Women’s Work Gloves

Best Women’s Work Gloves

Admit it or not, you cannot keep your hands off from pruning, cutting, or pulling off the tiny imperfections you see on your plants, right?

But if you’re doing it with your bare hands and end up with bruises and rashes a bit later, you should get a woman’s work gloves.

Read our Best Women’s Work Gloves Review to find out.

COOLJOB Gardening Gloves for Women, 6 Pairs Breathable Rubber Coated Gloves

COOLJOB Gardening Gloves for Women, 6 Pairs Breathable Rubber Coated Gloves

If your palm is between 3 to 3.75 inches, this one is for you. This pair of gloves is not for hands with big knuckles and wide palms.

The lightweight latex-coated gardening gloves fit for women’s delicate hands, which makes it best for light to medium gardening jobs.

The latex material coats the gloves the entire palm. It goes around the fingertips. This material gives them enough protection and a firm grip. The knitted base is both flexible and breathable enough to keep your hands comfortable.


  • Designed for women’s hands
  • Knitted base and breathable fibers
  • Firm grip
  • The soft latex coat reduces fatigue.
  • Comes in replaceable six pairs
  • Washable and reusable
  • Long cuffs keep your wrists clean
  • Use for landscaping, weeding, and light digging
  • Also works for other jobs aside from gardening like fishing
  • The latex coat prevents making holes on fingertips


  • Not for big and wide palms
  • Not for jobs with exposure to chemicals
  • The rubber may feel sticky
  • Not for use with heavy power gardening tools
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RZleticc Garden Gloves Women Premium, For Gardening and Yard Work

RZleticc Garden Gloves Women Premium, For Gardening and Yard Work

If your gardening requires basic pruning, weeding, and trimming, then you may consider Rzleticc’s gardening gloves for women. It has a pretty design of camouflage in pink and black.

Its durable yet breathable construction of double stitches in micro-fibers gives you the utmost comfort for a whole day of gardening. The palms and knuckles portion lets you bend with ease as they come with extra paddings.

I find it comfortable using the gloves with hand tools and I can guarantee that these gloves don’t wear out easily. Just one downside from this product is that the fingertips don’t have pads. However, it has touchscreen pads for index fingers so you can safely key into your device when needed.

These gloves don’t have enough protection for cuts from thorns and sharp weed edges. However, its durable knits work best for basic gardening jobs.


  • Fits most sizes for women, small to large
  • The breathable micro-fiber comes in double stitches.
  • Added protection from ample cuffs
  • Works with any hand gardening tool
  • Protects your hand with basic gardening jobs like pruning and trimming
  • The manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee.
  • You can also use these gloves for other jobs such as warehouse, home, or painting jobs.


  • You may occasionally feel the thorns from prickly plants.
  • Fingertips don’t have added layers to prevent holes.
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AmazonBasics Women's Work Gloves, Garden Gloves - Purple, Medium

AmazonBasics Women's Work Gloves, Garden Gloves - Purple, Medium

If you have naturally small hands, these gloves will surely fit you. These quality gloves are combinations of leather, polyester, and elastic material. Available in purple, gray, and pink, it’s a pair of chick gloves that you can even use for other outdoor jobs like construction and maintenance.

The leather material makes these gloves more durable for use with power gardening tools. The elastic stitches seal your wrists to keep it clean. The palms have an elegant contour design, which adds more to appeal and aesthetics.

It has added protection on fingernails that prevents the gloves from chipping and wearing out. The gloves fit for palms with 3 to 3.75 inches, which makes it ideal for women’s hands.

The only downside of these working gloves is you can get your hands pretty sweaty when hot. While it protects you from blisters, it’s better not to use it with wet gardening jobs.


  • Multi-function working gloves.
  • It has a sturdy construction of combined materials.
  • Protection from blisters and abrasions.
  • Perform abrasive and heavy-duty jobs like digging with shovels or using hedge trimmers.
  • It has fingernail guards that provide long protection and lifespan for the pair, reducing replacement frequency.


