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During the colder months of the year, keeping your property clear of snow is one of the biggest chores that you will do regularly. Having the best snow pusher at your disposal can help you get by with this chore with relative ease.

In this article, I will show you 5 of the best snow pushers available on the market today. I will also provide a buying guide that will help you make an educated choice once you are at the marketplace. 

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Our Best Snow Shovel for 2021

Garant APM18KDR Alpine 18-Inch Poly Blade Snow Shovel

Garant APM18KDR Alpine 18-inch Poly Blade Snow Shovel

Mainly designed for home use, this lightweight snow shovel is a great choice for those who want to clear snow away from their yards and walkways. It combines the features of a shovel and a pusher, which allows it to do both tasks when needed.


  • Polyethylene blade reinforced by a galvanized steel wear strip for increased durability
  • 18-inch wide blade that can function both as a pusher and as a shovel
  • Handle made of hardwood for optimal durability and shock absorption
  • D-grip handle is ergonomic both for gloved and ungloved hands


  • Efficient in pushing out snow thanks to its unique blade design
  • Its 2-in-1 function provides added versatility for those doing extensive snow cleanup
  • Light weight makes it a great option for those new in manual snow plowing
  • It is surprisingly durable for a shovel with a plastic-made blade
  • Compact enough to be stored even on tight spaces


  • Not recommended for use in places with heavy snow buildup
  • Shovel blade or handle may be too loose right out of the box
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Dakota SnoBlade Snow Blade Removal Shovel w/Wheels Made in The USA!

Dakota SnoBlade Snow Blade RemovalShovel with Wheels

Coming up with the huge claim that it is the best snow shovel in the world, the SnoBlade is designed to move a large amount of snow with ease. It can be used for both home and industrial purposes, thanks to its versatile design that’s made for pushing out snow.


  • Bi-directional blade that can be rotated 180 degrees allows you to work both sides to save a lot of time
  • Blade made of hard plastic for light weight and optimized durability
  • 36-inch wide blade is great for covering huge ground with each stroke
  • Wheels are designed for easy operation and superior traction on snowy ground
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Bi-directional blade system is very useful for most situations
  • Blade is close to the ground for maximum digging efficiency
  • Very efficient when used at residential settings
  • Effectively clears snowfall of up to 4 inches
  • Sturdy overall construction will allow it to last for a long time


  • The entire equipment is on the heavy side
  • It could have benefitted from having insulated handles
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UnionTools 1602100 Poly Snow Pusher, 30-Inch

Union Tools 30-inch Poly Snow Pusher

Designed to be able to clear out snow piles both large and slow, this snow pusher from Union Tools has all the right features for every handyman. Utilizing a combination of proven materials plus the right dimensions, this snow pusher can last years of use without any problems.


  • 30-inch blade provides an ideal balance of coverage and fit in tight spaces
  • Blade is made of poly plastic for a good balance of weight and durability
  • D-grip handle provides a firm grip, even while you are wearing a glove
  • Fixed-length 52” handle made of hardwood for superior strength and durability
  • Light overall weight makes for quick work


  • Light weight makes it good for use by most people
  • While intended for pushing, you can even use this device for minor shoveling
  • Wide blade allows for quick clearing time, which helps you save a lot of time
  • Ready for action almost right out of the box
  • Durability of the entire package has been generally good


  • Some reported that the handle has the tendency to get loose
  • Plastic blade could crack if you use it the wrong way
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AMES 1673300 Snow Shovel, 16" Blade

AMES 1673300 16-Inch Snow Shovel

Designed for some light to moderate duty snow shoveling, this snow pusher from AMES is a great option for those who want to keep their yard snow-free manually. With its simple yet effective design, it is designed to provide maximum value for your money.


  • Poly blade is designed for lightweight performance and resistance to cold temperatures
  • Blade is designed to not cause scratches to your flooring or other surfaces
  • 16-inch blade has a dual-function design for both pushing and shoveling snow
  • Wide resin-coated steel handle for maximum durability and corrosion resistance
  • Poly D-grip is designed for comfort in both gloved and gloveless grip


  • Effective in both pushing and shoveling snow, making it a multi-purpose snow cleaner
  • Its light weight makes it a great option for beginners
  • It is surprisingly sturdy according to most who used it long term
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry and store
  • Awesome option overall for light-duty snow pushing


  • No wear strip, which can make it prone to breakage if you hit it the wrong way
  • There were some cases of parts getting broken too early
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Bully Tools 92400 Mulch/Snow Scoop with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

Bully Tools 92400 Mulch-Snow Scoop

Providing a combination of light weight and durability, this 100% American-made snow scoop is designed for pushing all kinds of materials. It is even promoted by breaking a cement block with this shovel, showing the superior durability of this equipment!


