Best Rooting Hormone

Best Rooting Hormone

One of the most rewarding moments in nurturing a plant is when you are able to grow your own propagated plant. To achieve this, we need to get the products that are most suitable for our plants. Just like buying the most appropriate tools or choosing the best rooting hormone in the market. This can be very tricky since a lot of these products are offered in stores everywhere. The good thing is you can research for the suitable ones based on your needs.

Read our Best Rooting Hormone Review to find out.

Check Out a Few of These 5 Rooting Powders.

Doff 75g Hormone Rooting Powder

Doff Natural Rooting Powder
  • CONTAINS NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Safe and Ideal for all edible and ornamental cuttings. Contains a natural source of seaweed to significantly increase the propagation of any types of plants.
  • SUCCESS RATE – It has a very impressive success level in speeding up the development of the roots while making it strong healthy.
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN AND EASY TO APPLY – Because it is a powdered type of rooting hormone, all you have to do is just dip end of plant to be propagated in the pot of powder then plant it on a moist soil or any planting medium. 
  • CAN BE USED IN ANY SEASON - The product can also be used all year round. Be it winter or during the summer. Which means you can use it to cuttings during a suitable planting season for the plant. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • FONT SIZE USED IN THE LABEL IS TOO SMALL – It is hard to read the instructions in the packaging because it is almost unreadable. It should be considered that the users of the product should understand the directions and precautions first before the actual application of the product.
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Bonide (BND925) - Bontone II Rooting Powder Hormone Root Fertilizer (1.25 oz.)

Bontone II Rooting Powder
  • STIMULATES ROOT PRODUCTION AND DESIGNED FOR WIDE VARIETIES OF PLANTS - This hormone for plant growth stimulates root production in cuttings for both softwood and hardwood regardless if the propagation is easy or difficult. It is also well suited from ornamentals to vegetables and fruit trees.
  • SUITABLE FOR SEEDS AND BULBS – Unlike some rooting hormone in the market, this product is does not only work on cuttings. You can apply this on bulbs or seeds by simply placing it in a container with the suggested amount of the product and gently shake it to allow the powder to coat the seeds or bulbs.
  • SUITABLE FOR TRANSPLANTS WHILE PROMOTING ROOT DEVELOPMENT - When it’s time for transplant, your plants can be placed to different planting mediums or to your ideal places in the garden. Use this hormone root fertilizer to help facilitate the quick development of robust and healthy roots.
  • NOT SUITABLE FOR “DIFFICULT” SPECIES OR CULTIVARS – It’s a weak rooting product that speeds up the rooting process on plant cuttings that readily root on their own only. It does not facilitate the quicken growing of roots for difficult plant types.
  • EXPIRATION DATES – Only the manufacturing dates are indicated on the product packaging and not the expiration dates.
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Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder #1

Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder #1
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY GROW MEDIUMS - Fit for any of your preferred grow mediums such as clay pellets, peat moss rock wool, soil, coco, and many more.
  • NO ADDED BAD STUFF – Does not contain harmful stuff such as dye, preservatives and alcohol. This product is specifically designed for edible plants.
  • INCLUDES HELPFUL GUIDELINES – Since there is a variety of strength depending on the number indicated on the product, you can refer to the list to determine which strength is suitable to your plant.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY CUTTINGS – It helps preventing the roots from rotting and sagging of cuttings to achieve stronger roots and high success of transplant.
  • FAST ROOT GROWTH - accelerates growth through plant cell and feeder root stimulation. Results? Healthier, stronger root and stem system. Hearty green, lush foliage, beautiful flowers and amazing grass.
  • EASY TO USE – It comes with easy to follow instructions which makes preparation a breeze. May be used with almost all types of planting medium such as soil, sand, and pearlite.
  • STRENGTHS TO CHOOSE FROM – Available in five strengths to choose from depending on the plant’s difficulty to propagate.
  • NOT ORGANIC – You may want to think carefully first in using this product on edible plants such as fruit trees and vegetables. Since it does not claim that it’s organic.
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DIP N Grow DG00201 Liquid Hormone Concentrate Rooting Solution, 2-Ounce

Hydrofarm Dip‘N Grow Liquid HormoneConcentrate Hydroponic Rooting Solution
  • PRODUCT EFFECTIVITY - The most effective rooting hormone liquid concentrate easily diluted with water to the necessary strength. Allows rooting hormones to get absorbed by the cutting stem more easily and evenly.
  • FORMULATION STRENGTH - Proven formula that contains both rooting auxins and IBA or Indole-3-butyric acid which is the most powerful of the rooting hormones.
  • CROSS-CONTAMINATION PROBLEMS ARE ELIMINATED - Alcohol is utilized as the active ingredients’ solvent. This makes Dip'N Grow self-sanitizing.
  • COMES WITH A USEFUL ACCESSORY – There’s a handy measuring cup that makes getting the proper mix very easy.
  • EASY STORAGE FOR LONGER SHELF LIFE - If stored in the original packaging, the product can be used within 3 years from date of manufacture. Limit exposure to heat and sunlight to help prolong shelf life.
  • NOT DESIGNED FOR AMATEUR GARDENERS - It is not ideal for average home gardeners who only want a few cuttings. The excellent instructions are heavy on warnings, designed to be scary and probably for good reason. 
  • PRESENCE OF ALCOHOL - Alcohol can “burn” cuttings from some types of plants.
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MAXIROOT Organic Rooting-Cloning Hormone Gel 100ML

