also need to check if there is ample room for your grow lights, ventilators, fan, pots, and humidifiers as they also vary in size. You don’t want to cramp everything inside your tent as this will affect how your plants will grow. So, measure everything so that once you set up your tent, everything will be in place accordingly.

Next are the material and the frame. You don’t want a grow tent that is weak and will compromise the environment you want to create for your plants. Make sure that the material for the fabric is made from a heavy-duty canvas such as nylon or polyester. This is to ensure that whatever is inside will remain inside. Check the inner lining as well. That’s the Mylar lining and it is an essential part of that ideal environment you want to set up for your plants. The more reflective they are, the more lighting for your plants while saving on some energy.

And make sure that the frame of your tent is sturdy. You don’t want them breaking down especially when they need to support the whole structure. Also remember that you will also be hanging some stuff like grow lights, so it needs to support some extra weight.

No More Worries About the Climate

As grow tents are suitable indoors, you take control of the weather conditions that go inside the grow tent. Different plants have different needs when it comes to humidity, temperature, and weather conditions. Some plants only grow in warm weather whereas others are for the cold weather. With the grow tent, even if it’s raining or snowing hard outside your home, you can make it warm for your plants inside. You have full control and no weather outside can stop you.

Let There be Light

With the help of the Mylar lining, your plants will get all the light it needed to grow as it boosts photosynthesis. As what our biology lesson has taught us, light is important for the plants as this is their way of converting light into plant food and energy. This way with enough light source, your plants will be able to survive.

Peaceful Abode for Your Plants and for You

One of the advantages of having a grow tent is that you don’t have to worry anymore about external factors such as pests and other infestations. Yes, we’re not just talking about insects here, there are also bacteria, fungi, molds, and other invertebrates. With the grow tent, you can prevent the start of an infestation since it has sealants and protective features that stop anything from coming in.

No need to worry about the noise coming from the exhaust fan as well that can be a bit distracting for anyone. With the sealants of the grow tent, no noise will come out that will disrupt anyone within the house.

With the ventilation system, you can control any unwanted odor from also coming out. These usually are the fertilizers, and other chemicals you put into your plants. And a good grow tent will prevent any odors from leaking out as they will remain confined inside. Plus, with the help of the carbon filter, it will purify the air providing your plants a fresh supply of air.

Setting Up Your Grow Tent

Grow tents are designed to be convenient and user-friendly for its users. Especially for those who are beginners in gardening. So, after laying down all the items, it’s time to set up your grow tent.

Clear and Provide Enough Space for you to Setup

Gather all the items - At this stage, you may want to double-check everything from the beams, poles, and canvas and that nothing is defective. Start with the frame first as instructed. Make sure everything is in its proper position and all screwed-in. Make sure nothing is loose. Cover the frame with the canvas and make sure that it fits perfectly.

Set Up the Grow Lights

Since your plants need light for food, you may want to get energy-efficient grow lights such as a LED light or CMH also known as Ceramic Metal Halide light. A bit on the expensive side but you get to save a lot on your electricity bill. Once you have your lights on hand, attach your lights on the support beams with strong hooks or rope. Ensure that your grow lights are in their appropriate height so that your plants will get enough lighting.

Install the Ventilation and Carbon Filter

Set your exhaust fan and carbon filter by your plants to let them breathe in new air. Depending on the ventilator you have, you may also hang it inside your tent. Some say it’s better to hang it that way it will be able to remove the hotter air that rises.

Check the Temperature and Humidity

Install monitoring equipment inside your tent and in level with your plants. That way you can check the right climate needed for your plants.

Equipment Check

Before you bring in your plants inside the tent, make sure that everything is in working order.

Do a Safety Check

Have a good look at everything you have assembled. All the electrical wirings and cords must be tucked in. Make sure that no light, sound, or odor is leaking and that all openings are sealed.


Each of these grow tents has features that make them the best choice for anyone who loves gardening. And it is hard to choose one when each of them gives you what you need for a pleasant gardening experience. But out of those five, there has to be a standout.

The HID Soil Complete Indoor grow tent system rises above them all. With its size, it is great for small spaces and can fit even inside your closet. And for a small grow tent package, it has everything you need to start your indoor garden. As its name says, it is a complete grow tent system. After the setup, all you need to do is to put in your plants.

A standout feature is the fan and filter combo. They provide a great environment suitable for your plants, so you don’t have to worry about the uneven temperature inside the tent.

Cleary, true value for your money. Something affordable and yet truly high-quality product.

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