  • Handle made of triple wall reinforced fiberglass for strength and light weight
  • Fixed handle length is measured at 54 inches
  • Blade is 20 inches wide, which allows it to fit into tight spaces
  • Scoop blade is made of reinforced plastic for durability and weather resistance
  • The D-grip is made of polypropylene co-polymer for increased resistance against breakage
  • D-grip is designed to accommodate most hands for a comfortable and strong grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty for parts and service


  • Durable enough to withstand daily use
  • Scoop is light and strong, allowing you to push relatively large amounts of snow
  • Great for clearing smaller spaces such as walkways
  • Handle is well-designed, which aids in exerting more force
  • Can even be used for pushing other stuff such as mulch and water


  • Blade may tend to flex in heavier snowfalls
  • May not be the best option for heavy-duty snow pushing
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Why Do You Need a Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel

A snow shovel is considered to be a must-have for places where snowing is frequent. The device will help clear out the snow in your yard, which helps in keeping your place functional.

There are multiple hazards associated with excessive snow in the yard. Aside from being slippery (and therefore a hazard source in itself), snow can conceal danger areas such as steps and holes, which can cause slips and injuries.

Aside from getting people in your household hurt, these snow-related hazards can also affect outsiders, which can potentially lead to lawsuits if you are unlucky. For these reasons, getting your own snow pusher should be a great idea.

How Does a Snow Shovel Compare to a Snow Pusher

While some may think that they are just one and the same, a snow pusher actually has some fundamental differences when compared to a snow shovel.

A snow shovel is designed to be used like you would a traditional shovel. You clear out the snow by digging it up and lifting it.

A snow pusher has an edge that is almost similar to a shovel, but it has wheels to propel it. Instead of actually shoveling out the snow, you “shift” it out of the way.

A snow shovel and a snow pusher have different sets of advantages, and can be the perfect option for particular situations. In fact, some people actually own both and use them alternately.

Check this link for a better look at the differences of snow pushers and snow shovels. 

Check the Materials

Selecting the right materials for your snow shovel is crucial. Each type of material has its set of advantages and disadvantages, and looking at these will help you get the most out of your investment.

Plastics are lightweight, affordable, and relatively more resistant to wear related to moisture and low temperature. However, they are more brittle than other materials and can break with excess weight or if it hits an obstacle the wrong way.

Metals are very durable, can carry much more weight, and are generally more resistant to wear than other materials. However, they are more expensive, generally heavier than most materials, and can cause scratches at your pavement.

Fiberglass is another material that is fast becoming popular as a material for snow shovels and snow pushers. While they are relatively expensive and heavier than most plastics, it is very durable and resistant to corrosion.

You can choose any of these materials for your snow shovel. In fact, there are some models that use a combination of these materials to strategically improve the overall design.

While materials play a big factor in determining the performance of a snow shovel, you also have to check the overall build quality. It should not look flimsily built, and it would be even better if it has been positively reviewed for durability.

Check the Handles

For a snow shovel, the handle serves a very important function. Not only does it allow you to operate the device in comfort, but it is also responsible for delivering your effort more efficiently to the ground.

A fixed-handle shovel is the simplest model around. If you will go for one of these, it is best to try the unit first if its measurements are ideal for your height.

There are also models that have adjustable handles. Most of these handles are manually adjusted and are locked in place using switches or nuts.

Snow models featuring telescopic handles are also available. You can adjust the handle length by turning a twist lock and then pushing-pulling the handle to your desired length.

A fixed-handle shovel is more than good enough if its length is appropriate to your height. However, a snow shovel with an adjustable handle is a good choice if multiple people will use it, so they can adjust the handle according to their needs.

Regardless of the handle type, it is also nice to get a tool with an ergonomically designed handle. This is to provide optimal grip for better performance and less arm fatigue. 

Determine the Best Blade Edge for Your Needs

The type of blade present in your snow shovel will also play a factor in its overall performance. Since materials are already discussed earlier, we won’t go too much into it already.

The shape of the blade can dictate the best usage for a particular snow shovel. Blades with a flatter edge is great for digging through deep layers of snow, while a scoop-like blade is nice for creating a path and tossing snow aside.

The width of the blade is also an important consideration when getting a snow shovel. Wider blades can cover larger ground, but narrower blades can work around tight spaces better.

The blade size also plays an important role in determining the capacity of your shovel. Capacity is defined as the amount of snow that you can push in a single pass.

Those are the important things that you should take note when inspecting the blades of snow shovels. Check out this video for more helpful information when buying one of these machines. 


Each item that I reviewed here can be the perfect option for your yard. Whether you are planning to buy for home use or for some light commercial use, any of these products can serve you well for the long term.

However, based on my personal experience, I would recommend the Garant APM18KDR Alpine 18-inch Poly Blade Snow Shovel. With features that make it a great option for yards both big and small, it is versatile and durable enough to be used for both light and heavy duty work.

Many users recommend it, and I can say that it is the best snow shovel among the products I tested. If you want to check out the Garant, you can go here. 

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