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A potting bench is a garden essential for every serious gardener. Many things are involved in proper gardening including seeding, repotting, and propagation activities. Most people do these planting activities squatting or bending down on the ground. It can seriously put a strain on the back. A potting bench will provide convenience and make the work faster and more efficient.

Just like any handyman, gardeners need different tools for gardening. A potting bench is a very ideal space to centralize all gardening activities without straining your back. It helps keep dirt and debris to a dedicated area so it is easier to clean. Tools can be organized within reach and there is storage for the essentials such as potting mix and fertilizers.

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Here are some good quality potting benches you might want to look into:

Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Garden Potting Bench Work Station Table

Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Garden Potting Bench Work Station Table

The Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Garden Potting Bench is a highly durable solid wooden potting bench. It is made out of strong fir wood, known for its stability and strength. Fir wood is a choice wood material for many construction and furniture projects because of its durability and ability to cope with weathering through time. With proper care and protection, this potting bench is built to last through many seasons.

This potting bench comes in a natural wood finish. This means it can be customized using varnish or paint according to the color that will match its purpose. Its elegant design makes it ideal as decorative furniture in the patio and garden area.

The framework is a two level workstation. The lower portion serves as an open storage that can accommodate bulky items such as buckets, watering can and pots. The table has a built-in drawer that can store smaller tools such as gardening scissors, seed packets, twines and gloves. On the side of the table are hooks that can be used to hang gardening tools or towels.

The overall size of this product is 44”L x 20”W x 45”H. It is very spacious and comfortable, ideal for those working on big pots and plants.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Garden Potting Bench will be delivered knocked down and needs to be assembled. Instructions are included in the package. It is recommended to paint with protective coating if intended for use outdoors to maintain its durability and keep molds from forming.

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Furinno FG17478 Tioman Outdoor Patio Furniture Hardwood Potting Bench, Natural

Furinno FG17478 Tioman Outdoor Patio Furniture Hardwood Potting Bench, Natural

The Furrino potting bench is a very simple yet stylish multi-purpose table. Because of its clean design and natural color, this potting bench can also be wonderful outdoor or indoor furniture. Furrino brand is best known for its ready-to-assemble modern furniture.

The Furrino FG17478 Tioman design is very straightforward. It is a two-tier table with a thinner third tier on top for holding small plant pots or other small items. It is made of hardwood and is very durable if you want to turn it into a utility table. If you want to use it as a decorative furniture, it should be treated with wood oil once a year in order to maintain its color and clean appearance.

The overall size of this product is 35.94”L x 21.26”W x 42.72”H. It has very ample space for any gardening activity or as a shelf and storage for outdoor furnishings. It is very sturdy and can handle even several sacks of potting mix on its bottom layer. It is very easy to assemble and easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp towel to restore its natural beauty.

This product is part of an outdoors series for patios. You may add matching furniture with this such as the patio table or the flower shelf rack to complete the look.

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LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench Table Wooden Gardening Plant Workstation Natural Solid Wood

LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench Table Wooden Gardening Plant Workstation Natural Solid Wood

The Luckyermore wooden potting bench is made of solid firwood, a material known for its strength and durability. The 1.5 cm thickness board provides a strong support to hold heavy pots and gardening tools. It is durability that can last for years.

Luckyermore wooden potting bench has complete functional features. The bottom stand has two wheels for easy mobility, making it easier even for elder people to move it around even with the 28.4 lb weight. Side hooks are provided to hang items such as tools, gloves and towels. The removable plastic sink makes it easier to clean up after potting activities. Under the table is a waterproof drawer to keep smaller items such as scissors and seed packets. The open shelf at the bottom provides as flexible storage space for items such as pots and watering can.

The overall size of this product is 36”L x 18”W x 47”H. The table top is long enough for a comfortable and spacious work area. The width is also just like a countertop if to be place indoors. It is not bulky and won’t take up so much space. The item will be delivered knocked down but clear instructions are provided for assembly.

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Giantex Potting Bench Table for Outside Natural Wood Garden Plant Lawn Patio Table Storage

Giantex Potting Bench Table for Outside Natural Wood Garden Plant Lawn Patio Table Storage

The Giantex potting bench table is a thickened solid wood construction built for durability and long-term service life. Its stylish design is built with a kitchen feel so it can be used indoors or outdoors. Its overall framework and material however, is designed especially for outdoor daily use with utility in mind.

The solid wood is strong and sturdy. The wood is waterproof and moisture resistant so there is no problem leaving it outdoors. The galvanized tabletop is built to resist any type of wearing out with daily use. It will not rust even when exposed to different elements like water, heat and the sun. This also makes it very easy to wipe and clean after every activity.

Giantex potting bench table provides multiple storage options. Directly beneath the tabletop is a drawer to hold small tools. Below is both a cabinet and open shelf that can hold pots, fertilizers, bottles and cans. On the side, hooks are provided for hanging items such as tools, towels, and gloves.

