Indoor Vertical Garden Kit

Best Indoor Vertical Garden Kit

Have you ever thought of growing some flowers in your house but you have little space? Have you ever wanted to grow herbs or fruits but you didn’t have an outdoor patio or farm? Well, it is all possible through vertical gardening with the right indoor vertical garden kit.

Read our Best Indoor Vertical Garden Kit Review to find out.

Worth Garden SELF Watering Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Wall Hangers Pots

Worth Garden Self Watering Indoor-Outdoor Vertical Wall Hangers Pots

This planter is a group of pots hanged on the wall with a self-watering system. The wall planter each have 3 pockets in it which is made up of propene polymer material. It can be mounted to the wall using screws. Each planter divided into 3 pockets can be clipped to the bottom of another planter or can be mounted individually. One planter measure 18.9 by 7.1 by 6.7 inches. The product comes with 12 planters each divided into 3 pots making a total of 36 plant pots. The product package also includes all the mounting tools and plugs.

It has an automatic dripping system that allows the planters to water the plants by itself. The self-watering system is compatible with American standard taps. The package includes a 2.8 meters water hose and barb tees where the water will drip out.


  • The planter self-waters the plants. You may find it convenient because the plants won’t dry up even if you don’t water them frequently.
  • The wall hanging feature makes it suitable to put indoors or outdoors.
  • The propene plastic is durable and lightweight so you can easily mount them in walls or balconies without fearing that they will fall down. Some customers said that they are satisfied with its sturdiness when its attached to the wall.
  • Worth has already 30 years of experience in manufacturing gardening tools. All of their products come with 3-year guarantee including the Self-Watering Wall Hanger Pots. As a customer, it might be a good assurance for you.
  • You can arrange the planters into any design that you want. The packets can be interlocked to the bottom of another packet, so you are free to mount it individually or install it in two to three rows, as you many as you want.


  • It will definitely bring moist into your walls especially because of the watering system. Putting living vegetations in walls will make the wall humid though not really to the point of water flooding the area. Worth’s self-watering wall hanger pot is the same as that. You may need to apply some water proofing membrane into your walls if you really don't want the moisture in your wall.
  •  The water dripping system is attached at the top of the planters and the water diminishes as it goes downward. There are a number of testimonies from customers about this. The water dripping system might just be a help to maintain moisture to the plants and you still have to water them from time to time although not frequently.
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Watex WX060 Green Wall-Mounted Salmon Rose Vertical Planter Kit

Watex WX060 Green Wall-Mounted Salmon Rose Vertical Planter Kit

Watex wall-mounted vertical planter kit has 6 pots which is available in 3 different sizes. It comes with a metal frame where the pots are to be mounted. It also has a dripping system with outlets provided for each pot. There are 3 small pots which is 5 by 6.5 by 5 inches each, 2 medium pots which is 7 by 7.5 by 8 inches each and 1 large pot which 15.74 by 7.67 by 8.07 inches in size. The product is available in green, blue, yellow, salmon rose, purple, cool gray and terra cotta colors.


  • Each pot has a dripping outlet so you won’t have to worry about any diminishing water supply. Some customers who has just started with gardening find the dripping system very helpful as it keeps their plants from drying.
  • You may plant different sizes of vegetations. Some plants grow small and some grow bigger, but the 3 different size of pot of Watex widen the varieties of crops you can put in their vertical planter kit.
  • Watex Planter kit is Do-it-yourself (DIY) friendly. The metal frame, different sizes of pots and dripping system of the kit allows you to modify the design to your personal taste. The pots are detachable and you can add or replace pots into the metal frame. 
  • The size of the planter is suitable for mini patios or in small spaces of your home.


  •  Since it has self-watering feature, it might not be suitable to place in garden doors. Some urban farmers place wall planters behind doors and you might also plan to, but take note of the dripping system of the planter.
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VIVOSUN 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Stackable Planter

VIVOSUN 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Stackable Planter

A stackable planter is a group of plant container designed to be stacked up and form one tower planter. The VIVOSUN 5 Tier stackable planter has 5 stackable containers each divided into 3 pots. Every container comes with a filter screen and a bottom plate. The product comes with an iron chain that can be attached at the middle so the planter can also be hanged. The body of the pots is made up of Polypropylene Plastic (PP) material. The size of the product is 12.5 inches wide and 24 inches height with all 5 of containers stacked up. The pots below the top container are left with 5 inches of space for the plants.