Maxiroot OrganicRooting-Cloning Hormone Gel
  • ROOTING FOR ALL KINDS OF CUTTINGS – It is easy to use on almost all of cutting types, herbs, flowering shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable plant or cannabis. The product increases the probability of successful rooting by supplementing necessary nutrients for a more fruitful and healthier vegetation.
  • IT’S ORGANIC – It is made of natural, 100% plant based rooting hormones which imposes no harm to humans when consuming vegetables and fruits applied with the product. It’s good to know that Maxiroot Organic Rooting-Cloning Hormone Gel does not contain harmful chemicals that are commonly used in other rooting hormone. These chemicals, if present, can result to adverse effects on a person’s nervous system and may cause cancer and damage to kidney, liver and lungs.
  • SMELLS NATURAL – The gel does not have any foul scent. The smell is very pleasant and natural. It comes in handy when you don’t need to bear with the unpleasant smell coming from the product while using it.
  • MADE FROM SEAWEED – Made from Ascophyllum nodosum that is harvested from Norwegian freshwater coastline. From seed germination until harvest, seaweed promotes vigorous growth.
  • PRICETAG – Slightly higher price range compared to other brands in the market.
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What is a Rooting Hormone and How Does it Benefit the Plant?

Best Rooting Hormone

If you want to propagate plants by cutting a piece (can be the roots, stem or leaf) from the parent plant to grow an identical one, a good rooting hormone can be your best friend. It is composed of a chemical called auxins which signals the plant to form roots. It replicates the natural growth condition of plants. Additionally, these hormones contains cytokinins which is another growth hormone for plants. Fungicides are also present in the product which helps reduce the risk of the plant suffering from fungal infections.

If used correctly, it would help increase the chances of successfully develop roots on the cutting. It would also speed up the rooting process. This makes difficult plants to propagate easier. Moreover, the growing roots that were applied with this hormone has a higher quality compared to those who were not.

A rooting hormone has a few different forms to choose from such as powdered, liquid and gel. It is conveniently available in most store for garden supplies and online gardening sites.

What’s the Best Way to Use Rooting Hormone?

Since there is a wide variety of concentrations of rooting hormones in the market, remember to read the details on the product’s packaging or manual. This is to ensure that what you are using is appropriate for your plant.

Furthermore, keep in mind that rooting hormone is a powerful chemical and you need to be careful in using because incorrect use of it may kill your clippings as well as the plant itself.

First thing to do is to prepare the plant. Begin with removing leaves from your cutting to have a fresh and clean cut. Create a cut just below a leaf join or a node. This is the area where there is already plant auxins naturally occurring.

Next is to apply the hormone. Make sure that you are using a sterilized container where you will put the product and dip the cutting. Your preparation will vary from one form of these hormones to another.

If you are going to use the powdered form, you just have to dip the base of the cutting into the powder. Shake or tap it gently to remove the excess. If the powder won’t stick, you can dip it on water first. Place it in a pre-made hole in the moist planting medium preferably around the edge of the pot since it is where the soil evaporation is at its lowest. Loosely cover the base.

You also need to cover the pot with a clear plastic bag. This will ensure that the moisture is locked in to create a humid environment for the vulnerable cutting. Place your pot preferably in a sunny location where it will receive a good amount of filtered sunlight. You can also use a heated propagator to provide bottom heat to aid root growth.

If you prefer to use the liquid or gel form, you need to see if it’s a concentrate or a ready-to-go mix by looking at the packaging directions. If it’s a concentrate, add water to dilute the product according to the instructions. Otherwise, you can apply immediately. Plant your cutting the same way you would with the powdered one.

For the plant, always make sure to keep the soil and the stem cutting moist. Watch as new leaves starts to form as it is a good sign that the roots have already formed. By this time, you can remove the plastic bag. As the new plant matures, you can now begin to take care of it as a new one.

What are the Other Important Things to Remember

The time of the year can also help you decide whether it is necessary to use a rooting hormone or not. Plants taken during summer like herbaceous softwood cutting which roots quickly only needs a low concentration of the hormone. While plants that takes long for the roots develop are taken in winter. This type, on the other hand, will need a concentration.

It is important to identify how easy or difficult the roots of your plant may develop after cutting. Through this, you can determine the amount of hormone you need to use to avoid harming the plant.

Moreover, in using rooting hormone, always check the label for its expiration date since this type of chemical breaks down over time. It should always be stored in a cool, dark place. Most importantly, it should only be used during propagation. Applying it to a mature plant can damage its root system.


After all the searching across a great deal of rooting hormones offered in the market, we managed to narrow it down to five. However, among them there is one that stands out. The winner of this round up is Doff Natural Rooting Powder. It stands out for many reasons. First, it is made from natural ingredients. Second, it is designed for all types of plants plus it’s easy to use. Third, it is safe to use on all edible plants. Lastly, it has an impressive success level root development which is the most important characteristic that we are looking for in a rooting hormone.

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