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Scampering sounds in the dead of the night. Droppings in spaces where you move furniture or storage areas. Holes and bite marks on furniture, and thinning pantry supplies. If you experience these, then your home may be infested, and you’ve got to get your hands on a rat bait.

Read our Best Rat Bait Review to find out.

Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide Nuggets, 4 lb bag

Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide Nuggets, 4 lb bag

Neogen Ramik nuggets use first-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, diphacinone, developed in the 1940s and 1950s. The way it kills rodents is by causing heavy bleeding or hemorrhage once ingested in significant amounts, which means it may take a few days before it stops the infestation.

Neogen Ramik Green Rodenticide is great pest control for poultry and grain farmers as this is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It is made especially for damp areas and formulated to remain potent in all types of weather.

One thing I like about this product is it comes in various shapes—nuggets, bars, and mini bars. Rodents sometimes stop eating the same product and develop distaste so I would need to switch to another and go back to. Varying shapes and flavors help in tricking them to eat more.

However, some customers comment that this may not be effective for all rodents or may not be killing them fast enough.


  • Uses first-generation anticoagulant
  • Fish flavored that is highly palatable
  • Free of wax
  • Comes in different forms
  • Weather-proof
  • Odorless


  • Effects are slow to show
  • A large dose can make rodents immune to effects when given for a long period
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Tomcat Mouse Killer Refillable Station for Indoor-Outdoor Use

Tomcat Mouse Killer Refillable Station for Indoor-Outdoor Use

The Tomcat Refillable Station kit includes a reloadable cartridge that fits one bait block. It is easily accessible to mice but tricky to children and pets. The station is made of plastic and can be placed outdoors without worrying about the weather or damp areas.

The bait is highly potent as a few buyers observed that they find dead mice around the station. The company claims a single block can kill up to a dozen mice and it may take as little as two days for the poison to kick in. However, as this is one of the quickest mice killers, pet owners would have to be strategic where to put the station.

One thing about the station is its hole is set for small rodents. That said, it can’t fit a large rat or squirrel, if that is your critter. Sometimes, the station case is hard to open even for adults, thus, makes replacing the block bait difficult.


  • Potent ingredient kills as fast as two days
  • Kid and dog tamper-proof
  • The plastic station that can be set outdoors


  • The case is hard to open
  • The hole is too small for larger rodents
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JT Eaton 704-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, For Mice and Rats

JT Eaton 704-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, For Mice and Rats

This peanut butter flavor bait is packaged in a pail, which makes it safer than the usual plastic bag it comes into. It uses first-generation anticoagulant and is effective in large doses.

As with other anticoagulant baits, it doesn’t work in an instant. It may take a few days before you start seeing dead rodents. Consistency and patience are key to making this product work. The good thing is it does its job not only for rats and mice but also for squirrels, raccoon, possum, groundhogs, and chipmunks.

This one is a yummy treat for vermin and small wildlife alike. It can be set in mouse traps or in trays to carry off to nests. One caveat, however, is that it is also appetizing for other animals and pets. It is best to set this up somewhere not accessible to pets or livestock.

Another thing is that it can be very big for small vermin. A good way to make this more appetizing is to crush it into smaller pieces.


  • Uses first-generation anticoagulant
  • Packaged in pails for easy resealing
  • Peanut butter flavor keeps rodents coming for more


  • Effects are slow to show
  • The product may be too big to be carried to nests by small vermin
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EcoClear Products 620100-6D RatX All-Natural Non-Toxic Humane Rat and Mouse Killer Pellets, 8 oz

EcoClear Products 620100-6D RatX All-Natural Non-Toxic Humane Rat and Mouse Killer Pellets, 8 oz

If you are like me and have dogs to consider when setting out rat poison, EcoClear RatX is what I would most likely use. Or at least what I would set in areas where my dogs could reach.

The pellets are formulated to target only mice and rats. It is completely safe for people, pets, and wildlife. That goes to say that it is not for squirrels, voles, moles, and gophers, if that is your problem.

As this is non-toxic, it can be used in backyards and farms, and it won’t contaminate your crops. Its main ingredients include natural vegetable and cereal grains. And unlike some formulations, it strikes as fast as one-time ingestion. How it kills mice and rats is that it puts them to coma and eventually they die, unlike anticoagulants that cause internal bleeding. It also mummifies the body and eliminates odor.

The pellets are not water-resistant and have to be kept in dry storage, as its potency is reduced when wet.


  • Pellet size is easy to carry to nest
  • Effective in as fast as the first feeding
  • Makes dead body odorless
  • Non-toxic for wildlife, pets, humans, and crops
  • Humane poison for mice and rats


  • Exclusive to mice and rats
  • Not weather-proof
  • Low price
  • Collecting mouse/rat corpse may be difficult with the absence of odor
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D-Con Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station with 1 Trap and 20 Bait Refills

D-Con Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station with 1 Trap and 20 Bait Refills

One kit of D-Con Refillable Bait Station consists of a station and 20 baits. The mechanism is easy to latch and unlatch when refilling the bait.

