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Cleaning really becomes a chore when you struggle to get rid of tough dirt and stubborn stains. Sometimes, brushing, scrubbing, and bleaching do not have the power to give you a spotless shine and restore the surface of your finishings like new.

Power washers are the go-to tool for heavy duty tidying up around the house. Spewing out both water and detergent at high pressure, grime, mud, and other common filth are removed in a matter of minutes. Learn more about this modern and innovative product and check out our list of top picks for a powerful household cleaning assistant.

Read our Best Powerwasher Review to find out.

AR ANNOVI REVERBERI Blue Clean, AR383 1, 900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

AR ANNOVI REVERBERI Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The AR ANNOVI REVERBERI BlueClean AR383 has a powerful hose of 1900 PSI to remove most types of dirt, but has poor product design. If high pressure is what you need for quick and tough cleaning, this can get the job done, though its water consumption is higher than the average power washer. For an affordable price, we personally think the to this cons are not worth a single penny.


  • Includes 2 adjustable nozzle high pressure 1,900 PSI water guns
  • Lightweight and transport-friendly with smooth castor wheels
  • Electric motor engine runs quietly
  • Has a separate soap tank that holds up to 14 ounces of detergent
  • Lengthy cords help you reach farther areas without having to pull the engine with you (a 35 feet long power cord, plus 20 feet long high pressure hose)


  • The pressure guns have no trigger lock
  • Plastic adapter for the hose to the pressure wand tends to leak
  • High water consumption
  • Quality of the plastic hose can be improved as it easily get tangled
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WORX WG644 40V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner (2x20V Batteries)

WORX WG644 40V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

Want to feel the action of a power washer anywhere you’re heading next? The WORX WG644 Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner gives you the freedom to carry your cleaning supplies to any destination. Adding a modern and sporty twist to the regular power washer, the Hydroshot was made to be a travel-friendly essential without the extra long hose and cable. Unfortunately, this is only meant for lighter cleaning and will only run for half an hour on full battery.


  • No need to keep this washer plugged in. This spray gun operates on a rechargeable battery
  • Only takes 2 hours to charge to reach full battery
  • Only consumes less than a gallon of water per minute at 0.90 GPM
  • Versatile, use any drum or bucket as a source of water. Dip the vacuum hose and turn on to clean.
  • The 4-in-1 multi pressure adjustable spray nozzle is good for configuring an appropriate pressure level depending on the amount of cleaning needed
  • Lightweight at 7.3 pounds, easily making it one of the handiest and most portable pressure washers
  • Draw hose measures 20 feet in length


  • No soap tank included with the spray gun. Soap bottle can be purchased separately from the same store.
  • Best for light cleaning only as it is only capable of pressurizing water at a max of 450 PSI
  • Loading with salt water and bleach is not advised
  • Battery discharges fast and can only last 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning at full power
  • Separate purchases for its cleaning kit and other accessories
  • Worth more than the average price for a power washer
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Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM

Karcher K2 Plus ElectricPower Pressure Washer

For this power washer, its maximum PSI of 1600 makes it look like a heavy duty cleaner. While it can kick off all the stubborn junk on your trunk, a cheaper price point does not seem to promise the best quality out of the Karcher K2 Plus ElectricPower Pressure Washer.


  • Pressure can be easily adjusted to various spray modes through the nozzle on the wand
  • Conserves water use with only 1.25 GPM
  • The water hose with the spray wand measures up to 20 feet, while the power cord is 35 feet in length
  • Transport-friendly and compact design to move to the far spots, and store in small spaces
  • Suitable for most cleaning tasks and its dirtblaster spray setting can be used to hose tough, stubborn stains and dirt
  • Affordable price


  • User manual does not give clear instructions for use and assembly
  • Hose and wand attachment tends to loosen while in use, resulting in leaks
  • Bleach and Chlorine are not safe for this power washer as it can damage the quality of the material
  • This model does not include a detergent tank. A separate hose vacuums the soap detergent through the spray wand
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KOBLENZ HL-270V Pressure washer, Lime green

KOBLENZ HL-270V Motor Powered Pressure Washer

The Thorne Electric KOBLENZ Motor Powered Pressure Washer does have a few thorns with its quality. Offering the bare minimum of what a power washer should possess, its high price point and problems such as the lack of pressure control settings and poor material needs to be worked on.


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Effectively conserves water at 1.18 GPM
  • Blasts water at high pressure that effectively rinses of most dirt and stains
  • Clean even hard to reach spots and far ends with its 16 feet long water hose
  • Lightweight and transport friendly at only 11 pounds total weight


  • Product manual is difficult to understand and lacks information on how to assemble the pressure washer
  • Flimsy hose to power cord adapter
  • Has a smaller detergent tank than most
  • High soap consumption that drains quickly
  • Fixed nozzle with no pressure adjustments
  • Spray wand has no trigger lock
  • Sold at a higher price point compared to most power washers
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Homdox 2880 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.7 GPM 1800W Power Washer Cleaner

Homdox 2880 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.7 GPM High Pressure Washer

If you’re doing the general cleaning for your home the first time, it might be a struggle to choose a power washer that makes the job a convenience. The Homdox High Pressure Electric Power Washer has a good and efficient design with multiple spraying levels and various accessories to make cleaning effective. Highest level of pressure does consume more water though, but for a mid range price, this is a good deal that offers a complete package.


