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Best Hammer Drill

Hammer drills are the best workshop tool when it comes to boring holes and driving screws. They come in different types for different materials – stone, brick, metal, wood, and other hard surfaces.

A multi-purposed handy tool, a hammer drill can offer a variety of functions of a small jackhammer, regular drill, and impact driver.

Read our Best Hammer Drill Review to find out.

To help you choose the best hammer drill to buy, here is a list of my Hammer Drill products and their reviews.

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme - 8 Amp 1 Inch Corded Variable Speed Sds-Plus Hammer Power Drill

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme - 8 Amp 1 Inch Corded Variable Speed Sds-Plus Concrete Masonry Rotary Hammer Power Drill

Bulldog Xtreme Bosch drill hammer is a multifunction drill where you can choose 3 modes of operation – rotation mode, hammer mode, and rotary hammer. It has a vibration control which is easy and comfortable to use even if you use it for the whole day and in different uses.

I like that it is convenient and ergonomic to use because of its D handle design which is designed for downward drilling applications. The D handle provides optimal control which makes it more comfortable to use.

Another feature that I liked about Bulldog is its automatic locking and dust protection. Even if it was already covered in dust after I used it, it still works great.

When it comes to its motor, it has a powerful 7.5 Amp which can be able to deliver 2 ft/lbs of impact energy. It sinks through the concrete and breaks it with little effort as if it were nothing.

Bulldog Bosch drill is one of the good quality tools in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Has a D handle design for optimal control
  • Has automatic bit locking for convenience
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has end-to-end dust collection system


  • Malfunctions
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DEWALT 20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, (DCH273B)

DEWALT 20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, DCH273B

If you are looking for a good quality rotary hammer drill that is mainly for rotary hammer drilling, Dewalt can work well for you. It is not multi-purposed compared to other products but it is one of the best tools for drilling.

Dewalt has a brushless motor that you can use for extended run time. It is also durable and highly powered with 2.1 joules impact energy.

What I like about Dewalt is that it is cordless. However, usually, battery-powered hammer drills can be a little bit consuming and costly but it works for now and it is convenient to use. I can use it anywhere and I won’t have to find an outlet to plug it.

What is more, it also has retractable utility hooks that you can hang and store conveniently. With Dewalt, you can assure that get what you look for. It is a good investment that I would recommend.

Using it does not cause a mess so you won’t need to wear respirators or masks. You just get the job done and the holes drilled.

The active vibration control was also helpful in diminishing vibration while I use it on hard materials like rock and concrete.


  • Has a brushless motor for extended runtime
  • Has active vibration control
  • Has retractable utility hook for more convenience
  • Has optimal concrete drilling
  • Cordless


  • Stops working after a few uses
  • Battery-powered only which means you need to spend for the batteries
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Milwaukee 2607-20 1/2" 1,800 RPM 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2607-20 1.2 1,800 RPM 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

Milwaukee is another good hammer drill that has multiple functions to choose from. It has 3 drilling modes where you can switch between drilling, driving, and hammer drilling.

This compact hammer drill can work on hard woods, soft woods, masonry, and even on metals with the support of the 18 position clutch. However, the chuck can get a little loose sometimes.

Unlike other hammer drills, Milwaukee has LED lighting. I like this feature because it is unique, helpful, and convenient to use even during the night or in dark places. It keeps my work illuminated with the LED panel.

On top of these, it also has an ambidextrous belt clip that you can clip onto one side of the tool so that you can store it on your belt accessibly.

Milwaukee hammer drill is heavy-duty and strongly constructed. It is compatible with the M18 line of lithium-ion batteries. One instance I accidentally dropped off this hammer drill and I was afraid that it won’t work but the good thing, it still works great.

I love this product and I would recommend this if you want to purchase a good hammer drill.


  • Has multiple functions
  • Has LED lighting
  • Has ambidextrous belt clip for accessibility
  • Batteries are heavy-duty


  • Stops working
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Makita HR2475 1" Rotary Hammer, Accepts Sds-Plus Bits (D-Handle)

Makita HR2475 1 Rotary Hammer, Accepts Sds-Plus Bits D-Handle

In terms of performance, durability, versatility, and convenience, Makita Rotary Hammer is one of my recommended products. It has 3 modes of operation for multiple applications – for “rotation only”, “hammering with rotation”, and “hammering only”.

I find this product comfortable to use because of its D-shaped handle which is ergonomically designed with a rubberized handgrip. It also has a 40-bit angle setting that allows you to set it at different positions in every operation for more convenience. Additionally, it also has a recessed lock-on button for continuous use.

Makita rotary hammer has a powerful motor that can deliver 0 to 1100 rpm and 0 to 4500 rpm. It works fast and great on any material but more especially on solid concretes and rocks. When I tried it on a block of concrete for my project, it amazingly worked like butter. It also did not overheat even after long hours of usage.

So far, so good this product was overall great although you should always safety check if there are defects to avoid overheating and malfunction.