The bait block’s active ingredient is Cholecalciferol that causes reduce clotting and bleeding. It is potent not only for vermin but for other animals and fish too. It acts as fast as three days from consumption.

For first time users of rat poison, the D-Con poison cake needs to be handled with gloves to prevent skin contact. This new formulation holds together very well, there won’t be crumbs to pick each time the bait station is refilled.


  • User-friendly latch system device
  • Effective kills as fast as three days


  • Some vermin develop immunity and don’t find the bait palatable
  • Some consumer thinks the old formulation is more potent
  • The plastic wrap of the cake may deter rats
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Oh, Rats! The Truth About Infestation

Rat Bait

Rodent infestation is a serious problem and it plagues a third of Americans. Vermin, in general, are attracted to populated areas where food source abounds. In a year, a female rat can breed up to 10 litters with as much as eight rat pups every litter, and these reach sexual maturity in a little more than two months from birth. That’s more than a thousand per year from a pair of rats!

Rats are not just annoying and destructive, they also bring hordes of diseases transmitted through rat bites, feces, and urine. Some of these illnesses are leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, etc. 

What You Should Know About Rat Baits

To keep rats away from your home, you should be armed with either a rat trap or a bait. If you are looking at a major infestation, traps are usually a slow route and a tad messy. If you’re lucky, you may even have to wake up to live rats in your traps and you may have to kill them yourself. You can avoid this with rat baits.

If you decide on a rat bait, or commonly, rat poisons or rodenticides, here are some things to consider:

First, not all rat baits are equal. A lot are developed to become all-around rodent poison. Some are formulated to kill rats/mice, but not for other rodents. Rat baits in general are just bars or pellets that can be placed on a paper where rattivity (rat activity) largely happens. Then, there are rat baits with devices that trap rats and feed them more of the poison.

Second, rat baits work if the vermin ingest it. The poison doesn’t act upon skin contact alone. Some do but many rat poisons should be consumed to do its job. It becomes a problem once rats developed a palate and avoid certain rat baits because it doesn’t suit their appetite.

Lastly, even the most potent rodenticide needs at least several hours to take effect. It will take a few days to weeks before you can eliminate every vermin in your home.

How to Choose the Best Rat Bait

There are many rat baits to choose from in the market. You don’t need to get overwhelmed with the choices and get confused about all the sales talk.


How potent is the product? Can it kill in a few hours, days, or weeks? How many types of rodents can it kill? Will it kill birds or other animals/pets that may have eaten dead rodents?


How cautious should you be when handling the product? Will it be safe for pets or children if they accidentally consume a bit of it? Is this safe for wildlife?


Is this safe to put at home? Can you use this outside your home where there is significant rattivity? Does it dissolve in moisture? Will it remain potent even when wet?

Disposable or Reusable

For how long can you use this? For seasonal infestations, can you store this and use it again?


How much product should you buy to keep your home rodent-free all-year-round?

How to Use Rat Baits

Rat baits come in little chunks and in various shapes and sizes. If you are purchasing rat baits that come in cases or stations, just pop the bait in there and set it out where rat sightings usually happen. If not, you can put a few bars or a cup of pellets in one area, on top of an old newspaper or a tray.

The more areas you identify to put the rat baits, the better. This can be in the garage, attic, storage room, or anywhere you suspect them to be in. If you don’t have a lot of room to spread your bait, just keep it somewhere close but not in contact with your food stock.

You may need to keep feeding your critter every night for a few days. Some vermin stockpile their food and will not immediately consume the bait. In case, there are more food sources around, they might not consume the bait immediately.

What the Rat Bait Is Not

Rat baits don’t kill the rats and mice upon contact but only when ingested. That said, some find empty trays and no single dead vermin in sight. Later, they observe that there are no longer any squeaks or new chew marks on the furniture and realize that the rodents may have carried their food away to their hiding places and eat them after some time.

What are the Precautions in Using Rat Baits

For first time users, keep in mind that these baits are essentially poison, and require you not to handle them with bare hands unless the product label indicates it is non-toxic.

Always use gloves when refilling poison stations and keep your stash of pellets and bars away from your food to avoid contamination.

In case your pets and toddlers eat this accidentally, contact your vet or physician the soonest time possible. As for first aid, the victim should immediately vomit the product completely.


It’s hard to choose one winner but the EcoClear RatX is a great option for pet owners and parents. It makes rat infestation control less of a worrisome job, and this can be used in farms as well, or in coops where mice usually dig in chicken feeds. On dry weather, this can be spread around crop beds and it wouldn’t contaminate the soil when absorbed.

However, if you are set to carry out your pest control with speed, Tomcat Refillable Station is a household name. The poison cake of Tomcat is very potent, and you would need to be strategic in placing the bait.

If your rats are not feeding on either these, it helps to pick from various flavors. This prevents them from developing aversion from one product and keep ingesting your bait.

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