  • You may get smaller than the standard size. 
  • Not for use on wet jobs.
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DIGZ Gardener High Performance Women's Gardening Gloves and Work Gloves

DIGZ Gardener High Performance Women's Gardening Gloves and Work Gloves

Any woman gardener would appreciate how the manufacturer tailored these gloves for women’s hands. It’s both stylish and comfy to put on. The foam padding on the knuckles and palms provides extra comfort, especially when I have to make a tight grip on power tools.

Even if it’s synthetic leather, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands soaking in sweat. The gloves’ terry cloth absorbs the sweat to keep your hands feeling fresh while protecting your hands from cuts and abrasions.

I also like the way I can loosen or tighten the gloves with its adjustable strap. It enables you to use it on various jobs. It won’t restrict your movement if your hands need more room.

There are two touchscreen-enabled fingertips for each glove where you won’t have to remove the entire gloves if you need immediate access to your device.

If you’re looking into functionality, comfort, and style, then this one’s for you.


  • Designed to fit women’s hands
  • Tailored in synthetic leather with absorbent terry cloth to counter sweating.
  • Intelligently stitched pads in the knuckles and palms for added protection
  • Make phone calls or use your device with its index and middle fingernail touchscreen pads.
  • Has Velcro tape to adjust wrist grip


  • May come shorter for the standard medium size.
  • The Velcro may keep loosening over time.
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HANDLANDY Leather Gardening Gloves for Women, 3D Mesh Comfort Fit

HANDLANDY Leather Gardening Gloves for Women, 3D Mesh Comfort Fit

If you’re looking for ultimate protection from thorny plants, this pair of gloves is what you need. The pigskin leather construction prevents sharp weed edges or thorns from puncturing your hands.

The 3D mesh lets you move your hand freely without any restrictions. You can do a wide variety of gardening jobs like pruning, pulling, and trimming. It has elastic sealing to lock the gloves into your wrist. Available in purple and green, you can also buy it in three sizes.

One thing I like about these gloves is it softens over time. This characteristic is common to pigskin leather. You will see it getting even better when you keep using it. It gets sturdier, softer, and even more convenient to wear.

If you want to maximize its potential, you can clean it by wiping with a cloth instead of a sponge and disinfecting it clean. Putting or drying it on the machine will shrink the leather. Do not submerge it in water and let it dry by itself.


  • Made of premium quality pigskin leather
  • The 3D mesh brings in more air and leaves your hands cool.
  • The durable material is resistant to sharp leaves and pointed thorns.
  • The elastic 3D mesh improves dexterity for different gardening tasks.


  • You cannot wash the gloves fully, or the leather will reduce in size in time.
  • It may feel short on first-time use.
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Why Should You Use Gardening Work Gloves?

Women's Work Gloves

See, women’s hands are naturally sensitive to touch. Women have thinner skin than men. And if you think your little hands can endure the bruises over time, you should start feeling your palms right away and give in to what they need.

The soil, being exposed, stepped on, and a shelter for different organisms, have various substances blended with it that can potentially harm your skin.

On the other hand, the stem is also a living ground for insects and may naturally bear thorns that can cut your skin.

But with gardening work gloves, you can easily pull off the heavy tasks associated with gardening.

What is Gardening Work Gloves?

Gardening work gloves are personal protective gear that gardeners use for their hands. While they are prone to abuse when gardening, you need to protect them from infections, scratches, and bruises.

Gardening has different jobs with the hands. These include delicate, wet, and abrasive jobs. 

What are the Different Types of Gardening Gloves?

Gardeners use different types of gloves for the right protection.

Cotton Gloves

Perhaps the most commonly used glove by women, cotton gloves work best for light jobs. Since these gloves are made of fabric, you cannot use this for wet jobs.

It’s lightweight, flexible, and breathable. You can use it again after washing it. However, it doesn’t provide much protection. It serves to keep your hands clean while doing light gardening tasks

Cotton with Leather Gloves

If you’re looking into the comfort of cotton with better protection for your palms, this is the type of gloves you must use.

You won’t have to replace it from time to time as it’s more durable than cotton alone. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t wear out on fingertips easily. So, you can probably use it for longer than cotton gloves.

Rubber Gloves

If you’re gardening routine requires some contact with chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, you can get the best protection from rubber gloves. The chemicals won’t get past your hands unless you remove the gloves.

