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Best Kitchen Compost Caddy

When I started gardening, I also started living green. I practice zero-waste management by recycling my food leftovers at home and using it to make organic soil.

The thing that helps me the most in this process is the kitchen compost caddy.

In this article, I will share more about this must-have tool to upgrade your gardening experience.

Read our Best Kitchen Compost Caddy Review to find out.

Brabantia Food Waste Caddy, Gray - 3L/ 0.66 Gallon

Brabantia Food Waste Caddy, Gray - 3L 0.66 Gallon


  • Small enough to place on countertops
  • The design is neat and simple, perfect in any kitchen
  • Features an open lid so you can just place your scraps easily without holding while preparing your food
  • Has a sturdy handle and you can carry it wherever you need it


  • Doesn’t include a compostable bag
  • Smells after a few years of using even with frequent cleaning

The Brabantia food waste caddy may be plain-looking but it is one of the ideal models you can use for proper food waste disposal.

It is made from plastic and comes in different colors such as grey, mint, white, and yellow. It doesn’t include a trash bag or compostable bag, so you need to look and purchase it separately. But since it is plastic, others just directly put their scraps inside because it can be easily cleaned.

This model has a 3-liter capacity. It may not be suitable for those who have more scraps from frequent cooking and preparing meals. Emptying the caddy every few days is advisable to prevent the smell, or you can try to choose a larger one to fit your needs.

Since it is small, it won't take up much space on your countertop so you can keep it close to you every time you are cooking or preparing food.

The Brabantia food waste caddy has a removable lid, which you can keep open while using, and a sturdy handle to easily carry it to your garden as you transfer its content. It is also convenient to bring when you go out on a picnic with your family.

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Addis 2.5 Litre Kitchen Compost Caddy, White/Green

Addis 2.5 Litre Kitchen Compost Caddy, White-Green


  • Stylish look
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Small enough to place on any kitchen counter
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Lightweight


  • The lid is not tight-fitting
  • Has a small gap on the lid where tiny flies can enter and odor can come out

If you are looking for a smaller and cuter model, Addis can be a great option. Its stylish look makes it perfect for any type of kitchen or utility room. It can store up to 2.5 liters, an ideal capacity for regular house use, before you can transfer its content to your garden bins.

You can easily place the food scraps inside or empty and clean it because of its wide-opening and detachable lid. But it can become sloppy as time goes by. It won't fit tightly to the container, allowing the smell to come out and the flies to come near.

It also has an easy to carry fold-down handle when you need to carry it with you in your garden to empty its content. You can also bring it with you on outings.

The Addis kitchen compost caddy also features an inner bucket, which is ideal for cleaning and hygienic purposes.

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Joseph Joseph Compo Easy-Fill Compost Bin Food Waste Caddy with Adjustable Air Vent, 1 gallon

Joseph Joseph Compo Easy-Fill Compost Bin Food Waste Caddy with Adjustable Air Vent, 1 gallon


  • Ideal design for kitchen use
  • Features holes and carbon filter for proper ventilation


  • The carbon filter can be a breeding ground for flies
  • A bit expensive compared to other similar products with exact features

This kitchen compost caddy is designed to minimize the smell from your collected food scraps. Joseph Joseph's caddy features a unique ventilation design to allow the proper air circulation inside. It helps to reduce the moisture level, which is the main cause of bad smells from the decomposing food.

It also has a replaceable odor filter inserted in the lid. It works together with the fresh air to trap the bad odors. Even if the odor filter helps a ton to keep the bad smell away, I advise you to always check it. There's a tendency that flies may lay their eggs on it, especially during the summer season.

However, it is easy to clean since it is made from polypropylene plastic. It also has a flip-top lid and a stainless-steel handle that is sturdy enough if you want to carry it. Its overall look makes it perfect to place on your kitchen counter.

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Minky Homecare Food Compost Caddy, White

Minky Homecare Food Compost Caddy, White


  • Cheaper compared to other products in this list
  • Nice design and perfect to place in the kitchen
  • Its size can fit well on small spaces of your countertop
  • The inner removable liner helps the compostable bag to fit perfectly


  • Has a small opening on the lid where fruit flies can enter
  • Smells bad after a month of use
  • The removable liner inside can fall often when you need to empty and transfer the scraps to your outdoor compost bin

If you are looking for convenience on how you can recycle your food waste in the kitchen, then this handy and modern compost caddy from Minky can be a good option for you.

It is a space-efficient compost caddy that you can use for storing or recycling your food waste. You can place it on the top or even below your kitchen counters or any working surface you use for cooking.

This caddy features non-slip feet to keep it sturdy enough to stand on your countertops, and prevent spilling the content. Its inner removable liner can be used with or without the presence of a biodegradable bag. You don't need to worry about how you can clean it even without using a bag since you can simply wipe it after emptying.

