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Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Placing solar lights on your garden or patio can be a wonderful idea to keep your area bright and stylish without consuming much electricity. The good thing about these lights is that they are good for the environment. Outdoor solar lights are sustainable since they typically rely on the sun for their power source. Thus, when buying such, it is important for you to consider certain factors so that you can be able to choose what type of light suits your needs.

Read our Best Outdoor Solar Lights Review to find out.

I’ve come up with a bunch of different solar light products and I have chosen five of them to review. For you to have a guide of what type is the best to buy, here is a list of the products with their pros and cons.

QTshine Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded [82 LEDs] Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights

QTshine Outdoor Solar Lights



  • It takes only six to eight hours to fully charge its battery then it can already illuminate your outdoors for eight to ten hours

Sensitive Motion Sensor Detector

  • It has a sensitive motion sensor that can range from 9 ft to 26 ft with a sensor angle of 270˚, which means that it can cover an area three times greater than regular solar lights
  • Its sensitivity sensor is 20% greater than other common solar lights

High Powered

  • It has developed its own Passive Infrared sensor which has 82 LEDs solar lights and a 1400lm motion sensor that is enough to brighten up your whole space


No Dim Sensor Control

  • It does not have a sensor control for dim mode
  • After inactivity, solar lights will just turn off then on again when motion is detected
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EZBASICS Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor Light

EZBASICS Solar Lights Outdoor


Smart Controls

  • It has three modes of control for security mode, brightness control, and night time permanent mode
  • Security mode control – it detects motion and automatically enters highlight mode and lights up for 30 seconds; you can also press it once to activate
  • Brightness control – when you press the button, it blinks twice; the second blink enters a dim light mode
  • Permanent mode control - when you press the button, it flashes three times and stays On throughout the night

Weather Resistant 

  • It is both heat and water resistant
  • It is impervious from all types of weather condition (heavy rain, storm, wind, snow, etc.)
  • It can adapt to changing temperature ranging from -4˚F up to 113˚F

Sensitive Motion Sensor Detector

  • It can detect movement by up to 4m or 13ft with a detection angle of 120˚

Easy to Install

  • You won’t have a problem installing the lights because they are wireless and all you have to do is to screw them and activate the light by pressing the button


  • It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 2200mah and a voltage of 3.7V
  • You only need to charge it for 7.5 hours under direct sunlight


May be Fragile

  • It has only one screw provided at the back and you cannot guarantee if the weather won’t ruin the light itself

Poor Design and Insufficient Light

  • Once you have mounted it on the wall, you cannot change the light cycles; you might need to remove it again to adjust the options
  • Other products are also defective. After three days of charging, the light is still inadequate and dim
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eLEDing EE805W56 - Outdoor Solar Lights, 56 LED Ultra Bright Self-Contained Solar Powered

eLEDing EE805W56 - Outdoor Solar Lights


LED Energy Saver

  • It uses LED solar lights that are energy-saving which can reduce your electric bill by up to 85% because it uses a 3W motion solar light
  • It has a big solar panel that can convert almost 17% of sunlight to electricity

Sensitive Motion Sensor

  • It has a sensitive motion sensor that detects even the slightest movement and automatically lights up in full brightness
  • It turns into dim after detection of movement then turns off automatically at dusk


  • It can last up to 12 hours straight after full charging


Poorly Designed

  • It is not waterproof even though it indicates that it is an outdoor light
    After only one month of usage, it does not work anymore

Cheap Hardware

  • The head screw provided stripped immediately even before it was half-screwed
  • It is difficult to install because you have to break the mounting bracket literally to adjust the solar light
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LOZAYI IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights, Motion Sensor 4 Optional Luminance

Solar Lights, LOZAYI IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights


Smart Controls

  • It has three modes of control - the normal mode, sensor mode, and the dim mode
  • Normal mode – the light is automatically in normal mode for four hours
  • Sensor mode – it automatically lights up at 100% brightness level once motion is detected
  • Dim mode – the brightness decreases to 15% after sensor detects inactivity or there is no movement in the area

Ultra Bright Solar Motion Sensor Lights

  • You will be impressed with its ultra-bright feature that could light up an area of 50 square meters, has a 6500k spectrum brightness, and an outstanding heat dissipation

Weather Resistant

  • You won’t have a problem leaving it outdoors because it has an IP65 waterproof rating that ensures to withstand all kinds of weather condition especially heavy rains and sleet/ snow

Sensitive Motion Sensor Detector

  • Even at midnight, it can detect movement with a distance of 25m and a detection angle of 180˚


  • It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery(Build-in) that has a capacity of 5000mah and a voltage of 3.2V
  • It takes a maximum of eight hours to fully charge the battery and you can consume it already for thirty-two hours straight
  • It stays up all night long and you won’t have to wake up early for it because it automatically turns off when day light breaks which is a total energy saver for you


Hard to Mount

  • The kind of bolt that was provided was difficult to mount
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What are Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights typically use solar cells to serve as converters of sunlight to electricity. Converted energy then is stored in a battery to be used later during the night. From the name itself, these types of light are used outdoors especially in gardens and yards.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


Solar light has become widely known today due to a number of its features. First, it is very easy to install. You can buy it from any local hardware and you won’t need an electrician to install it because it doesn’t have wires and cords. All you need to do is to place it and screw it on your chosen spot.