However, remember that this material can get your palms sweating. Likewise, do not consider using this glove if you have allergies to latex.

Leather Gloves

When your gardening tasks require your hands to get into thorny plants, this one’s perfect for you. Leather-made gloves with palms work better for landscaping and offer better protection. They protect your palm from having blisters, scratches, and bruises from digging and pulling the weeds out.

However, prolonged exposure to wet soil or plants can get your hands moist. 

Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene or nitrile gloves are more breathable than rubber gloves. It has tiny holes to allow air to get through it. The synthetic rubber in these gloves provides adequate protection from chemicals.

Although tiny thorns can still get through its holes, it is more comfortable to use than rubber gloves.

What are the Benefits of Using Work Gloves for Women?

Now that you know the uses of gardening gloves, you must be eyeing for that pair to use for your hands.

If you still have no idea, here is what gardening gloves can do for you:

Keep your Hands and Fingers Neat and Dry

We both know that working with the soil gets your hand dirty. As much as possible, we want to work comfortably under the sun. We use our hands a lot, and so you need to keep it clean all day.

Protect You From Skin Infections

Frequent exposure to soil can lead to infections. The soil shelters microorganisms and fungi that can harm your skin.

Sepsis. Sepsis is a disease acquired from bacteria found in animals like horses, chickens, cows, or animal manure. Getting your hands unprotected can lead to organ failure and septic shock. Ignoring it without treatment can even result in death.

Tetanus. It’s the contamination your hands get when they have open wounds or cuts. If you haven’t had anti-tetanus vaccination, your body has fewer chances of fighting this infection.

Legionellosis. Stagnant water may host bacteria that lead to this infection [5]. These bacteria come from contaminated waters going out of air conditioning systems. 

Rose gardener’s disease. These fungi mostly live in hays and rose bushes. It can get into an open wound and leave your hands sore after a few weeks or so.

Protect Your Skin From Blisters, Calluses, Cuts, and Scrapes

You really shouldn’t start gardening with bare hands. Blisters and scrapes leave your hands uncomfortable when using gardening tools. Cuts and scrapes are even painful and are more susceptible to infections.

Prevent You From Getting in Contact with Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals vary in harming pets and humans when your hands get in direct contact. Most of these substances don’t only leave skin irritations, but also are toxic at different levels.

How to Find the Right Work Gloves for You

Choosing the right protective buddy for your hands should not be much of a worry. To decide on which gloves are perfect for you, here’s a shortlist of things to consider.

Find Out Which Gardening Tasks You Most Likely Do

  • Your gardening tasks take up most of the decision in getting a pair of gardening gloves.
  • Light gardening tasks can be mowing your lawn or trimming grasses.
  • Heavier gardening tasks include lifting and operating heavy tools.
  • You can opt for a pair of multi-purpose gloves for general gardening tasks.
  • Wet tasks may include soil mixing, watering, and mixing chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

Check Out the Materials that You Think is More Comfortable for You

Now that you’ve identified the tasks included in your gardening routine, it’s time to choose the materials for your gloves. For heavy jobs, you should use leather-made gloves. If you’re going to use chemicals, you should also have pure rubber gloves stored.

Know Your Hand Size

You should also measure your hands, especially if you’re buying online. Use a tape measure to find out your hand’s size and its circumference. You need to have the best fitting gloves to work smoothly.

While some factors could be minor, you can also look up to a list of brands and see the reviews from verified purchases. Also, you must consider the price if you are strict with your budget. 


An experienced gardener knows that leather and rubber gloves top the materials best for gloves. Rubber gloves protect your hands from chemicals while leather gloves protect your hands from thorns and weeds.

I would like to keep leather gloves and make sure I don’t run out of them in my gardening tools. While it always depends on the variety of gardening tasks you’ll do, it pays to always have Handlady Leather Gloves in your toolbox.

See, these gloves keep up with more challenging tasks and it counters the weakness of leather such as sweating. It’s so comfortable to wear and you know it comes from quality leather.

With proper maintenance, you can use it longer and maximize its protection for abrasive and heavy-duty gardening jobs. While it’s pretty normal to find leather gloves stiff at first, pigskin leather will surely soften and maintain its protective function as it gets abused. 

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