Its lid stays open so you can easily place the food scraps inside while you are cooking or preparing your meals. Its sturdy and easy-to-carry handle is useful when you need to transfer the scraps to your outside bin.

Aside from its useful features, the product also has a simple and neat design with light colors to choose from.

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Bosmere K782 Kitchen Compost Caddy, small, Green

Bosmere K782 Kitchen Compost Caddy, small, Green


  • Controls smell for an odor-free kitchen
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient handle
  • Enough capacity that allows you to fill it within a week or more before emptying
  • Small enough to keep in your kitchen


  • Its color may not be suitable if your kitchen has a lighter theme or color
  • Can occupy more room on your countertop, especially if your countertop is smaller than usual or if you have many kitchen stuff

This Bosmere kitchen compost caddy is an essential accessory for every compost bin owner. It has a 1.3-gallon capacity to store your scraps for home composting. Filling it up can take a few days before you can transfer its content to your garden compost bin.

You can store vegetable and fruit peelings, coffee grounds, cut flowers, eggshells, tea leaves, and other food leftovers inside. You don't need to worry about bad smells or even flies since it features a removable lid with replaceable carbon filters. It can absorb and trap the unpleasant odor inside. Its filter can last for 3 to 4 months before you can replace it with a new one.

Overall, Bosmere kitchen caddy is a good material to help you in recycling your food waste, composting, and growing your garden plants.

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What Is a Kitchen Compost Caddy?

Kitchen Compost Caddy

It is a small, covered container that is specially made to store biodegradable waste in the kitchen, like peels of fruits, vegetables, and other food scraps, which you can use for composting.

I usually have lots of food scraps every time I finish cooking or eating. I find it convenient to have a better place where I can dispose of my food scraps properly instead of just throwing them away in a trash bin.

With a kitchen caddy, you will not just have a clean and well-sanitized kitchen, but you can also save money by having your compost for your garden soil.

If you still don’t have this at your home, it’s time to buy one. And I got you covered on how to purchase the best kitchen compost caddy you can use.

Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Compost Caddy

Many brands offer unique designs and features, so it’s hard to decide which one to buy. Though you have your style and preference, make sure to also consider these factors to help you in choosing the best and quality product.


Since you need to place it on your counter, make sure the design complements the look of your kitchen. It should be have a similar color or style to some of your kitchenware. In this way, you won’t think it’s similar to your usual trash bin.

A typical compost bin does not have an attractive look. But there are many artsy designs now, which you can find online.


Don’t just rely on the design, but also check the features. An ideal kitchen compost caddy should have an easy to remove lid to help you conveniently place the scraps inside. It’s also important to have a sturdy handle to carry it when you have to transfer its content to your garden compost bin.

Make sure that the kitchen compost caddy has venting holes to help reduce the bad odor when the food starts to sit out. Some brands have included replaceable filters to maintain the smell and ventilation. Aside from filters, biodegradable bags are also included to bag up the compost you have collected.


The common materials used for kitchen compost caddy are made from plastic, metal, ceramic, and bamboo. All these materials play an important role in how to help lessen the odor of the leftovers of the food you have stored.

Metal compost bins don’t absorb odor. Plastic can also minimize unpleasant smells when cleaned regularly. But since most gardeners are environmentally conscious, they opt to look for recyclable plastic containers or plastic-free alternatives like bamboo or stoneware. They are way more stylish but a lot of maintenance and cleaning is required to avoid bad odor.


You don't need to worry about your money since most kitchen compost caddies are affordable. For a budget of $20, you can already buy a good quality product. This is good news for newbies since they can begin composting with ease.


There are lots of things you need to consider before you decide on the size of the kitchen compost caddy you will buy. First, if you have enough space on your countertop. And second, the amount of scraps you usually have daily.

A smaller compost bin seems to be more convenient to use but it has both advantages and disadvantages. You need to often empty it since it can only accommodate less scraps. But in doing so, you can always clean it to avoid unpleasant odors.


For those who are starting to try composting, using a kitchen compost caddy is a good way to start. Every little biodegradable waste you collect can be useful to upgrade your gardening experience by having good gardening soil and healthy plants.

With all the quality kitchen compost caddy models reviewed in this article, I hope I have helped you to decide on which one to buy. All of them have unique and useful features that can fit your personal needs.

But for me, what stood out the most among them is the Brabantia Food Waste Caddy. It is elegant looking, and it is perfect for placing in my kitchen. Once you see its look, you wouldn't know that it's a trash bin unless you also have one at home. It is a great addition to any type of kitchen.

Most people look for in a compost caddy is how it can keep the unpleasant smell, and this product can truly help you with it. Though at times it will smell bad, it's normal and can be prevented with proper cleaning.

With the help of a kitchen compost caddy, composting can be made easy as long as you choose the best quality.

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