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Best Indoor Compost Bin

The growing interest in edible gardening has also encouraged many people to do composting too. As much as you want to turn your kitchen scraps into plant food, composting especially at home can be tricky and challenging.

This is exactly why you should select the best and appropriate materials for indoor composting. In this guide, you will learn what to look for in an indoor compost bin.

Read our Best Indoor Compost Bin Review to find out.

NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin - 1.75 GAL/6.62 L

NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin - 1.75 GAL6.62 L


  • Sleek Design
  • Can hold up adequate amounts of waste
  • Has a lid that keeps off fruit flies
  • Price is not too costly


  • Smell and stains on the plastic-made compost bin are difficult to remove
  • The lid is not air-tight which often leads to odor leaking out
  • Inadequate ventilation

This compost bin from New Oxo received positive feedbacks from customers for its sleek and neat design perfect for kitchen countertops, or any corners of your home. It is available in two sizes which can accommodate 0.75-1.75 gallons of compost and kitchen wastes.

The compost bin is also recommended for its easy to open lid that can keep the fruit flies from pestering your homes. Although the lid is not completely air-tight sealed, it can prevent the foul odor from leaking out to your home.

However, few customers raised some concerns regarding the lid. According to them, the odor and stain from composting are very difficult, even impossible to remove when cleaning the compost bin. To remedy this problem, some people lined their bins with bioplastic bags which defeats the entire purpose of composting, argued by many.

Also, the bin is not complete pest proof. It can be infested by ants if not taken care of. Customers also notice that the indoor composting bin does not have adequate holes and sleets that may adversely affect the quality of the compost.

Still, the product is well commended for how it can hold safely the decomposing plant food. These issues may be a case-to-case basis.

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Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin, Black and White

Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin, Black and White


  • Well ventilated
  • Space-friendly
  • Convenient opening of the lid
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Odor-free composting
  • Can accommodate up to 1.5 gallons of waste


  • Compost bags are required
  • Metal rings that hold the compost bags tend to break
  • Extra costs

Many people became fond of this indoor compost bin for its space-friendly feature. It is small enough to be placed over your countertops but not too small to take care of your kitchen scraps.

The product also takes pride in its patented design that ensures maximum airflow without sacrificing the smell of your home. This indoor compost bin keeps your compost well-ventilated hence, faster decomposition. Many customers also notice how fast their waste decompose in this bin. At the same time, the bin prevents the bad odor from leaking out of the bin. Convenient and reliable, as they say.

You’ll also be thrilled to know that the bin is made from recycled plastics and partially recycled steel.

The only downside of this product is that it requires a compost bag since liquids may leak through the slits dedicated to airflow. Although the bag is completely made from recycled plastic, the additional costs seem to be a major issue among some customers.

Also, the metal hook to which the bag is hanged often breaks which renders the bin unusable until the part is replaced. Customers raised their concerns regarding this major inconvenience.

In general, many customers still find this product worth their money.

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YukChuk Under-Counter Indoor Kitchen Food Waste 1.5 gal Compost Container/Bin System

YukChuk Under-Counter Indoor Kitchen Food Waste 1.5 gal Compost ContainerBin System


  • Space-friendly
  • Odor-free
  • With a lid that keeps off fruit flies
  • Easy to install


  • A tendency to fall off when hung
  • Plastic seems flimsy
  • Compost bag is often required

YukChuk offers a smart under the counter kitchen compost bin which allows homeowners to keep their bins from the visible parts of the house. Many customers love the idea of having the compost bins under the kitchen counter, so it does not interfere with the interior of the house. It is also recommended to customers with pets so that animals can’t reach and topple the bin.

The compost bin also features an effective lid system that prevents odor from getting out while keeping fruit flies at bay. Customers also commend how easy to mount the bin on any kitchen door.

The only concerns that customers frequently raised is the thin and flimsy plastic that has durability issues. Several incidences of the mounting hinges detachment eventually falling off.

Some customers also commented against the lid that requires both hands when opening which becomes a major inconvenience to users especially when working around the kitchen. Aside from these issues, the indoor compost bin also requires a compost bag which poses additional costs.

The majority of the customers still find this indoor compost bin a good buy.

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Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia Metal Kitchen Compost Bin in English Sage Green

Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia Metal Kitchen Compost Bin in English Sage Green


  • Durable
  • Compact and space-friendly design
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with charcoal filter
  • Keeps pests at bay
  • Can hold up to 3 liters of wastes


  • May rust
  • Dents too easily
  • Costlier than plastic bins

This is another metal-made compost bin from Kitchen craft. It comes in English sage green color that can go along with any home interior. It also has a very compact design which makes it perfect for indoor settings.

Most of the positive feedbacks from customers commend how effective and reliable the product is with its sturdy construction and charcoal filter. It ensures that the bad smell does not leak out and that pests cannot penetrate the compost bin.

Due to it being made from metal, it is relatively more convenient to clean. Stains and smells come off easily without spending too much energy and detergents. However, rust and fading of paint may come later which is unavoidable due to factors like moisture.

There are also cases of dents occurring in the body of the bin which reduce the quality of its look.

Price-wise, metal made bins are generally more expensive than plastic made indoor compost bins. So if you are on a tight budget, you might want to think twice. But even so, customers still find this product worth every penny.