  • The Polypropylene Plastic (PP) material of this planter is healthy and environmentally friendly. The plastic material is thick and will not cracked even its been exposed to extreme summer heat. You can use it repeatedly and the color will not fade.
  • The 5 containers are divided into 3 pots so you can have as many as 15 plants overall.
  • You can hang it or make it stand beside the wall or place it in the middle of your garden. This feature makes the planter easier to associate with your design. Plus, since its stackable, it helps saves space and you can place it anywhere in your house.
  • The metal filter serves as the filtration system from top to bottom that can effectively save and retain moisture. The planter has a design that gives the soil reasonable amount of water and keep it from  being waterlogged. It also has a bottom dish so you don’t have to worry about stains in your floor.


  • You might think twice before you put it beside a wall. The pots in most stackable planters are arranged in a circular way. If you put it beside the wall, there are plants that will be hidden and might not get enough sunlight.
  •  All the plants below the top stack have limited air space to grow. Since the pots will be stacked by another pot, the open room for the plants will be smaller.
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Flareglow Vertical Window or Wall Hanging Planter Wood Floating Shelf

Flareglow Vertical Window or Wall Hanging Planter Wood Floating Shelf

Flareglow hanging planter contains three iron buckets placed rigidly in a piece of stained pinewood. Jute ropes are attached at the edge of the wood board with metal hoops at the end so you can hang it. The wooden material has a rich ebony finish while the buckets are made up of powder coated iron material. The length of the wood is 17.5 inches, its width is 5.5 inches and it is 0.8 inches thick. The buckets are 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height. The maximum length of rope is approximately 18 inches.


  • The simple and minimalistic design of the planter can go with any interior design. Whether you have a plain white wall or brick one, you may still find it suitable to hang your plants there.
  • You can rest assured that your plants will not fall because of the sturdy jute ropes and tough metal hoops. The pinewood board is also durable. The buckets are made to fit just right into the holes of the wood, so they are held firmly and steady.
  • You can hang it anywhere even in your bedroom. Its size makes it just suitable as a wall décor.


  • You might need to find smaller species of plant to put in it because of the bucket’s size. Some customers find the 3 inches bucket very small.
  •  The product did not come with hooks or nails with it. You might have to order separately or find one on your own.
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DIG GLW08 Living Wall Modular Kit Vertical Garden

Dig GLW08 Living Wall Modular Kit Vertical Garden Grey

Dig Vertical garden kit contains 4 large (6.5L by 6.875W by 6.875D inches) and 4 small (6.5L by 4.75W by 5.5D inches) durable pots, each with modular mounting brackets. The vertical garden kit has a professional irrigation system that can be automated with the use of DIG hose end timer. The timer is programmed to maintain minimal water usage. The product also comes with a 25 PSI pressure regulator, pressure compensating drippers with check valves and drip riser adapter which all contribute to the efficiency of the irrigation.


  • First thing I noticed with this garden kit is the detailed and well-designed irrigation system. From the timer, pressure regulator to the check valves, the watering system is not compromised in any way. This feature might save you a lot of time and effort in gardening.
  • The whole gardening tool is low maintenance. Each pot has a metal frame that gives enough space between the plant and the wall so the humidity in the wall is minimized. You will have less worries about the molds and discoloration in your walls. The timer in the dripping system also helps minimize water consumption. It might diminish even a small amount in your water bill.
  • You are also free to have different sizes of plants. The pots are available in small and large sizes.


  • The size of pots is a bit bigger compared to other indoor planters. Although, you can place it anywhere inside your house, you might find it unpleasant to put it in small corridors or small rooms because it is big enough and too noticeable.
  • The design is of the pots might not go well with some interior designs. Most indoor gardeners use plants to decorate their house but Living wall Garden Kit might limit their design choices. The planter is simple and has a traditional pot design.
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Your Guide in Choosing the Right Garden Kit

Indoor Vertical Garden Kit

What is Vertical Gardening?

Indoor Vertical gardening is becoming a trend nowadays for people living in urban places. City households are often limited in space especially outdoors. To resolve this issue, Urban gardeners make use of the air space of their houses and walls to cultivate a garden and that is called Vertical Gardening.