With regards to design, outdoor solar lights are trendy and innovative which is why more people opt to have them in their homes and outdoor living spaces. What is more, they are also recognizably sustainable to our environment and they are easier and cheaper to maintain unlike the standard electricity.

Since solar lights do not use cords and plug-in energy, occurrence of electric fire accidents is very rare. Therefore, they are more child and animal-friendly so you won’t have to worry if your children or pets accidentally played or spilled water on them.


I’ve listed quite a number of pros above; however, as much as I don’t want to be bias in my reviews, here are some of the cons that I have also gathered for you.

While solar light can still accumulate energy regardless of the weather condition, its charging ability can significantly change. During rainy days where the sun does not shine much, solar lights might take quite a longer time to charge completely. Hence, if you are living in an area that does not receive much sunlight; you might need to have a bigger charging panel to collect enough solar energy.

In some instances, other outdoor solar lights may not be enough to light an area. When you buy cheaper alternatives, more especially, you may not get your required brightness level and the colour saturation might be compromised. Some LED lights turn naturally bluish in colour which may not lit up enough of your outdoor landscape. Additionally, it might be harder for you to charge them. Cheaper solar lights are typically more fragile than regular ones and can only stand for a short period of time.

Things to Know When Purchasing Outdoor Solar Lights


There are numerous types, sizes, and functions of solar lights. When it comes to buying your own solar light, you should know first your purpose of purchasing it. If you are more concerned in illuminating a wide open area, you must choose solar lights that could be a little bit expensive but can satisfy your lighting needs and requirements. If you only want minimum brightness with a more fashionable exterior for your garden, there are still options available that you could choose from.


How much are you willing to spend for your outdoor lights? Generally speaking, solar lights are pricier than electrical lights. If you are the type of person who does not want to be hassled by changing your lights frequently, I suggest that you must invest in a high quality solar light. Check the specifications yourself, make sure it is long-lasting, and set aside a budget for it.

Battery Type and Capacity

Knowing what type of battery is one of the least factors shoppers normally forget to check. As you all know, there are batteries that require a long time exposure to the sun in order to be fully charged and there are some that do not.

The average brightness of a solar light usually depends on its sunlight exposure and the natural brightness of the sun on that day. It is also based on the size of LED bulbs and the quality of PV (photovoltaic) cells, also known as solar cells. Larger LED bulbs and more decent solar cells cost more but they tend to work better and brighter.

Usually, you will know the capacity of the solar lights with the battery type. You do not want lights that are only good for hours and do not work from dawn to dusk especially if you intended to buy them for security purposes. 


What if there is no direct sunlight in my location? You might find yourself asking this question which is a significant factor to consider. If you are living in a tropical city or a desert yard, it won’t be difficult for you to charge solar lights and it is definite that they will run in full power. However, considering that you live in a cool place or a shaded area where there is not much sunlight, solar-powered lights may not be a good idea to invest in. These lights will still run but they won’t light up brightly for long periods of time particularly at night and you might find them not worthy for your needs.

Solar Life Span

Nickel-Cadmium batteries are rechargeable and disposable. They are used for small battery-operated devices like recorders, portable computers, drills, etc. If you will use this type of battery in your solar light, expect it to last for two years. In order to do this, you must ensure to take good care of it and recharge it from time to time.

How to Take Care of Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights are prone to dust and dirt caused by daily changes in the weather like extreme sunlight, rain, and snow. For you to be able to maximize the usage of your solar lights, you must clean them regularly and protect them from dirt. You may do so by turning them off and storing them inside your house or a vacant room with the right temperature when not in use. After all, solar panels are more effective to charge and store energy when they are clean and free of dust.


When it comes to choosing the best outdoor solar light for your garden, there are plenty of types and designs from hard wares and manufacturers out there that you could choose from.

But importantly, you may want to consider several factors first before coming up with your final choice so as to get the best kind of solar light that suits your needs, wants, and your budget.

Among the five products that I have reviewed, I recommend the Outdoor Solar Lights by LOZAYI. Its features meet almost all the basic requirements of a solar light most clients look for in terms of the brightness controls, motion sensor for security and ease, weather resistance, and installation.

Although there are quite a few issues, it does not greatly affect the overall product. Most of its reviews are good and besides, you can get a good deal when you apply the 5% off-coupon upon purchase of the product.

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