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Once you see how outrageous the effects of wasp stings are, you are never going near them again. Ever. Wasps are the ultimate enemies, especially to those with wasp allergies. Summertime picnics would turn to panics when tiny wasps decide to “join” the party.

Wasps are tiny, but their tiny mouths and stings pose a great threat. Getting rid of these tiny blights isn’t child’s play. You can use sprays and other harmful chemicals to eradicate them, but the safest way is to use a wasp trap.

Read our Best Wasp Traps Review to find out.

There are various wasp traps out on the market. We’ve researched some wasp traps that may differ in operation, efficiency, and economy. The following are the top 5 wasp products you can choose from:

RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap

RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap

If we’re talking about ease and hassle-free insect trap use, many lean on RESCUE!’s Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap.

The product consists of a durable plastic wrap –strong enough to contain nearly 20,000 flies and bugs (as the manufacturer claims). This means just one of this trap already provides value for money. It’s disposable, so you won’t be “cleaning” the trap. Once it’s filled up, eradicating the captured pests is easy-peasy. It’s a safer way to handle expired wasps and flies, especially for those with wasp allergies.

This trap is perfect, if not for one drawback. Since the trap is more focused on capturing flies, the attractant is likely to stink worse each day. The stinkier, the better. Worry not, the attractant isn’t poisonous. They use natural ingredients as a bait to lure in the little bugs.

Overall, setting up this product and disposing it off is hassle-free. You just need to endure a purposeful stinking odor.


  • Disposable
  • Efficiently attracts wasps and flies
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to remove
  • 20,000 bug capacity
  • Bait included
  • Lightweight (1.6 oz.)
  • Non-toxic


  • Stinks after 1 week
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Dynatrap DT1050-DEC Outdoor Insect Trap (DT1050-DEC2), 1/2 Acre, Stone

DynaTrap Outdoor Insect Trap

Almost everything is turning electric, even wasp traps. With all the emerging traps out on the market, DynaTrap is one of my favorites.

At first glance, I was thinking that DynaTrap resembles an old classic lamp –but of course, it isn’t. It’s coated with either stone, black, or tungsten colors –powerful hues that make a simple wasp trap appear lavish and stylish. It uses UV bulbs that emit blue and warm light –very attractive to not only wasps, but also moths and other bugs. These UV lights serve another function. They dehydrate the captured wasps and gradually cause wasps’ expiration in the chamber.

The DynaTrap also has another great feature –a Titanuim Dioxide coated surface that emits carbon dioxide. This feature adds functionality in capturing mosquitoes. DynaTrap covers a ½ acre perimeter –an extremely large boundary for a bug trap. This large coverage aids in capturing more wasps and bugs around the area.

If there’s a disadvantage to this product, it would probably involve technical problems. DynaTrap is still electronic and would be prone to defects when exposed to unlikely environments. Nonetheless, the product has a 1 year warranty. You have a year to check out its value. The product also receives numerous positive feedbacks from users, so it would be worth a try.


  • Non-toxic
  • ½ acres coverage
  • Lavish design and finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes with 2 extra UV bulbs
  • Odorless
  • Effective on wasps, moths, and other bugs


  • Technical problems
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RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap with Non-Toxic Attractant

RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap

Compared to the first product, RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap is more affordable. It consists of a plastic tube with holed cones placed inside to trap yellowjackets. It’s simple-looking and easy to set up –a good deal for those who prefer non-complex wasp traps. I find it a mystery, but this product only captures yellowjackets and not honeybees –an ideal feature since yellowjackets and hornets are what we are wary about. Let the honeybees roam freely!

RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap uses non-toxic attractants, so it’s safe and environment-friendly. However, it is still recommended to hang the product on a sturdy post or tree branch 20 feet away from outdoor activities. You wouldn’t want to be swarmed by nearing wasps, would you?

It is a simple yet effective yellowjacket trap. However, some feedbacks say that the attractant included in the trap doesn’t lure paper wasps. If that’s the case, it’s only a minor problem. Purchasing the product means you are at liberty to use an attractant of your choice. You can use sugary attractants if you’re aiming to catch paper wasps.


  • Non-toxic
  • Good scent
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting attractants
  • Lightweight (10.9 oz.)
  • Recommended by US. Department of Agriculture
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable plastic


  • Attractants lure yellow jackets, not paper wasps
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ESSEN 4 Pack Ranch Fly Trap

ESSEN Outdoor Ranch Fly Trap

ESSEN Ranch fly trap is considered a formidable trap, especially in farms where bugs such as flies, wasps, and mosquitoes exceedingly gather.

ESSEN Ranch Fly Trap resembles a fish net with tiny holes that capture insects as small as a fly. These tiny net holes keep countless wasps and flies from escaping. The product uses a natural bait to lure in insects, which makes it environment-friendly and nontoxic. It is also foldable, so if you’re currently not using it, it’s easy to keep it in the storage area.

On the other hand, cleaning the trap could pose a minor problem. Flies and wasps tend to get stuck in the little holes, so cleaning it might take a while. Nonetheless, many people trust the product and continue to use it in farm lands. It is also used in garbage stations where wasps and flies feast on leftover food.


  • Affordable
  • Nontoxic
  • Has anti-corrosion properties
  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight (14.4 oz.)
  • Package comes with 4 fly traps
  • Foldable
  • Reusable


  • Not easy to clean
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Windhager 03115 Wasp Trap Clear Max. 200 ml

Windhager Wasp Trap

Windhager Wasp Trap, affordable and easy-to-use, finds its way into the competitive market. At first glance, it looks like a plain plastic jar. On closer look, Windhager Wasp Trap has holes fabricated on the sides. These holes allow entrance to lured wasps, but stop their exit. Wasps remain inside until they drown to the bait solution or until they expire. Windhager Wasp Trap has a lid that can be easily removed when disposing the captured wasps. Its jar-like construction makes it easy to clean.