Makita hammer drill is a good tool for household projects, electricians, masons, remodelers, and general contractors. I wouldn’t mind buying this again in the future.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has multiple functions
  • Has 40 chisel angle settings
  • Has a protective bumper for durability
  • Has synchronized RPM and BPM for faster drilling


  • Overheats
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PORTER-CABLE Hammer Drill, 1/2-Inch, 7-Amp, Pistol Grip (PCE141)

PORTER-CABLE Hammer Drill, 1.2-Inch, 7-Amp, Pistol Grip PCE141

If you are looking for a simpler hammer drill that works great, the Porter-cable hammer drill is a good deal. It is a single-speed hammer drill that features a 7 amp motor which is already great for tough drilling applications.

It has a good cast metal gear housing feature that helps dissipate heat from its internal components for more durability. A Portable-Cable hammer drill provides versatility by working great in various materials. It can drill any type of hard or softwood, metal, brick, block, concrete, and other masonry materials.

I tried this for exterior bricks and I did not have any problem. Actually, it also worked great for concretes.

Aside from these, I like that it is ergonomically designed for more comfort and reduced fatigue of the user. It has a streamline over-mold body, a pistol grip handle, and a 2 finger locking trigger to increase comfort even during long periods of operation.

Porter-Cable hammer drill is more than enough to be used every day. I can say that there are better drills out there and that it sometimes overheats a little but this product is worth it for its price and a good recommendation to consider.


  • Has high performance
  • Has a powerful hammer
  • Has pistol grip comfort
  • Has two-finger locking trigger


  • Overheats
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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill

When choosing a hammer drill, it is important that you check the specifications one by one. To help you decide, here is a short overview of the important factors that you can check when considering to buy a hammer drill.

What to Look for in Hammer Drills


More preferably, multiple functioned drills are better since you have a lot of functions to choose from for every operation. You won’t need to buy separate tools for each function.


A powerful motor is important to be able to efficiently finish a required job faster and with ease. Especially in drilling tools, it is important that you check for the motor power because a poor one won’t work on hard surfaces or you will have a hard time breaking it off.


Not most hammer drills are designed ergonomically. The importance of design is for comfort and convenience. Typically, we look for D shape handle design because they are easier and more ergonomic to use. Even if you work for long hours, your hands won’t get tired and strained with it.

Additionally, you may also want to check for vibration controls. When you are exposed to too much vibration, your hands can feel pressure which can cause body aches, pains, strain, or numbness especially if you will use it for long hours.


These are important features to consider when choosing hammer drills. The auto-lock feature is more about safety design. With it, the operation is continuous and less interrupted by loosening parts.

Also, other drills get damaged after being covered with dust while others start to malfunction. Thus, the dust protection feature is a sure essential.


Other hammer drills do only have one speed. Thus, choose the one that has a multi-speed function so you can be able to adjust them faster and for more flexible use.

Advantages and Benefits of Using Hammer Drills

Hammer drills significantly make the job faster and easier. Instead of using manual hammers to make holes on surfaces, hammer drills can do the job in a second. By using hammer drills, you also get more accurate and equal-sized holes.

On top of these, it does not add tension to the surface’s material while making holes which can result in cracking or dents.

Basically, hammer drills are used in dense and hard surfaces. They produce high levels of force to demolish and break a hard surface. Hammer drills are usually used to drill concrete, hardwoods, stones, metals, plastics, and masonry materials. They are perfect for construction work in small, medium, and large projects. 

The Best Way to Use Hammer Drills

Hammer drills can be used for several purposes. Whether you are doing a small project for your house or you are a contractor, hammer drills play an important role in construction.

The best way to use hammer drills is basically to drill holes in different surfaces. It is also used to break or demolish hard surfaces that are used in construction projects like renovations.

When using hammer drills, you should not put a lot of pressure onto it as the process itself can hurt you or the surface can be damaged badly. 

How to Use a Hammer Drill

Initially, you will need a pencil or a marker to mark the wall or the surface that you want to drill. You can also use a level or a ruler to ensure that the marks are even.

Preferably, you may want to wear safety goggles to keep out dust from coming in your eyes or on your face.

Choose and put the drill bit into the hammer drill. You may want to use a small drill bit first just to start making the holes and afterward change it to bigger drill bits to increase the size of the hole.

Set the depth of the hole you would like to make. You can do this by putting a colored tape or mark in the drill bit so that you would know how deep you want the drill to go in.

Do not start immediately at a high speed at the start of the drilling operation. Use the slowest speed first to follow the marked guide.

Little by little, you can start speeding your drill for faster and deeper drilling.

After drilling, it is best that you clean out the hole. While drilling, pause every 15 seconds or so and remove the accumulated dust and debris. You can also use blow compressed air inside the hole to easily blast away the remaining dirt.


Among the 5 hammer drill products in this review, the top 1 for me is Makita Rotary Hammer. It undeniably has everything you would look for in a good hammer drill. It has a high powered 7 amp motor that can deliver 2.7 joules of impact energy which means that job is easier and faster to do.

It is a 3-in-1 tool providing you with multiple choices of operation so you won’t have to buy separate tools for each function. Makita is a reliable drill for all sorts of construction work.

It is crafted with extreme protection technology which is helpful to prevent any sort of dirt and dust from coming inside the tool. Also, it can even handle falls off from buildings or on hard surfaces.

Makita hammer drill is a good deal to invest in. It works 50 percent faster than other drills and you can ensure durability with its torque limiting clutch that is designed to prevent the gear from getting damaged over the years of usage.

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