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Modern Barnhaus Stainless Steel Countertop 1.3 Gallon Indoor Compost Bucket

Modern Barnhaus Stainless Steel Countertop 1.3 Gallon Indoor Compost Bucket


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Odor-free
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Keeps off pests


  • Tendency to rust
  • An issue with the lid
  • Costlier that plastic made bin

This product outstands to many customers for its vibrant and compact appearance. It can be easily placed on kitchen countertops, corners, and available small spaces without disrupting the general view.

Since the product is made from metal, it is much easier to clean as compared to plastic made. Stains and odors do not stick permanently to the bin. Customers also expressed their satisfaction with the durability and sturdy built of the compost bin.

The only disadvantage of it being made from metal is the tendency to rust. It is highly unavoidable to encounter this issue especially that wastes and decomposition are often accompanied by moisture. You should act on immediately when rust appears on the bin.

The indoor compost bin also comes with a lid that ensures odor does not leak and pests like fruit flies and ants do not pester your compost. The bin even has a charcoal filter to reassure customers that it is odor-proof. Although, few customers reported cases of the lid falling off. Some also noticed that lid cannot seal tightly causing major problems with odor and pests.

All in all, customers remain positive and confident in using this product for their zero-waste project.

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What is Indoor Composting?

Indoor Compost Bin

Composting is a natural process of converting your biodegradable food and garden wastes into plant fertilizers. In this process, the collected organic wastes decompose into simpler compounds that can enrich plant growth.

For the past years, more and more people are being drawn to gardening. With stereotypes shattered, gardening no longer requires a hefty amount of space. Urban gardening is now a thing. Likewise, indoor composting is now possible.

Indoor composting is an innovative solution to limited space (outdoor) and to the winter season. By using indoor compost bins, the production of nutrient-rich fertilizers for your plants is always possible whenever and wherever.

How to Buy a Good Indoor Compost Bin

A poorly planned indoor composting may lead to problems like an infestation, unpleasant odor, and dirt. You definitely don’t want to compromise the living condition at your home which is why you must buy high-quality compost bins.

To help you choose among the overwhelming number of options in the market, here is a list of features you should consider before buying:


You can find an indoor compost bin made from ceramic, steel, wood, and plastic. Among these options, plastic compost bins are more preferred for indoor composting due to the following reasons:

First, plastics retain well moisture which supports the growth and proliferation of decomposers (microorganisms).

Second, polypropylene-made bins are available in dark-colored and opaque colors which absorb more heat than other material. High levels of heat will speed up the biological break down occurring inside the bin.

Lastly, plastic bins come in diverse and innovative designs that offer effective protection against the infestation of weeds, insects, and animals.

There are also available bins made from recycled plastic. These models may seem more appealing than the regular plastics for its positive implications on the environment.

Ceramic and steel composting bins are also a good choice since it prevents the foul odor from leaking out. It is also easier to clean than plastics and woods.


You must understand that composting is a biological process that requires a sufficient supply of moisture, air, and light. Therefore, a good indoor composting bin must have been designed and built to secure and conserve these requirements.

Indoor compost bins with just enough slits and holes are recommended for indoor use so that the decomposing microorganisms could have enough oxygen to utilize. Your compost may turn into a slimy and stinky mess if ventilation is poor.

At the same time, the compost bin must have an air-tight lid that ensures the smell does not permeate your living space. It's still waste decomposing, so in one way or another, there’s gonna be that “smell”.

Another construction feature you might consider is the shape. Bins with corners like square and rectangle could have a situation called “cold spaces”. These are corners that are difficult to reach and mix which results in a much slower decomposition than other parts of the bins. Therefore, most people prefer spherical bins. Although rectangular bins fit home corners perfectly.


You have to be smart in choosing the appropriate size of indoor compost bins for your home. Bins that are too big may compromise your living and space may be too much to maintain. Bins that are too small may not cater to all your food scraps.

Fortunately, there have been many models that specialize in producing space-friendly and reliable indoor compost bins that can do both – save space and compost enough! Stackable indoor compost bins are recent trends in the market.

Pest Resistance

Decomposing wastes may attract pests like fruit-flies, rats, and ants which is why is very important that your bins are pest-proof!

The features of indoor bins you should look for are an air-tight lid and charcoal filter that can keep insects especially fruit flies from lingering around your compost.


Every customer deserves a product that would last for a long time. This is also crucial for composting.

You should look for sturdy and well-built indoor compost bins that can withstand environmental factors and time because establishing a microbial population could take a while. Also, cleaning up and re-establishing takes too much of your time, effort, and money.


Your purse doesn’t have to suffer for an indoor compost bin. There are many brands that offer high-quality and reliable compost bins that do not break the bank. You can also visit physical stores to haggle a good deal or just wait for major discounts to save some expense.

To help you choose, here’s a comprehensive product review of five indoor compost bins.


For this review, the winner is the Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin. The feature that outstands to me most is its patented ventilation system that can provide my compost enough oxygen to decompose faster. I also admire how the compost bin and compost bags are made from recycled plastic. It further supports the environmental benefits of composting and zero-waste lifestyle. Fun in composting begins with a good compost bin!

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