Vertical garden comes in many arrangement and sizes. There are wall hanging gardens, plants in stacks, pots hanging in the ceiling, windows and balconies and even some regular flower vases. The most common places gardeners set up their garden is the kitchen, balconies and living room.

Your indoor garden will grow fruitful with the right garden kit. The right garden kit depends upon the plants you will cultivate, the place available and the garden design you wanted to have. But at the start you might face an overwhelming choices of garden kits and might find it hard to pick one. Here we will zoom in to five different garden kits and their advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Indoor Gardens

The most obvious benefit of vertical gardening is being exposed to a good quality of air. Plants releases oxygen and reduces carbon footprint in the surroundings. Therefore, it helps improves your health despite living in an urban area. Wall gardens also reduce heat absorption giving you a cooler place to live in.

Indoor vertical gardens can also be source of our food. You can try to grow crops in your house and it might help you save some money from buying veggies or fruits outside. Indoor gardening of course helps you utilize small spaces, bring good aesthetic to your place and you can enjoy all of that with your domestic urban living.

Things to Consider Before Buying Garden kits

Anyone who plans to start a vertical garden may get overwhelmed and confused on what to buy first. At the first time, you might get overboard on things and it might just hurt your plans and budget. There are a lot to consider. First is what kind of indoor garden you are planning to make. There are varieties of it such as wall garden, plant in stacks, plant pots, hanging planters and plant racks. The decision lies on what kind of gardening space you have. People with wall spaces tends to do wall gardens. Those who has balconies are more likely to use hanging planters and plant pots but you can always do a combination of those. It also depends on the design that you want.

Ask yourself what types of plants your planning to cultivate. There are garden kits designed for herbs, and fruits. Some are designed for flowers or succulents.

Look carefully at the features and durability of the garden kits. One of the common problems of gardening kits or planters is that they tend to give in to the weight of the soil and plant. Some gardeners also find problems in the watering system of the plants as some causes discoloration of the walls and so on.

Take a look at your budget. Most garden kits with good quality and features don’t come in cheap prices. But if you search carefully, you will find affordable kits with the same properties.

Common Problems Faced by Beginners

There are always some problems you might encounter in your early gardening experience. It might be inevitable but some planters are not durable in actual use. Soils and Plants tend to get heavy in time and especially when grow bigger or when they absorbed water. Not all garden kit can handle the weight especially the ones made up of soft fabric or polyethylene sheets. It is advisable to use pots or planters instead.

There are garden kits that comes with watering system but most kits don’t have one. Rain is the natural source of water for plants. But after absorbing rainwater, some may find it strange that their plant died instead of growing. It’s because atmosphere in urban places often have pollutants that can contaminate the rainwater. Thus, it harms the plants instead. Plants need clean and unpolluted water too.

You can’t avoid the moisture build up if you have living plants. People installing wall gardens often encounter this problem. Planters also have bottom holes to drain water and it leaks on the floor. The good news is there are planting tools designed to minimize the humidity by adding metal brackets in the wall hanging planters. Most planters also have a bottom dish now so you can put your plants inside the house without worrying that water may leak on the floor. You might consider planters with bottom dish or metal brackets more to avoid those problems.


At this point, you might already have your own choice of garden kit. Nonetheless, here are the recap of the best features of the planting kits.

Among the gardening kits, 3 have self-watering systems and all of them are wall hanging planters. They are the Worth, Watex and Dig garden kits. Aside from that, they are possibly the most practical choice in terms of space saving and number of pots that you can use.

In terms of design, I must say that Vivosun, Flareglow and Watex probably has the best aesthetic with Flareglow planter likely the most suitable for any interior décor. When it comes to variety of crops that can be planted, regardless of the size, Watex and Dig are the choices.

As can be observed, the garden kit common in all features mentioned is the Watex Wall Mounted Vertical Planter. It has fairly efficient irrigation system. It is available in many different colors and has a size suitable for mini spaces. Its design is simple but can match into most interiors. It has pots for small, medium and large plants too.

Although, Watex vertical wall planter is likely the most recommendable one, you should still look closely to the others and follow your own desired indoor vertical garden kit.
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