  • Generates strong pressure at a maximum of 2880PSI
  • Lightweight and portable trolley design
  • Take the 20 feet long hose to any space that needs washing while the device can be set anywhere with a 30 feet power cord
  • Includes various nozzle attachments plus 5 spray nozzle settings for most cleaning errands
  • Uses a separate detergent tank to store soap and other cleaning agents
  • The grip of the pressure gun works as on and off switch to run the motor and conserve energy
  • Castor wheels roll smoothly and can be locked and unlocked
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Safe for bathing pets
  • Reasonable price


  • Consumes 1.7 GPM at highest pressure level
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Secret Superpowers: How Does a Power Washer Work


To put it simply, power washers are a device that pressurizes water, just like how a shower would blast water.

By pressurizing water, or blasts at a faster rate with stronger power to remove mean dirt and dark stains.

A power washer may be powered by gas or electricity. Here we will feature electrical power washers as these are a more accessible and affordable option for most users.

Pressure washers have 2 important features: PSI and GPM

  • PSI refers to the amount of pressure released by the power washer. A higher value of PSI means that the pressure level is also stronger.
  • GPM on the other hand is gallons per minute. This is one quality to carefully look out for while browsing over your potential purchase, as it determines how much water does your power washer dispense each minute. So the lower the GPM value is, the more water you’re saving. However, this may vary on how much pressure you’re using.

The Benefits of Cleaning with a Power Washer

Get Cleaning Done in a Flash with a Powerful Splash

Washing down the patio or cleaning up your car can feel like ages of work if you’re doing it with a bucket or a regular water hose. The high pressure from power washers help speed up the amount of time you would usually spend on these chores, by adding a stronger impact as the water is blasted over a soiled surface.

So not only will you run your errands faster, but you also find some more free time for yourself afterwards

Cleanliness is Next to Wellness

Without the power washer, cleaning around the house ourselves won't surely remove the grub at every corner. And the longer you leave your home infested with it, the more dirt can welcome bacteria and fungi in your home.

Common pests and parasites will always find a place suitable for them to nest as well. So a healthy home is also the indication of proper hygiene.

A full power wash over areas that collect the most grub and dirt helps prevent sickness and allergies that your family could catch. Thus, a combination of living an active lifestyle with a proper diet goes hand-in-hand with cleaning up your house by using the right tools.

Restore Most Surfaces to their Former Glory

The Qualities of a Good Power Washer

High PSI Level with Adjustable Pressure

As mentioned earlier, the release of sharp and heavy water droplets refers to how much PSI can your power washer handle. A power washer that gives off more pressure which can clean off even the thickest of grub, so you want a product that gives you the option to configure the amount of pressure you need for a certain chore.

Using the highest PSI level is not advisable for all cleaning tasks, and you’d want to go lower once you’ve rinsed off most of the gunk and grime.

Saves Water Consumption

Water is a precious resource needed for most of our daily activities. When reviewing the product description of a power washer, make sure to take note of the GPM, also known as gallons per minute. Though power washers do not consume as much water as a regular hose, it’s not a big difference.

On average, a power washer consumes about 1.25 gallons of water per minute, so this is a good value to stick with. Of course, you can conserve more water by finding a washer that has a lower GPM rate.

Lightweight and Portability

Power washers are designed to clean more than just a single space. With the number of chores around the house that require rinsing, a power washer should be easy to transfer from one place to another. Most products look like trolleys with wheels, plus they should feel light in your hand as you pull and lift them.

Go the Long Way: Lengthy Power Cords and Water Hoses

Besides portability being one concern, finding an electrical outlet to start your power washer is another problem. To save your time and energy spent on moving your device from one location to another, a washer with a long power cord and water hose is the key.

Secure Locks and Free From Leaks

A low GPM is not enough if your power washer does not have a trigger lock and leaks in multiple spots. Power washers include a spray wand or water gun that should have a trigger lock to avoid any water from continuously running. Hose adapters should also lock tightly from end to end to prevent leaking and accidents.


Appliances that you will heavily rely on require a careful eye for high quality performance. The power washers listed here all surely have intense cleaning power, but will need to to pass the pressure of our standards.

With this, the Homdox High Pressure Electric Power Pressure Washer rules over its fellow contenders. For a mid-range price, you get a powerful tool with accessories to provide you with various ways to tidy up without compromising quality and convenience.

The efficiency that the Homdox has is incomparable, and it can suit anyone who needs to make cleaning fast and easy, just like you and me.

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