Microgreens Growing microgreens is a very profitable venture, whether it is for your own consumption or if you plan on selling them. Microgreens are plants that are harvested young and can be eaten whole from leaves to stems.They are easy to grow and not demanding in terms of effort, space, and capital. It’s a fulfilling …

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Vegetable Garden: Ultimate Guide

Vegetable Garden: The Ultimate Guide More and more people nowadays are adopting healthier lifestyle. Personally, while it took me a while to get used to eating healthier and being more active, consuming fresh vegetables has made it exponentially easier for me. By that, I don’t mean meticulously choosing the right ones at the local grocery, …

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Vegetable Garden

Potato Bug

Potato Bug If you’ve seen strange bugs in your crops or garden, and somebody said that they are potato bugs, what you immediately want to know is how to get rid of them once and for all. You also want to know how these pests look like for quick identification in a future encounter with them, …

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Potato Bug

Container Gardening: The Ultimate Guide

Container Gardening: The Ultimate Guide Container gardening is becoming more and more popular, as people increasingly recognize the flexibility it offers and the extra growing space it provides.This container gardening guide takes you through the essentials and offers tips for success.  What is Container Gardening?Container gardening, or pot gardening, refers to the growing of herbs, …

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Container Gardening

Plant Encyclopedia – How to Grow and Take care of Your Plants

Tiger LilyAglaonemaCrab ApplesFoxtail FernDragon FruitGinger PlantUmbrella TreeMintCanterbury BellsTurnipChrysanthemumClematisTickseedBlack Eyed Susan VineChivesBlazing StarMicrogreensCast Iron PlantCucamelonBroccoliPomegranateRubber PlantHydrangeaSunflowerPansiesShallotsBaptisiaScillaLavenderBougainvilleaForsythiaRose of Sharon 10×10 Grow Tent3×3 Grow Tent5×5 Grow TentGrow Tent PackagesGrow Tent FanLED Grow LightsSmall Grow TentVertical Garden PotsAeroponics PumpWheelbarrowBest Soil Test KitBow SawLawn FertilizerSoil Moisture MeterMosquito KillerString TrimmerBug ZapperWasp TrapsPowerwasherGrass ShearsRooting PowderIndoor Compost BinLawn EdgerExpandable HoseLoppersCompost TumblerDigital BallastGardening KnifeSeedling …

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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily: How to Grow Tiger Lilies Be it for ornaments or for salads, the Tiger Lily is one of the most sought-after flowers in the world. Representing wealth and prosperity, it is a top cut flower that dazzles even when it stands alone in the vase. Tiger lily is ideal for beginners, as mature tiger …

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Tiger Lily

Grow Tent Setup: Ultimate Guide

Grow Tent Setup: Ultimate Guide Growing plants in the backyard is already an arduous task for beginners. The challenge is even doubled for those who live in confined spaces in cities. That, however, is a thing of the past as amateurs can now grow their special collection of plants for any purpose right under their …

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Grow Tent Setup

Aeroponics Systems: Ultimate Guide

Aeroponics Systems: Ultimate Guide Aeroponics as a modern method of gardening has been steadily gaining popularity among city dwellers and busy professionals. Who could blame them? This method is the perfect synchronous of convenience and aesthetic appeal. It does demand a lot of time and resources for plant cultivation. At the same time, it serves …

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Aeroponics Systems
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