The overall size of this product is 44”L x 18”W x 49.5”H. It weighs 38 lbs. The item will be delivered knocked down and assembly instructions will be included in the package. The natural wooden material can be coated and painted to the desired tint and color.

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Merry Garden Folding Utility Table & Potting Bench, Natural Stained

Merry Garden Folding Utility Table & Potting Bench, Natural Stained

The Merry Garden folding utility table and potting bench is a very straightforward, sturdy working table. Its best feature is that it is foldable for easy storage. It is built for mobility so you can easily change and set up your working area wherever you prefer. This folding utility and potting bench is the practical choice if you want a multi-function utility table.

The structural material is made out of Canadian Hemlock wood with an oil-based stain. The table surface is made with galvanized durable metal which is very durable so you can do more activities on it without worrying about damage. This is a two-layer table with an open bottom tier for storage.

This item will be delivered to you knocked down and only needs minimal assembly because it is already partially preassembled. The assembly instructions are included in the packaging. After putting it together, it can already be folded for mobility or easy storage.

The overall size of this product is 31.9”L x 33.9”H x 15.7”W. This Merry Garden utility table and potting bench has a very beautiful, simple and functional design that it can also be used in the kitchen or as a table buffet for gatherings.

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What are the Advantages of Owning a Potting Bench?

Potting Bench

A potting bench will provide comfort for the gardener allowing longer work hours. Doing the activity nearer the eye level allows the gardener to see and remove bad seeds, cut roots better during propagation, and easily spot diseases and parasites in plants during inspection.

This article from the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture has discussed some of the advantages of having a potting bench and elevated greenhouse benches for growing plants.

According to the publication, it is much faster to tend to plants and observe them when they are elevated without the inconvenience of bending down and stooping. Placing plants in raised beds while still in the stages of growing roots lessens the chances of root disease. It will have better air circulation and the soil won’t moist where spores can germinate.

What Material is a Potting Bench Made of?

A good potting bench should be made of high-quality material that can maintain its durability even when exposed to the sun and moisture. It can be made of different materials – plastic, metal or wood.

People who want to place their potting bench outdoors usually prefer wood or coated galvanized metal because it will be able to withstand the changes in weather.
When needed, wood can also be strengthened and refurbished using wood hardeners, varnish, lacquer, repainted, Tung oil and stain sealant. One popular type of wood used for potting benches are fir wood because they are resistant to rotting and pests. Others are made using cedar wood and cypress.

A plastic potting bench is lighter and is ideal if you want to move your work table in different areas of the garden. Plastic potting bench is usually kept in a covered outdoor area as plastic is usually prone to cracking when exposed to different hot and cold temperature.

What is the Ideal Height of a Potting Bench?

A good potting bench should be at a comfortable height when you are standing. Think of it as a height similar to your kitchen counter where you do all your cooking activities. The ideal fully functional potting bench should also have storage to accommodate gardening tools, pots and seedlings.

The standard height of a potting bench from the floor to its table is 36 inches. It is the same as the standard height of most kitchen counters. Most people use it standing up but it can also be paired with a chair for those who do long hours of gardening.

Potting Bench Best Features

Not all potting bench will have the same features. Here are some to consider:

Sturdy Base

A potting bench needs to be sturdy and durable to carry the weight of heavier items such as gardening soil, buckets and fertilizer bags.

Multiple Shelves

Shelves are a very convenient feature to store small items such as seedling bags or garden scissors.

Detachable Sink

This feature helps to collect debris after every activity making clean-ups easier and faster.

Wire Mesh or Pegboard for Tools

This allows storage for larger garden tools such as a small garden rake or garden trowel.

Grate for Collecting Soil

The grate is usually placed in the work surface. When potting, it helps to collect soil so that it would be easier to return excess soil back into the bags.

Every gardener has specific needs depending on the type of plant they are propagating. Cacti and succulents require less maintenance. A simple two-tier potting bench may be sufficient. Flowering plants require the most care and needs frequent inspection and weeding. A full-featured potting bench would surely be convenient. 


For those looking for a potting bench with full functionality, the Giantex potting bench table and the Luckyermore wooden potting bench have multiple storage options ideal for those who wants to centralize all their work in the potting bench. There is no need to walk around the get tools elsewhere because everything related to gardening can already be stored in these benches.

The Merry Garden folding utility table and potting bench is the only foldable option among the bunch, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to durability. It is most convenient for those who wish to use the bench for other utility purposes other than a gardening workstation.

Gardening activity can be serious dirty work that is why a sturdy and durable potting bench is essential for serious gardeners. Gardening involves potting and mixing, watering, and use of fertilizers. These activities can make an ordinary table easily corrode and rot. A potting bench is made specifically for outdoor weather and will surely provide convenience to any gardener.

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