While this trap could look appealing with a 3.54x3.54x5.12-inch size, its small capacity may lead to a more frequent maintenance. The trap easily gets full. Also, it could be a disadvantage that the trap only captures larger wasps. Small-sized wasps end up crawling in and out through the holes. Nonetheless, considering its affordability, most users are satisfied and find it a beneficial product.


  • Affordable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Light (weighs 3.52 oz.)
  • Easy to use


  • Small capacity
  • Can’t contain small-sized wasps
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What Is a Wasp Trap

Wasp Traps

When a wasp approaches near, you probably catch yourself eyeing on it. Do you also contemplate either you’re brave enough to chase it down or you’re fast enough to run? If circumstances get real, I’d run. There’s no way I’m approaching a wandering tiny fiend.

Wasps are dangerous, yet they always find a way to coexist within our homes. They aren’t welcome, though. When wasp visits happen occasionally, it’s okay. But, swarms of these tiny brutes that gather within your area aren’t near tolerable. A favorable and harmless way to eradicate them is to set up traps.

Wasp traps are tools or equipment that lure and capture wasps into a cage or chamber. Wasp traps appear in various makes and designs. You can even make a DIY wasp trap. However, commercial wasp traps are observed to be more effective due to their irresistible attractants and functional structure. 

What Are the Advantages of Wasp Trap

There are numerous ways to eradicate wasps, but safety isn’t always guaranteed. If there’s one thought that people have in common about wasps, it is to avoid any physical contact. Safety is priority, so many people lean on the use of wasp traps. To further discuss the advantages of using wasp traps, you can be guided with the list below.

Wasp Traps Are Safer to Use than Pesticides/Insecticides

Imagine grabbing your pesticide spray and spurting it towards the visiting wasps. You’re lucky if the wasp gives out easily. But, you’re damned if it runs wild and attacks you back with a feisty sting.

Chemical sprays such as pesticides trigger abrupt movements from the insects. Meanwhile, wasp traps are safer by passively luring and capturing wasps into a cage. Wasp traps use the natural behavior of wasps, such as the attraction to sugar or meat. When wasps get attracted to the baits, they are leading themselves into their own misfortune.

Wasp Traps are Easy to Set Up

Most traps include effective baits and attractants that wasps couldn’t resist. Attracted wasps prefer to gather around the bait instead of wandering around your home. You can easily hang the trap on a tree, a wall, or leave it in a vast ground away from people. It’s also promising to make your own bait because ingredients are likely to be found in your kitchen. The use of natural ingredients is a plus since these are nontoxic, unlike chemical-induced pesticides that harm your health when inhaled.

Low Maintenance Needed

You can be a wasp hunter while sitting on the couch. The fact that you can leave wasp traps hanging for weeks to months without checking 24/7 has a good ring to it. You can enjoy your time undisturbed and unafraid of approaching wasps. You just leave captured wasps in the cage and wait until they pile up and expire before you retrieve them.

Do Wasp Traps Actually Work

Do wasp traps actually work? Yes, no doubt. How effective? Well, it depends on how you expect it to work. If you’re anticipating on completely getting rid of a whole wasp nest, then there’s low guarantee. Wiping out a whole nest requires professional help. Also, simple wasp traps can’t shrink their population and propagation. However, these traps are efficient in capturing a problematic number of undesirable wasp visits. It minimizes the dangers in your home, and lessens sting incidents. It can deliver a good amount of undisrupted relaxing time.

Precautions for Use

We are talking about dangerous wasps, so we should take utmost care in handling them. When setting up a wasp trap, make sure to consider the following precautions:

Set up traps in a location 20 feet away from any outdoor activity. Wasps would eventually crowd around wasp traps because of the bait. You wouldn’t aspire having a picnic side by side with lethal wasps, so make sure it’s set up at a safe distance.

Strap the wasp traps in a sturdy post, far from children’s reach. We can never tell what goes in a child’s playful and carefree behavior. To avoid potential accidents, hang the trap at a height children can’t reach, and strap it tight on a post to keep it from dropping.

Wear protective equipment when disposing expired wasps. If you have the courage to clean the cages with bare hands, then feel free to do it. (But, I don’t recommend it. That’s gross.) However, people with wasp allergies should take extra precautions. It’s safer to wear protective equipment such as safety gloves and goggles during trap maintenance.

Take the weather and season into account. Wasps act according to the season. During summer, wasps are more engaged to sweet and sugary foods. During autumn, they turn into little bloodsuckers that prefer protein foods such as meat. Turn the seasons favorable to your wasp pursuit. Use your baits and attractants correspondingly to maximize wasp traps’ efficiency.


As mentioned above, wasp traps come in different designs. Some are visually appealing despite the fact that it’s a trap. Some are focused on functionality and low on aesthetics. Nonetheless, traps are the safest way to get rid of wandering wasps.

Among the wasp traps mentioned, I’d like to crown RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap as the winner. Its efficiency to capture the lethal wasps while ignoring useful honeybees is commendable. It’s affordable and easy to set up. With such a cheap price and durability, you can reuse it multiple times –a total value for money.

Overall, RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap peaks in affordability, functionality, efficiency, and ease of operation as a wasp trap. I hope the list helps as you look for the perfect way to eliminate the wasps around your home.

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