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Best Vertical Garden Pots

Gardening is a wonderful hobby you might want to try at home. But you are probably worrying where to put it, especially when you don’t have space. Well, thanks to vertical garden pots, you can now maximize your vacant walls, corners, and balconies and turn them into your own green space.

Read our Best Vertical Garden Pots Review to find out.

Here are some reviews for suggested products below:

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter Vertical Garden

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter Vertical Garden


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Stackable planters
  • Can accommodate more than 15 plants
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Space-saving
  • Versatile: Can be put indoors (e.g. Kitchen) and outdoors
  • BFA free
  • Pots with soil separator feature
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Weight (with soil, plant) may not be good for hanging
  • Water retention
  • Pot can be too small for some plants

Stackable Planter from Amazing Creation has received many positive reviews for its notable space-saving dimensions. They love how it can be a perfect decoration for empty corners, at the same time a useful herb garden for kitchens.

The crack and fade-resistant garden pots appealed to many customers. They like the sturdiness and durability of the polypropylene material, which is also weather resistant thus, good for outdoors.

The most outstanding thing that customers found in this product is its food safety. They like the reassurance that they can eat their personal-grown herbs without worrying about chemical poisoning since the pots are BFA-free certified.

One reservation of customers regarding this product is that it is not fit for hanging. One client that tried to do so, ended up with plastic shards and broken plants. The hook cannot hold for too long the cumulative weight of the planter, soil, water, and plants.

Some customers also pointed out issues in water flow. The drainage holes of the pot are seemingly too small that is why water cannot flow smoothly down to the bottom pots. This also causes water retention which may lead to rotting of plants.

Nonetheless, customers still find this product worth their money.

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Worth Garden SELF Watering Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Wall Hangers Pots

Worth Garden Self Watering Indoor-Outdoor Vertical Wall Hangers Pots


  • Automatic dripping system: Hassle free watering
  • Each planter pot has 3 pockets
  • Convenient: Easy to assemble and mount
  • Durable: Can last long
  • Versatile: can be indoor or outdoor
  • Compact design for small places
  • Lightweight
  • Three-year guarantee
  • You can add more layers by purchasing compatible planter pots
  • Affordable


  • Unequal water flow in irrigation system
  • Drainage

The majority of the customers commend this product from Worth Garden, because of its simplicity and convenience. They like how easy it was to assemble and install the garden onto their homes.

Another customers’ favorite is the garden pot itself. People approve of the sturdy yet lightweight built of the container pots.  They are also fond of the three pockets inside each pot, which enables them to plant more in a limited and confined space.

The versatility of mounted planters appeals to many people. They are truly fascinated by how well the vertical garden looks in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Worth Garden’s customer service also receives positive feedback from clients, as they say, “very responsive and helpful”.

However, few customers raised some concerns regarding the irrigation system. The water seems to flow unequally among the pots located in the middle area and toward the ends. Users had used some extra tubing to improve water flow and direction.

Aside from the watering system, customers who opted to mount theirs at a certain height shared the problems they encountered on the water flowing from the bottom of the pots.

Overall, this product received very good reviews from many customers.
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VIVOSUN 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Stackable Planter

VIVOSUN 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Stackable Planter


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Fade and crack resistant
  • Space- friendly
  • Reliable water flow system
  • 15 available pots for planting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Pot sizes can support many plants
  • Can be hanged


  • Only available in one color

Many of the positive reviews commend the high-quality pots made of durable and thick polypropylene material. They like how it can withstand summer without any signs of cracking and color fading.

Customers also seem to praise the design and dimensions of the planter because It fits perfectly to small spaces without sacrificing too much for plant growth.

The planter has a water filtration system which according to people, is a reliable feature since plant watering becomes more effective and less hassle. Through this system, water flows smoothly from top pot down to the bottom, while retaining just enough amount of water to keep the plants hydrated for days. Excess waters are caught by a bottom dish preventing spill and overflows.

Customers, especially beginners, appreciate how easy and effortless the assembly was for them. Hanging the planter pot by attaching the included hook seems to be an easy task too for most people, because of the easy-to-understand instructions.

The only thing that they notice is the limited choice of color since the vertical garden pot is only available in white.

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Watex Pro System-Vertical Wall Planter Expandable Green Wall w/Built-in Micro Dripper 4 Panels

Watex Pro System-Vertical Wall Planter


  • Durable; made from first-grade recycled plastic
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile: indoor and outdoor
  • Expandable vertically and horizontally
  • With built-in irrigation system
  • Protect your wall/barriers from possible water damage
  • BFA-free; safe for edible plants
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to mount
  • Aesthetic


  • Pot size limits plant choices to herbs, some flowering plants, and succulents

People favor this product because of its ability to brighten up and décor any space, but what stood out most to many of them is the effective and well-performing watering system installed to the wall planter. The water flows evenly among all the pots while the excess flows to a runoff tray, preventing any spill, overflows, and wastage.

Common worry to homeowners is the possible damage caused by water to their walls, fences, or any space to where the garden pots are mounted. And therefore, customers commend this product for solving the problem by providing a barrier between pots and walls in the form of a panel.

While some customers request a little variation in pot sizes since the current dimensions can only support the growth of herbs and some flowering plant but not common vegetables.

Undeniably, almost all the customers are satisfied and happy with this product.

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Aquarius CiCi 6 Tier Stacking Flower Pot Tower Stackable Vertical Plastic Garden Planter

Aquarius CiCi 6 Tier Stacking Flower Pot Tower


  • Six pots that can be stacked or used separately
  • Can accommodate up to 18 plants
  • Movable bottom saucer
  • Durable
  • Safe for edible plants
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-friendly
  • Smart watering system
  • Comes in many colors


  • Not as sturdy 

One of the many things that stood out to the customers is the versatility of this flowerpot tower. They like how they use the pots individually or stack them to make a vertical garden.

People are also fond of the bottom saucer with durable wheels attached because it allows them to relocate or move the tower pot around without exerting too much energy.

The planter’s pot also received compliments for its durable and food-friendly material that makes it a highly recommended container for kitchen herbs.

The customers appreciate too, how helpful the smart watering system which allows water to flow smoothly all through-out the flowerpot tower, leaving no plant dry. According to them, it really saves a lot of time, water, and effort.

The only issue raised against this product is its tendency to tip over. This seems to become a problem in some due to the movable saucer. However, aside from this, customers generally like the product especially because of its compact and cute design that comes in several colors.

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The Know Hows of Vertical Gardening

Vertical Garden Pots

What is a Vertical Garden System?

The vertical garden is an urban gardening technique where plants are grown vertically in suspended pots instead of growing them off the ground.

What are the Benefits of Having a Vertical Garden?

Our highly urbanized lifestyles seemingly limit our access to garden space. Luckily, with vertical gardening, we can now transform dull walls and gloomy corners of our homes into beautiful and aesthetic spaces.

Vertical gardens can help the environment by improving air quality. The plants use the carbon dioxide in our surroundings and replace them with breathable oxygen. You can also save some energy costs spent on air-conditioning since plants can cool down your place by contributing to heat absorption.

The last reason, probably my favorite, is that you can produce your own food in the comfort of your home. You can plant, harvest, and cook vegetables and herbs from your own vertical garden.

What are the Different Types of the Vertical Garden?

Interestingly, vertical gardens come in many variations. You can either place them indoors or outdoors. Few of the most popular types you can make are listed below:

Self-watering Vertical Garden

The unique thing about this type is it has an irrigation system installed, which can water your plants automatically. This sure is one of my favorites since it promises hassle-free maintenance of the garden.

Stand-alone Garden

In this type, the vertical garden pots can free-stand, towered, and stacked which minimizes space requirement for your garden.

Vertical Hanging Garden

This structure makes use of hooks to suspend your vertical garden pots on windows, fence, or decks.

What to Look for in Vertical Garden Pots?

Once you have decided on the type of vertical garden you want for your space, the next step would be selecting the best materials to make it.

Our market today offers a fantastic range of products, which makes gardening a whole lot easier. There are also gardeners’ kits that contain all the essentials like pots, frames, irrigation, drainage, and accessories to set up your vertical garden.

Here are some considerations you might want to think about when choosing your vertical garden pots:


For vertical gardening, lightweight garden pots like plastics are somehow preferred over terra-cotta (clay) ones. The reason is simple logic: We don’t want our plants to fall any time soon.


This is one of my top concerns whenever shopping for plant containers. With well-built and sturdy pots, we could avoid doing everything all over again.

It also becomes handy if you’re planning to set up your garden outdoors, as it can withstand certain weather conditions without breaking easily.

Watering System

Innovative vertical garden pots with a smart watering system feature effective irrigation while being hassle-free. This may sound appealing especially to people with bustling lifestyles.

Good watering systems also equates to low water consumption. Vertical garden pots equipped with some water recycling features can also be an excellent choice.


People like me who have relatively small apartments should be smart in maximizing our vacant spaces. We certainly don’t want garden pots way too big for our homes. That is why space minimizing features of garden pots like stacking can become advantageous.

My friends also recommended to me garden pots with multiple pockets inside. This feature enables me to have more than one plant in a single container. Interesting right?


Personally, I always look for easy to build gardener’s kits because I want to save as much time, hassle, and effort. This can also be true for beginners. You don’t want to ruin your gardening experience with some complicated vertical garden set-up instructions.


This is undeniable, one of our biggest concerns. We have to keep our costs at the lowest possible centavo. It's comforting that our market, has many good quality products that come at reasonable and affordable prices.

What are the Precautions in Using Vertical Garden Pots?

Installing vertical gardens at your homes is practically safe. But you might want to consider extra safeguards for suspended and hanging pots.

Make sure that the frame that supports your suspended vertical garden pots, is well fastened to the wall, door, or fence to avoid unfortunate accidents such as breakage and injury. While you can secure your vertical hanging pots by using strong ropes, metal chains, and sturdy hooks.

I also recommend that you double-check for possible leakages in your self-watering vertical garden systems. We do not want the water to flow elsewhere, do we?

If you are planning to put up the garden indoors, it be could be helpful to build a good drainage system. By doing so, you may avoid spills from excess watering.


I’ll give my 5 stars to Watex Pro System -Vertical Wall Planter, and here’s a quick explanation why…

The garden pots are very durable and weather resistant. They are even supported by a panel that further improves its sturdy built, at the same time protects my wall from water damages. I also love how effective and innovative its self-watering system is because I am normally busy. I also do not even have to worry about spills or overflowing because the system can also take care of it. Impressive right?

I also like its minimalist design that emphasizes the vibrant colors of my plants and flowers. Most importantly, this product is budget-friendly; for its quality, the price is just.

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